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Hell yeah, I'd be down for this. It'd be like Warner Bros. going out of their way to make the franchise NOT '90s Batman. That's 100% the correct mindset, and Aronofsky has the artistic chops, the drive and the credibility to take up Nolan's mantle. I really hope this gets out of "crazy speculation" territory.
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I don't get what everyone's freaking out about. Photo looks fine to me. I even like the blue and yellow suits; it's like the comic and works in the '60s setting. Why don't you guys wait for a trailer or some footage before you discombobulate?
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^ By which I mean plot holes, of course.
Hey, come on now. Don't force me to get rude and snotty on you!
I can't really say, considering I have no experience with Eragon, but just by reading the plot synopsis of that book, it's a pretty obvious rip-off of the original Star Wars with standard high fantasy elements... the kind of thing you'd expect from a book written by a 15-year-old (Not to belittle any young aspiring writers here, but talent is both sparing and usually requires experience to put out something of true quality).

Airbender, on the other hand, actually did have great source material to work from, source material that was brutally raped, murdered and buried in a landfill in its fans' collective conscious. Everything about the movie was done wrong, but the most important thing was that the story was butchered in the telling. We're rushed from one plot-point and set piece to another while the important stuff is told to us in a voice-over narration. Shyamalan forgot the most important rule of film storytelling: Show, Don't Tell.

Yeah, I know an entire TV season had to be condensed into a two-hour movie, but it's obvious that Shyamalan had no clue how to do this properly, and the result was 20 episodes of story crammed in as un-artfully as possible.

Secondly, because the characters had all the depth and personality sucked out of them and were thus not really characters but simply human puppets wearing costumes, spouting the film's sh*tty dialogue and doing lame tai-chi moves behind CG effects.

Because of this, we the audience don't give a sh*t about anything that's going on and find the trappings and visuals boring, mediocre and laughable. It's pretty much just like the Star Wars prequels, except that Shyamalan doesn't have a fortune amassed from merchandise sales or a team of yes-men stoking him on to continue ruining his own creation. Fortunately.

So yeah, f*ck The Last Airbender right in one of its many gaping holes.
I watched. Some of his stuff was funny, some wasn't. I thought Robert Downey Jr. and Robert De Niro were much better. But yeah, being a prick and belittling everyone is pretty what the hired them for. For them to have not expected it and then gotten offended when he did it just shows that they're either stupid or conceited. Like they're some venerable organization whose work is meaningful or important. Or, maybe they're all too aware, and are just falling in line with the other celebrities who were offended so that they'll continue to patronize their pointless awards show and give their members work.

Either way, f*ck 'em.

P.S. @moviegeek, you don't like his atheism? I thought his best line was thanking god for making him an atheist.
that-kid posted in the forum: ATTENTION: Troll Feeders
Well said. Feed the trolls and you pay the troll toll.

Also, I find the juxtaposition of your avatar with your signature a little scary. Are you implying in some meta way that the idea of Nicolas Cage playing Superman is un-killable and still walking among us, just waiting to be picked again by some film industry passerby? "Take me to Hollywood, Joel, I want to be in pictures!"

Just shoot me in the head now, okay?
I watched Star Trek: The Motion Picture. I liked it. Out of all the Star Trek films, it was the one closest in tone and content to the original series--only without the '60s cheapness. It was a real legitimate science fiction story with philosophical themes about technology. It's a shame it gets a bad rap for being "boring."

Granted, I was watching the Director's Cut, which is supposedly more tightly edited than the theatrical cut. But it still contains two crawling juggernaut scenes: 1) Kirk's and Scotty's approach to the Enterprise, which I kind of liked. It's underpinned by touching score music and gives you a real sense of Kirk's exaltation at being reunited with his beloved ship, like he's savoring the moment. 2) the V'Ger flyover, which really was dragged out and could have been cut down a bit. You can believably keep up the awe of actors pretending to look at special effects for only so long.

Oh yeah, the score was f*cking great too. The version I watched didn't have the Overture bit that begins the soundtrack, which is too bad. I would have tolerated two minutes of looking at nothing before the movie, because that's a beautiful piece of music.
You want a prequel to Star Wars. Um, what.

I think Star Wars should be remade, but whatever.
In between. Smack dab in the middle, in fact. It was great spectacle, but doesn't have much else going for it.
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By any chance is this film being produced by the guy who insisted that Kevin Smith put a giant mecha spider in his unmade Superman movie?

Also, CGI looks like video game graphics.
I hope I'm not alone in thinking that Superman Returns was the best Superman film.
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This would be so much better if Nolan actually announced it today.
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