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More hair metal.
Hey, is it just me or was Pol Pot kind of a douche? Anyone else?

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Anyone else see this guy's next step as starring in a Richard Dawkins biopic? Really, the resemblance is uncanny.
Super Star Wars, bitchez.
How about the fight between Batman and the Joker in The Dark Knight? Not the one at the end, but the one in the police interrogation room. The Joker wins without ever throwing a punch. Damn.
Not going to happen, folks. And hey, as much as I loved the movie, I don't think it warrants a sequel. I doubt they could do anything to even approach, much less top, the original. Sometimes a film is perfectly fine as a standalone, no?
I watched The Empire Strikes Back for the first in a long time. Empire is one of my favorite movies ever. I'm blown away with every viewing, not just by how great a film it is on its own, but by how superior it really is to the original Star Wars (and all other installments) in just about every aspect: the writing, the directing and cinematography, the pacing, the tone; hell, even the score. It always surprises me when Star Wars but not Empire appears on best-of lists, given that it's clearly the better film. Empire is the anchor of the entire franchise, the movie that elevated Star Wars from just a modern (for its time) take on the old serials to an epic fantasy saga of its own.

However, watching it again I found it hard to stomach my... issues with the version presented (that is, the 2004 DVDs). I'm not a hater of the special editions; there are some changes I thought were well-deserved, mainly the compositing improvements. My issues boil down to:

1. The reworked scene of the Emperor with Ian McDiarmid replacing the original actor. It's okay (though not necessary) in principle, but in execution not only were the actors switched, but the dialogue was rewritten for no good reason. Now it's clunky, it breaks the pacing, and it's apparent by McDiarmid's lifeless and catatonic performance that he was phoning it in. Plus, we now have Palpatine revealing cryptically to Vader that Luke's his son, when I had always assumed he figured it out himself.

2. Boba Fett's voice being redone by the Australian Jango guy from the prequels. This one's pretty minor since he has only a few lines, but it still bugs the hell out of me. Mainly this is because it forces me to think of the prequels while watching one of my favorite movies, but it's also because Jango's delivery sucks, and his voice is nowhere near as mysterious or menacing as the original actor's. I guess it's appropriate, though; since they ruined Boba Fett's allure in the prequels, might as well make him suck in the originals, right?

3. The f*cking colors. For the DVD release the whole trilogy underwent a "color correction" in order to make the movies look more "modern" or "slick" or something. For the first film this was done mainly by darkening and oversaturating the picture, which has the effect of making everything look dingy and unnatural. In Empire the too-dark darks reappear, but this time they've also bathed the picture in blue while muting the other colors for much of the film. Now it's full of pinkish-gray skin tones with blue shadows. In some scenes this is appropriate for the setting, but most of the time it's just distracting. Did they think this had to be done to make the movie feel dark like The Matrix? The movie's already dark, narratively and thematically; we didn't need the colors screwed with to tell us that.
Exactly. Even Cobb's background was just there to service the plot by giving him motivation. The other characters didn't even have that.
There were no problems with the characters in Inception, because the characters really weren't unique or memorable in any way. They were essentially devices; there was little to them besides their role in the plot. "The Architect" could've easily been played by a guy.

I just think that his approach to writing focuses mostly on story structure and plotting. No need to adopt a Sexist Theory of Characterization for him.
@Supes @bawn @daveactor7 I thought both Holmes and Gyllenhaal were decent in the roles (Gyllenhaal slightly better, but not much). Their acting wasn't a problem. Rachel was simply a weak character outside of her role in the plot. As I said before, characterization is not one of Nolan's strongest suits as a writer, especially for women.
But if that's all they're doing, why have the character of Bane there in the first place or make a big deal out of it to the press? Most audiences don't even know who Bane is outside of maybe Batman & Robin (if they even remember, which I'm certain most wouldn't want to)
Well, any reasonably attractive woman can be sexy and seductive in the right circ*mstances (or wardrobe), so I don't think that's going to be a problem.

I agree with some of you guys that Nolan should not try to replicate (or even top) The Dark Knight in structure or scale, even though the pressure's on to make this one "more epic." I'd be down with seeing a taut thriller featuring the Batman, though I'm not sure if that's appropriate for the final film in a trilogy.

My guess for how they'll deal with their "villains" is either: 1) give one a much smaller presence in the story than the other (which would probably be Bane) or 2) not outright configure both of them to be antagonists. Catwoman is supposed to have a complex relationship with Batman, so I wouldn't be surprised if she ended up not being a villain at all.
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So why ain't anyone taking up the topic? Really, no one has any adaptation ideas? You guys just want to pile on a guy for what is obviously not his first language?
It'd probably be... not there at all. They've never set out to adapt a specific comic storyline; what makes you think they will now?
I just hope that, with Selina Kyle, Nolan takes the opportunity to give us a well-written, interesting woman to share the screen with the other guys. If there's one thing Nolan's... not weak on, but not particularly strong with either, it's characterization, and it especially shows with his female characters. On everything else, of course, I have complete faith in Nolan.
I just hope that with Selina Kyle, Nolan takes the opportunity to give us a well-written, interesting woman to share the screen with the other guys. If there's one thing Nolan's... not weak on, but not particularly strong with either, it's characterization, and it especially shows with his female characters. On everything else, of course, I have complete faith in Nolan.
@narrator What you have to do is not reasonable because you're doing the exact function of editing, only in a c*mbersome pain-in-the-ass way, where an edit feature would streamline the process. And by "content" fixes I meant simply improving the coherence of your original message, not changing your message. I guess it would be up to each user to be responsible for how he edits. But past forum layouts minimized this by only allowing you to edit posts that were at the end of threads and not yet responded to.

I think the larger problem is that the streamlining of much of the forum and comment features have made it harder to make longer posts by confining all typing space to a small inflexible window without tools, previewing or editing features.
Deadpool. I already have a horribly mutilated face and a knack for breaking the fourth wall constantly. Might as well have a cool suit, too.
The lack of an edit tool for your own posts is kind of annoying, as I remember it being here in the past. Users should be able to edit their own posts for spleling and conFUCtKent, no? I enjoy writing, by which I mean rambling unsolicited, and the sight of unfixable flaws in my otherwise perfectly crafted fun-size dissertations fills me with suicidal depression.

If there actually is an edit tool and I just haven't found it, you can tell me I'm dumb and retarded. But then you must tell me where it is.
Daffy Duck.
Uncle Iroh from Avatar: the Last Airbender.
Everyone from Futurama... even Zoidberg.
And, of course, Samuel L. Jackson.


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