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*were. (f*cking autocorrect)
That said, I WOULD be here for this crossover, especially if Banderas was involved.
@captainrumi !! The people over at Sony sound like they've lost their goddamn minds, and Pascal is just... I cringe whenever I hear of a new email from her.
I don't think Sony understands that Marvel has all the power here. They don't need the Spider-Man rights anymore. I WILL say that Sony seems the desperate party here. Marvel doesn't seem to care one way or another.

April can't get here fast enough.
Tha Phoenix wrote a comment about the news item Matt Damon Confirms Bourne 5 for 2016
Mr Damon clearly remembered that he has bills to pay. LOL.

Naturally looking forward to this. :D
Of course it will, and no.
I just..... Okay.
The Coen Brothers can do little wrong in my eyes.
@ObiWanShinobi It wasn't a complaint, it was an observation. One no one else seemed to have a problem with. And even if it HAD been a complaint, surely you're not the one to talk...
@junior-roberts Maybe that he might be a villain that everyone loves so much that Marvel becomes reluctant to kill him off? :/

(Said as someone who has always liked Loki) :)
@ObiWanShinobi As usual, you are days late and several dollars short. I mentioned you by name, my love. If I'd really wanted to 'slide off', as you put it, I wouldn't have.
@ObiWanShinobi Having probably seen thousands of such clips, I know that (notice how I said that the CLIP was weirdly edited, not necessarily the scene itself) but it was still noticeable enough for me not to be able to ignore it. Was pointing it out to see if it was particularly noticeable to anyone else.
Is it just me or is the first clip weirdly edited? I'm talking about how Barton seems to be switching which side of the room he's on (in close-ups, he's next to Marie, but in other shots, he's perched on top of the sofa next to Steve's and Marie is to Rhodey's right).

Love both clips. It's just something I noticed.
Tha Phoenix wrote a comment about the news item First Avengers: Age of Ultron Clip
Love this.
Really happy for this guy and can't wait for the movie itself.
This is just... I'm ready. I'm just ready.
Jonah and Chris are clearly focused on other projects, so I'm fine with this. I'm just hoping DC has some other great people in mind that can step up to the plate and deliver with these JL movies.

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