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And actually, Scarlett is well known for doing as many (and as much) of her stunts as possible. The men of the Avengers cast talked often of how she worked harder than them when it came to learning stunt work.
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Michael, love, I have no idea what you're talking about. I never had any intention of seeing that sh*tfest, and at this point, I'd rather chew glass than pay to watch it.

But by all means, go ahead.
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Glory! Glory! I am SO excited for this!
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As usual, Hans has brought greatness to the silver screen. The score is stunning so far...
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*races around like a drunk kid after the last bell rings*
Admittedly it does LOOK better than the second one, but fool me once...
Now THIS is a movie! And what a stunning score!

*stands and applauds*

Thoughts on whether Abrams will return to direct a third instalment, and if so, when we can expect it (remember, he has that Star Wars obligation now...)...
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This movie is going to sh*t! I am so ready!

*does rain-dance*
There are no words to describe how excited I am for this.
The only surprise here is that they're still going ahead with this piece of sh*t after that travesty of a script leaked...

*mixes a fresh Martini*
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@ejk1 Thanks! LOL! Haven't commented in a while, though I still visit the site several times a day.

Not to worry. Rehab hasn't gotten a hold of me yet.

*raises Martini in your honour*
They should just pretend that either Han's death never happened (and ignore F&F: TD like we've all been doing for the last seven years), or that he faked his death to escape someone. Han was the best thing about the sh*tty third instalment (something they clearly realised as they've put him in movie after movie since), so I see no reason to kill him off now.
Looks great. Definitely on my must-see list.

*dances around, Martini in hand*
I really wanted Bird to return.

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As many have said below, this looks like it could be the best IM yet and even better than the 'Avengers'. SO excited for this.

Great feel, cinematography and direction.

*toasts Mr Black*
I'm glad that it's sticking to comic book canon. Here's hoping that she's miles better than baby-teeth Kirsten Dunst.

*nods approvingly, Martini in hand*
What DC fails to realise is that Marvel made plans for 'Avengers' almost 10 years in advance and acted accordingly. They built a solid foundation for the franchise and deservedly cashed in.

Seeing this, DC has decided they too want a slice of that cake, but rather than taking their time to set things up properly, they're just going to release a JL movie with only one established hero (MOS' Superman). They're re-casting Batman (which makes sense) but not bothering to introduce him in a solo movie. Ignoring the potential for a WW solo movie - one of the core members. I'm assuming that they're going to use Ryan as Green Lantern, which makes logistical sense, but we're going to need a sequel to 2011's disaster - one that is considerably better than the first instalment.

I understand that they probably pleaded with Nolan to return for it in some capacity (and that he turned them down - done with comic book movies, for now), but I would have handed him a blank cheque and gotten down on both knees, if I were over at WB Studios. Nolan v Whedon would have been one HELL of a cage match.


I just...

I will go and watch it, but I'm prepared for 'Avengers 2' to blow that sh*t out of the water and halfway across the land.

*picks up Martini and exits stage-left*

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