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Michael, love, I have no idea what you're talking about. I never had any intention of seeing that sh*tfest, and at this point, I'd rather chew glass than pay to watch it.

But by all means, go ahead.
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Glory! Glory! I am SO excited for this!
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As usual, Hans has brought greatness to the silver screen. The score is stunning so far...
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*races around like a drunk kid after the last bell rings*
Admittedly it does LOOK better than the second one, but fool me once...
Now THIS is a movie! And what a stunning score!

*stands and applauds*

Thoughts on whether Abrams will return to direct a third instalment, and if so, when we can expect it (remember, he has that Star Wars obligation now...)...
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This movie is going to sh*t! I am so ready!

*does rain-dance*
There are no words to describe how excited I am for this.
The only surprise here is that they're still going ahead with this piece of sh*t after that travesty of a script leaked...

*mixes a fresh Martini*
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@ejk1 Thanks! LOL! Haven't commented in a while, though I still visit the site several times a day.

Not to worry. Rehab hasn't gotten a hold of me yet.

*raises Martini in your honour*
They should just pretend that either Han's death never happened (and ignore F&F: TD like we've all been doing for the last seven years), or that he faked his death to escape someone. Han was the best thing about the sh*tty third instalment (something they clearly realised as they've put him in movie after movie since), so I see no reason to kill him off now.
Looks great. Definitely on my must-see list.

*dances around, Martini in hand*
I really wanted Bird to return.

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As many have said below, this looks like it could be the best IM yet and even better than the 'Avengers'. SO excited for this.

Great feel, cinematography and direction.

*toasts Mr Black*
I'm glad that it's sticking to comic book canon. Here's hoping that she's miles better than baby-teeth Kirsten Dunst.

*nods approvingly, Martini in hand*
What DC fails to realise is that Marvel made plans for 'Avengers' almost 10 years in advance and acted accordingly. They built a solid foundation for the franchise and deservedly cashed in.

Seeing this, DC has decided they too want a slice of that cake, but rather than taking their time to set things up properly, they're just going to release a JL movie with only one established hero (MOS' Superman). They're re-casting Batman (which makes sense) but not bothering to introduce him in a solo movie. Ignoring the potential for a WW solo movie - one of the core members. I'm assuming that they're going to use Ryan as Green Lantern, which makes logistical sense, but we're going to need a sequel to 2011's disaster - one that is considerably better than the first instalment.

I understand that they probably pleaded with Nolan to return for it in some capacity (and that he turned them down - done with comic book movies, for now), but I would have handed him a blank cheque and gotten down on both knees, if I were over at WB Studios. Nolan v Whedon would have been one HELL of a cage match.


I just...

I will go and watch it, but I'm prepared for 'Avengers 2' to blow that sh*t out of the water and halfway across the land.

*picks up Martini and exits stage-left*
@bawnian-dexeus Maybe not, but it seems that the general public relates more (nowadays) to heroes that are more flawed - more like 'them', in a sense.... :D

*toasts you and @mcleve02 *

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