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Why? Do we really need another Buffy movie or tv series? I mean seriously when is enough simply enough? The movie sucked, and the show was worst.... No need at all for this.
@WARRock You have forgotten that forgiveness is divine... Mel said some stupid things when drunk, and when in a rage with a private call to his then wife.

How many of you have not told your wife or someone something stupid when in a fight, and upset? Shame on anyone trying to pass judgment & throwing stones at Mel while living in a glass house.

I will not watch Hangover 2 not cus of the whole Mel Gibson thing but because I found the first one stupid, and not that funny to be honest... The sequel is less interesting to me, and now with this whole issue with Mel I want to see it less then before so I won't bother with it.
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@TRUVISION82 you know they say it takes one to know one so is that you coming out or something? If so like Billyboy said congrats on coming out.
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I heard that his performance was Oscar worthy... Looks interesting I will deff see it.

Mel has made mistakes the last decade but he's not an evil man, and he deserves another chance.
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Cory Monteith has the height but I don't see Superman when I see him... He would have to bulk up big time! I mean he would have to work harder at bulking up then even Brandon Routh did.
Christian Bale is the sh*t, and if he doesn't do anymore BATMAN movies it will be a shame... I do hope that Nolan comes back for another trilogy with Bale.
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Yea why is this even news? We all kinda knew this already didnt we?

I mean that's why they picked a director so he could go off, and make the movie from their story... If not then Nolan would have just directed it himself.... Would have liked that more actually then Zack but hey can't be worse then Singerman Returns right?
Yea it was... Nobody likes the idea enough to comment on here, and the one person who did comment (me) hates your idea.

Big fail bro... lol
booooooooooooooooooo nope he sucks sorry
HELL YEAH!!! Hell i'd be for them re casting the role with a look a like... But this sounds pretty darn cool.
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Can anyone explain to me why Captain Kirk now has blue eyes? This isn't exactly a reboot per say this is like a prequel to the original series, and that's due to the tie in with the OG spock... So why didn't they make him wear contacts to match the OG kirk???
I almost flagged you bane5000 for that Joel Shumacher comment!!! lol
Simon Pegg would rule as a Ghostbuster!!! I hope they get his fat friend Nick Frost they would be awesome together as Ghostbusters!!! I can see Hader being good in this also but I would think they would like a bigger name then him.
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"going to render Superman's muscular body in CGI, ala The Green Lantern." that just made me both laugh, and cry... WOW talk about bad idea for Superman.
Looks like this one's gonna suck too, and this guy Matthew Goode looks NOTHING like Superman... Not even f*cking close.

If he gets cast, and they "CGI" Superman It will be lame as f*ck!
If the next movie is as good or better then Dark Knight, and it makes about as much you best believe the WB will throw all the money in the world at getting Nolan and Bale back for a 4th movie... Id like to see them do 6 myself.. I think it would be neat to have them do an entire 6 part saga.

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