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Bring it on!!!!!!!! I remember commenting on this site when The Hobbit was first announced about 18 months ago, and it's still ages off. I just can't wait. I won't believe that del Toro will mess this up.
Could this be about the Avatar sequel, as mentioned on that thread?
Hey penguin_9026, I don't think it should take too many years for him to make a sequel. I think most of the time he took to make this was to develop the technology to make it at all. I just hope he's spent enough time developing a good story.
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If you're reading this, you're probably wasting your life.
Sounds interesting, despite a chronic lack of info. Hmm, I've been away from here for a few months, and Movie Web get the decorators in. The site almost looks respectable now.
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Hope Alba's in the reboot, she was the only good thing about the last franchise. Actually, I think all the characters were spot on, but the films had crap storylines with poor execution.
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I think this series is well and truly blunted now.
How exciting does this not look?
I liked the first Blade, but I thought the two sequels were far inferior. Not sure a prequel will improve the series either. Snipes carried the last two films along, but there's no mention of him here, which means he's probably not onboard for this. Not a good sign, methinks.
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Oh yes, I remember this, mainly for Shatner's fat arse legging it down the street. To be honest though, I can't say I'm excited about this.
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I just checked the news threads, and they'd confirmed that Anderson was working on a and such back in January. I'm thinking the real stuff is going down now. So that'll be something to look forward to. lolz. Sorry about the font...
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They announced like last August that they had begun work on the screenplay. You've not been around enough to notice, though, I guess. My guess is now they're going to begin sh*t, and the plot is obviously that Alice is going to take down Umbrella once in for all. I'm quite positive the story is true.
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Wasn't overly impressed with Extinction either, but I liked the first 2 films. Also, this thread says it's out for next year, but no other information on the characters or the actors yet. I'll be susp*cious of this information until I hear more concrete evidence, as I heard similar news to this a few years back, the only difference being the release date was for this year.
Yes, but this film isn't. So f**k off, you spamming bastard.
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Haven't seen it yet. Never really expected for it to have a good plot. lol But that's pretty much what I expected it to be. That all Megan Fox ever is. lol
Yeh, but Elijah Wood after taking large quantities of LSD.
Oh yeh, that ridiculous scene with the the transformer that transformed into a human was absurdity personified, no matter how hotlicious it was.
Hey MB, need I say another good review? I agree entirely with you on this film (except I actually like long films), especially on the unnecessary characters. I even agree with you on the rating. I liked this film, and most peoples bad reviews on it point to an over-expectancy. If I wanted to watch a film with brilliant acting and a good plot, I'd go watch a Shakespeare adaptation. I went into the cinema expecting to see great special fx, completely brainless entertainment, and Megan Fox looking sexy (hotlicious), and that's exactly what I got.

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