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A great actor to play Kraven for less money than Gerard Butler and has Kraven's look would have to go to Matt Schulze (Vince in F&F and Fast Five) he could use the work, plays a great badass/antihero/villain, and has the voice.
im still pretty determined to think he's Brian's dad
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call me crazy but i could see him playing Brian's dad (he never knew him) and it will take place around Brian's home of Barstow California
I honestly can see Kevin Smith getting offered the gig since hes a huge star wars fan.
Bane (prolly the biggest DC badass) is gonna beat batman's ass. but of course batman will come back and prevail. the hero always does.
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van damme's
I was told by one of the workers that it was MiB3
I'm a gas station clerk in O'Fallon, MO and saw one of our water towers being used for a scene in the new Men in Black film. It's about time this city gets some film attention.
*like* "Death Race", ive learned if they're makiing NEW movies instead of reboots then there is still hope for the film industry yet
loved the games growing up, i say go for it, beats the hell out of all these f*cks doing REBOOTS, think "Death Race" lol.
like any good production you wanna go with your fan-base. guess what your fan-base is us between 23-65 who are adults that obviously enjoy an ADULT action film. so please, don't embarrass a film franchise that has already proven that the more gore, violence and creative ways of making bad-English catchphrases is what we pay to see in theaters. People know what to expect in ACTION films. If you want romance, drama and intellectual conversation, watch Twilight. 'Nuff said.
you know, i wonder if we'll see a clip in the film where his mask is off even if for a brief moment. i could see Nolan having it happen just to please a few fans curiosity.
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was a great movie in its time period and yet one that should be left alone like "The crow"
huge fan of the crow, usually welcome remakes like the batmans but this should seriously be left alone!
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tattoofreak87 wrote a comment about the news item Vin Diesel Gives Riddick Update
Go get em' Vin! Riddick will kick that ass!
the only good response i have for this at the moment is that Candyman is back in it. thank god cause he occasionally can tie the previous one together
tattoofreak87 wrote a comment about the news item Second Cowboys and Aliens Trailer!
james bond and Indiana Jones team up! woot. great Audioslave song for the trailer.
i dont like this. however a justice league film would be good, so for the sake of not ruining this batman series by immediately starting another one. how about the idea of doing what the avengers has done in several marvel films and that is add a special scene at the end of the credits to hint another film without having to "reboot" an already great film trilogy. just throw some good hints that a justice league is forming at the end of "The Dark Knight Rises". it will save you production and other film costs as well as the possibility of disappointmented fans for destroying the great memory of this already great trilogy. just saying, im 23 and can make logic of this, why cant you?


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