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It's unfortunate that a movie with this much hype is probably going to bomb.
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Well folks, this is f*cked. It was nice to think that someone with a talent for storytelling would actually have a hand in bringing one of the most difficult characters to communicate to an audience to a new generation. Get ready for the first movie with more slo-motion/ramping than actual regular speed footage. Maybe Snyder will save himself the chance for failure and get rid of the dialogue.

In all reality, things aren't this dire, Snyder has talents, but what I've seen of him doesn't inspire hope for this kind of film.

Action never matters more than story. If a movie isn't entertaining without constant action, it sucks. Case and point, Transformers and Watchmen, where the acting was so agonizing it was barely worth it to see the action.
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...shortly after being anally raped...
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Happy Halloween -comrade-
You guys should read this before you shoot it out of the water. It's only a vampire film in the sense that there are vampires in it, in addition to an interpretation of the frankenstein monster, and werewolves. Plus, fun government conspiracy stuff. It's an entertaining read.
Jesus...we're just going to produce endless streams of property series.
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Nick Cave=Yes, The Proposition was awesome.
Stephen Norrington? A man whose direction is so sh*tty it convinced Sean Connery to retire from acting?

F*ck that noise.
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I mean it's...wait, no seriously, what the f*ck?
Darren Aronofsky hates happiness, and that makes him perfect for this.
The first Wolverine movie made the character into a laughable p*ssy. I hope the script essentially ignores all the shlock that happened prior and just tells a good, self-contained story.
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All right, that's just damn cool, and original.
Kudos production team.
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The problem with bringing Tom Welling and Erica Durance in is the temptation to alienate non-Smallville fans becomes too great. "Deafening"? Movieweb, maybe cool it on the hyperbole, I haven't seen anything in online polls beyond a mild interest from some fans of the show.
-Harry Potter's eyes are green (like his mothers)
-Voldemort's eyes are red (because of his unnatural nature)

I'm not nitpicking here, these are important traits in the books. WTF WB.
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If it's half as good as Watchmen...

It'll still miss the point entirely and use way too much ramping and probably have a sh*tty cast...

Unless Nolan maintains a tight stranglehold on the production.
Snyder is a talentless hack, POS fanboy douche.

Matt Reeves is great.

Tony Scott is capable.
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Viral marketing to test fan reaction.
What you should be surprised about is why they're letting a scientologist anywhere near Lovecraft. I'm not just saying McAvoy to go against the grain, I think Tom Cruise is a legitimate shmuck and James McAvoy is an altogether superior actor, even as a younger man.
McAvoy. F*ck Tom Cruise.