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szumowj wrote a comment about the news item The Incredible Hulk Trailer Is Here!
looks ok, trailer could be better, still think the first one was great and the story line was a little crap but i agree with the last comment eric b is better than edward n...No one can say untill the film is out but marvel either do good or do sh*t
Boooooring Photo, need something better
szumowj wrote a comment about the news item The Dark Knight Trailer Leaked Online
Everyone thought heath ledger wouldnt play off the part but everyone is sooooo worng now, Even this copy trailer looks and plays funny. when the High quality comes out everyone is going to want to see this MOVIE
well done BATMAN soo Tim burton but Chris has pulled off another great MOVIE looking at the trailer
szumowj wrote a comment about the news item Watch the Iron Man Teaser Trailer!
I very dis pleased to read some of the comments below, this film 'trailer' looks clean and stylish, dont forget what other types of movie the director has done and this has a little feel to it 'when it comes to the special effects'im saying but this is only a tease SO lets all not jump on the band wagen and wait till it comes out before any Judgement is passed
szumowj wrote a comment about the news item Brand New Joker Image from The Dark Knight!
You have to remmeber that this is a New BatMan New Ideas, nothing like the old films, The New BatMan was just great and the second will be Just as good,
Heath Acting skills will be proven in this film but the Director would not have chosen him. I think everyone who doubts will be eating there words


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