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So what movies have you notice that still might not be on Blu-Ray or Both DVD and Blu-Ray

This is what I know.

NOT On Blu-Ray
Hard Target
Around The World In 80 Days
The Rat Pack
Ben Hur
The Odd Couple
Raw Deal (Arnold Schwarzenegger)
The Corruptor
Dick Tracy

NOT On DVD Or Blu-Ray
Brotherhood Of The Rose
IKE (staring Robert Duvall and Lee Remick)
Death Of A Gunfighter
Till the End of Time
syndicate wrote a comment about the news item The Three Stooges Eyes Justin Timberlake as Larry
How will this compare to the Mel Gibson bio pic that was a TV movie. That is IF this one going to be a bio pic.
syndicate rated the disc Connors' War DVD
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syndicate reviewed the movie Salt

"What Kind Of A Female Spy Is This"
Now what are the difference between this BD that coming and the book style BD that was released back in 07 or 08.
syndicate wrote a comment about the news item Liam Neeson Quits Steven Spielberg's Lincoln
I just can't see Liam Neeson playing Lyndon B. Johnson at all. I think Randy Quaid still fit the role after the 1987 LBJ: The Early Years. He would be better then Liam Neeson. Liam Neeson is not a bad actor, just a good actor in the wrong role IF he do play Lyndon B. Johnson.
syndicate wrote a comment about the news item CBS Announces 2010 Fall Premiere Dates
Can't believe CSI: Miami and CSI: NY got move from their original nights to new ones. Will that have an affect on the shows's rating and viewers.

Other good big shows didn't do so well when it got move like The West Wing and The Unit.
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syndicate wrote a comment about the news item Melina Kanakaredes to Exit CSI: NY
DoubleR0522 what do you mean by HOPE SHE COMES TO SHOW SOON. Are you trying to say Hope she will come to terms with the show or Hope she will come back to the show soon? Just wondering, buecause I don't understand that part.
syndicate wrote a comment about the news item Melina Kanakaredes to Exit CSI: NY
Don't sound good at all for a show that doing well to move to a new night. Look what happen to show that are good and doing well. And it got move to a new night, like West Wing and The Unit. Now What will happen to CSI: NY in ratings and viewers those are the questions with regular viewers. Will it make it is what the regular viewers want to know.
Not what I would want to see for the show as a regular viewer. I was hoping that Gary Sinise and Melina Kanakaredes's characters whould sooner of later start to like each other and dating. That is gone for sure,
I might watch it being set in Los Angeles. I hope they'll make some of the story lines dark and gritty. And last of all have a cast that is as good as Law And Order SVU.
syndicate wrote a comment about the news item Sylvain White to Direct Robotech Movie?
I just hope they get some help from the Japanese studio that relased it and created. It not I can smell it looking some what not so great like how fans of Dragon Ball and Dragon Ball Z just riped at saying this and that about it..

They studio and the director need to learn from the Japanese how they make live version of their own Anime like Deathnote. IF the director and the studio does not do that at all and go on making it themselves, I would 110% not be surpised that they rip at saying all kinds of stuff when it relesed in Japan.
syndicate wrote a comment about the news item Brand New The A-Team Trailer and Poster
They should have kept the basic, which they didn't really. From this new trailer, they changed two things about Murdock.
1) He is a Special Forces Soldier
2) He got court martial also, along with them
They should have just kept Murdock a non special forces chopper pilot, that is what he is in the TV show. But back during NAM there Army Special Forces did not have their own Chopper pilots, until the later 80s with the Nighty Stalker. I think they should have kept him as a non special forces soldier, because that how he is created. Don't just make him a Special Forces, just because today the Army Special Forces don't use non special forces chopper pilots any more.

Last of all they changed it from the character Amy a newspaper reporter to having Capt. Charisa Sosa(Jessica Biel). From the first trailer, I already said they changed them from being in the 5th Special Forces Group to the 7th, they should have just them in today's 5th SF group. Which there still is, it just the beret patch is different then the NAM era one.

Other then all that it still should be a good movie not so bad as the second Charlie Angles movie or the Duke Of Hazzard movie. those two yikes.
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When first saw and read the title Central Intelligence on another site, I throught it would be a drama/thriller type spy movie like Clear And Present Danger, The Company and TInker Tailor Soldier Spy. But after reading alittle more it was not, on the little detail it had. So I'm going to pass on Central Intelligence, since it not.
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