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With all due respect...your a f*cken idiot. When a movie is based on a true story, its not concieved in an idea...real life just happens. Do I believe this true event they will depict mirrors what Oscar did with the Jews during WWII absolutely, thats why most wise men will tell you that HISTORY REPEATS ITSELF!
SupermanEmpire wrote a comment about the news item Christian Bale to Star in Nanjing Heroes
How do you say, "DO YOU WANT ME TO SMASH YOUR LIGHTS?", and "WHAT DON'T YOU F*CKING UNDERSTAND?" Chinese? Bale may want to brush up : )
Look, bring the character back...after watching Inception multiple times I almost believe Nolan was auditioning Joseph Gordon-Levitt to take over...the kid can act, he looks the part...seriously do some comparison shots of Levitt and Ledger, give the kid a shot to make it his own...and I believe he could f*cken own it as the Joker.
Yeah I've never read or invisioned a neanderthal version of Batman, or Superman. He may be able to pull of Bizarro Superman with that Ted Danson forehead and roid rage neck but other than that I say this "news" post is sh*t....Sorry Cena, want in one hand & sh*t in the other...see which one fills up first...ass.
"Say what again you hairy footed motha f*cka!"
The Nolan's will have NOTHING to do with any "TV" version of are talking about two artists who pride themselves on creative freedom...anyone who knows sh*t about TV and how its produced knows that there are several more hands in the pot...and theirfore its much harder to gurrantee any kind of creative control or freedom...based on that this would never work. You can't base a series like this working on the success of The Walking Dead or a show like say Dexter, this is f*cking Batman...a franchise that brought us the likes of Adam West, and nipples on the "shumacker" suit. Drop this idea before you ruin the pure excellence that is the Nolan trilogy.
Worst idea in the history of bad f*cken ideas...I trully hate studio executives...DON'T DO THIS *SSHOLES!
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Coming out of posting retirement to comment...after watching this trailer a few times it could very well be one of the best I've seen since Inception's series of theatrical trailers...looks like I have a movie to look forward to seeing in 2011.
Mel is God, "JUST SMILE & BLOW ME" : )
Just saw it for a third time....masterpiece. Anyone who would see Dinner for Smucks instead of this even for a fifth time is indeed a smuck, nuff said.
Great review....there are more true new gen movie buffs that appreciate intelligent action/drama then you might think...the problem is too many of them are smug/insecure people who will not allow themselves to praise a breakthrough movie event like Inception.
Well thought out review, good points, very professional...thanks!
*******SPOILER ALERT*********

I agree that he is still in an unknown level of dream scape at the end of the film, but my theory on the "why" and "message" of the film differ...this is a love story, period. Its key theme is true love pushing us to leaps of faith, a chance that Cobb's wife and love was willing to take, completely putting her faith in Cobb when she put her head on the track. After waking up she knew they were still dreaming, she asked Cobb no less than what he insisted of trust her, to take a leap of faith...he wouldn't do it. Love, heartbreak, and loss...all magnificently put into a grand perspective. Amazing film.
Ok, Hate being a very strong word (that I seldom use) let me reply by saying no...I don't hate you, matter of fact you seem like a fairly bright youngster full of aspirations...what I did say was that you were a douch, now status as a douch can be easily remedied. I respect the fact that you change for no one, its a quality I myself try to live by...however if you really think about the one issue you had with the film...and open your mind in accepting the finer points (that you may have missed), than you may have avoided the pratfall so many others fall pray to in your reasoning. Believe me I have the same competitive spirit you exude, the moment you can appreciate another artist at the top of their game, without spilling over the canvas for the most finite you reach the true climax of your own potential. Being a pesimest for selfish reasons resulted in douch status...having respectful commentary in the face of insult...put me in douch status, so bravo for that.

By the my opinion the character with the most depth in Inception was his wife...see the movie again, Hes dreaming man...if you have ever really been in love you will know that this movie is an ode to taking leaps of faith, she begged him...just as he begged her for trust and faith, in the end he let his doubts prevent him from waking up...his love failed, but her...she put her head on the track...she took that leap. Imagine her heartbreak when he didnt wake up beside her....tragic.

Her character was so important to the main character in life, that his projections of her nearly stole the show with their complexity and weight...don't sell the movie short man...every ounce of story was there for a reason, the layers are many, but all lead to a true conclusion.
SupermanEmpire gave this a Thumbs Down are a douch, plain and simple. Just because you are smart enough to see a good thing in front of you, doesn't mean you have to let envy and denial be your support structure in writing a review. This film is one of the most original EVER MADE, just because you don't have the skills to even come close to its level of complexity or quality, doesn't mean you have to sell it as "too much of a good thing" what the f*ck does that even mean? Do you hear yourself? Take a long hard look in the mirror, accept who you are, and appreciate good work when you see it. This is a flawless film, period. Too much of a bad thing, LOL...your review should have been titled, "I'm an insecure douch"
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Just because you are willing to give this film a pass because the previous installements haven't met your expectations...doesn't mean I will. It was sh*t, pure and simple. In relation to the "Troll" comment, I actually enjoyed a film by the same name, more than I did opinion, my posting...blow me.
SupermanEmpire reviewed the movie Inception

"Very seldom do we see our dreams come to fruition, Nolan's Inception dreams Big"
LOL...I'll check myself before I wreck myself....txs for the heads up.
LOL, guys don't know me either...prob be shocked if you met "real" me, I have passion for opinions are strong be they negative...or positive.