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Some classics should never have been remade. Total Recall and Robocop being two very good examples.
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Found Fottage movies=getting old
Devil's Child movies=way over played

Hollywood continues to green light the same old and tired movie themes.
It shouldnt be to hard to make it as a movie writer in Hollywood because all you have to do is come up with the same idea and just add new characters and maybe throw in a small twist.
@dfella your lack of using proper english and spelling are enough for me to know that you are to ignorant for me to waste my time with.
@shuabert many people might not realize that he really is gay. that shouldnt have any bearing on someone seeing the movie.
@ObiWanShinobi cant be any worse than the rest of the crap Hollywood is pushing out these days
@redcameraman I have heard the same thing. I guy I work with took his family and his daughter left because from the opening scene they said it was sex. It isnt for some people that is for sure but it is doing pretty good at the box office and I still want to see it.
I am glad to know she was in the last Riddick film
wow they dropped 506 F bombs! Who gives a f*ck!
@CoreyB Mike Epps is funny as hell and was the best part of the series after Tucker left
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a PG-13 Robocop?! No thank you!!!
Now this sounds much better. I like hearing that it is a Superman film first and that the other characters will play some role but wont over shadow Cavill.
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the Purge was a decent movie and should have spawned a bigger budget with better actors but instead it looks as though they went with some B level actors
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Please no to Doomsday! Superman is still a 'rookie' and doesnt need Doomsday this early. Metallo or Brainiac are better enemies at this time and would fit better with Batman being in the movie. They would ruin Doomsday and it would take away from Lex.
Sounds like the same rehashed plot only now its the college years.
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I am not buying this! No way in hell they would spoil the ending so soon. Plus the whole encounter seems made up. Apocalypse merging with Magneto is lame and weak. That is the same stuff Smallville did with Darkseid and that was a low budget tv show. The whole crossing rivers of time speech seems like a rip off from Zod in MOS saying he has crossed a river of stars.
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Glad to see the Rock is getting work but the whole disaster movie with the save my daughter or son plot is getting really old.
movie looks lame as hell to me! I supported the first one but this just looks terrible.
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