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@undeadslayer4 are you just trolling my comments? I am sorry I dont agree with everything you like. Fassbenders outfit at the end of First Class was much better than Singers design for Ian. The helmet alone was more like the comics
@CoreyB Snyder wont let us down unless it comes to a bad script but I think Affleck wont allow that to happen. You are right Daddario is smoking!
@CoreyB @themoviefanatic there was something online about Alexandra Daddario being Wonder Woman at one time. She has the look and the bust, she has gained some popularity since True Detective but has good supporting roles in Percy Jackson and she was the female lead in Texas Chainsaw 3D. she might have given the chest fans and the acting fans something to pull for. I though like the hiring of Gadot, she is sexy and she has the ability to pull this off and make all the doubters look dumb. Wonder Woman was drawn with big boobs but that doesnt define her. I think Gadot, like Affleck, will own their roles.
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@shuabert I agree, that is all I have heard and read since they hired her. Her boobs arent big enough. I dont get why that has to be the deciding factor. It is a stupid complaint and one that shouldnt even be a topic.
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at what point do even the fans say..."Who The Hell Cares?"
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Superman81 reviewed the movie RoboCop

"Dead Or Alive You Are Coming With Me!---Dead Then"
@kingbrady they did that with the lastest Die Hard a couple years ago and that was a terrible move. The movie was not very good anyways but to release it on V-Day weekend was not good. I saw Robocop and the first time he has the suit on, I was like maybe this is going to be pretty good. Sadly that was about the extent of my enjoyment.
@2movieguys agree totally, the first 20 mins it was different but it was too long and the animation and whole routine got very old. I think Will Arnett as Batman saved the movie.
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Fassbender was born to play Magneto! I love the design of his suit, so much better than that junk Ian wore in the first 3 movies.
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So dumb, the movie franchise isnt even that old and they already want to reboot it? Man Hollywood is sinking more and more everyday
the Lego Movie was awful, I read the reviews and thought it would be good to see but it was just terrible. There was no humor or emotion, except for the last part of the movie
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Even though this may or may not be true, I think either bald or not bald, I am liking this choice for Lex. I think they can twist it to where it fits Eisenberg's talent. I think he will do his homework and will work to make sure it is what fans want. When Ledger was cast as Joker, he locked himself in a room and worked hard on crafting his character. He went above and beyond want any of us expected and I think Eisenberg will as well. He is part of something huge now and he can fix the cluster that Hackman and Spacey left us. Thank God for Michael Rosenbaum on Smallville.