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Its an over 2 hour love story with some action sprinkled in. Hard to see it having legs when Neighbors is getting great reviews and Godzilla coming right behind it. I won't even bring up XMen or Maleficent because by May 30, Spider Man will be an after thought. Next time its need more action and better dialogue.
@ejk1 it amounts to nil you. It is of some significance when a rep says what they did. In fact the score is one of the most contested. You would debate how to properly tie shoes. It got the score it did and thats that cant change it but doesnt change the fact that ASM has very bad reviews and possibly is suffering the same fate as MOS. Too many people hung up on Raimi's Spider Man. The movie had some very bad things going for it though
@ejk1 the difference is RT came out and even said MOS didnt deserve the rating it had. I have not seen a rep from RT come out and say the same about ASM2.
This film should have been so much more. Too bad it is every bit the 54% it has on RT.
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@c-a-r-t-m-a-n Lmao! They are just mad that the American version is going to make bank and they are still dressing a guy up in their Godzilla suit
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he got hosed on playing The Leader. TIH set him up for it and now he is playing the Moleman?! what a joke! just like this reboot is going to be
@moviemaniac66 CA:TWS is still the best CBM so far this year. I am hoping X-Men will be as good. Anything will be better than ASM2 though. dropping fast on RT, down to 54% now. And with Neighbors getting good reviews and X-Men and Maleficent coming out in the next few weeks, it is going to be hard for ASM2 to have legs
@therealGoku I know they hyped it up as his greatest battle yet and there was literally nothing amazing about the fights. The fights with Lizard were better. It just was a total waste of cash
Adam Driver as a Sith Lord makes me want to vomit. Of all the actors they had to choose him. I just hope that the original cast can save this film
Sitting at 55% on RT right now and it deserves the score. It was a very bad film. The acting was so bad at times and don't get me started on the villains. They will be easily forgettable.
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Yep it was a pretty good movie and much better than White House Down. I support Butler and I hope this is as good as the first
@Dr-Devious indeed if not the most famous villain of all time. I also love how the newspaper article tabbed this as a comedy-adventure film. yes it had some funny moments but it was far from a comedy.
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Holy smokes Shredder looks pretty big from the quick shot.
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Its about damn time they got this going!