Marvel's The Avengers

"And there came a day, a day unlike any other when the "House of Ideas" finally synergized a monumental assemblage in film history!"
Summit10 gave it 4.5 Stars

Wrath of the Titans

"Man has grown weary of worshipping and this time it's the gods turn to pray!"
Summit10 gave it 3.0 Stars


"Michael and Carey deliver disturbingly controversial powerful performances embracing their susceptibility to be loved and be accepted in spite of being human!"
Summit10 gave it 5.0 Stars

Open Range

"A typical mundane life in the West until someone steps into your property and spits the wrong way for sure guns smoke and bullets will be the last thing you'll see!"
Summit10 gave it 3.0 Stars

Mission: Impossible Ghost Protocol

"Finally, Ethan grows an epiphany that it's a team sport just in time before everyone literally becomes a "ghost"!"
Summit10 gave it 4.5 Stars

Ghost Rider Spirit of Vengeance

"After the former Director suffered the "penance stare", I believe a specific number of people will need to be "exorcised" literally...let's lift the curse shall we?"
Summit10 gave it 2.0 Stars

Cowboys & Aliens

"Round 'em up boys, we're strapping these varmints to skyrocket into space...and please don't forget "Happy" and the "Wonder Twins"!"
Summit10 gave it 1.5 Stars

Vantage Point

"The trails of susp*cion will have its vulnerable "point" with the people you actually trust!"
Summit10 gave it 3.0 Stars

Underworld 3: The Rise of The Lycans

"There is an old saying that "those who fail to learn from history are doomed to repeat it", obviously this one had it coming!"
Summit10 gave it 3.0 Stars

Underworld Awakening

"Mind numbing action that was convoluted with mediocre SFX and casting but redeems itself with fated lovers however lost, opens another chapter for a new species to awaken!"
Summit10 gave it 3.5 Stars