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Hell Yeah!! x
StephieBaybee wrote a comment about the news item Latest Gotham Trailer Reveals the Joker!
Funny thing is, i see alot of gotham talk on facebook, everyone shouting "give us the joker" then when they introduce him its "oh its too soon to bring in the joker". Personally i can take it or leave it for now, theres lots of other characters who i like and would like to see more of, like the riddler x
Seen this advertised on facebook today, not my usual kind of movie but i guess the girl in me will always love a wee bit of disney lol plus i can use that old excuse "I'll get it for my daughter" lol x
I know he probs would never go for a role in a superhero/villains movie but I'd personally love to see christoph waltz as the joker - if it was on a serious dark tone, not some comic book, cheesy tone lol x
Anno she's a fair age now but what the hell has happened to her face? Used to think she was gorgeous when i was young and wanted to be just like lol (thanks to the alien movies mostly lol) but she just looks weird here :/ x
@balanorange I'll second that :) x
If it wasn't for QT, Sam L. J would be out a job lol but on a serious note i'm looking forward to this. Love QT x
Uft! no Jack Griffin then? I'm not deyning the others aren't amazing but i hoped this would have had the invisible man in there somewhere, least I've got the universal monsters box set i suppose lol x
StephieBaybee wrote a comment about the news item Robin Williams Passes Away at Age 63
Rest in peace x
StephieBaybee wrote a comment about the news item Ghostbusters: First Official LEGO Photos
aww so cool! thank god ive got a wee boy obsessed with lego, its a must buy for me lol x
I keep hearing how everyone says Affleck is perfect for batman.....who they trying to convince us or them? lol x
StephieBaybee wrote a comment about the news item Rocketman Photo with Tom Hardy and Elton John
Strange choice of movie for him, giving his past efforts lol but he'll be great! cant wait to see it x
Yeah im cool with my blu rays, why would i pay around 㿨 for all the movies again when you'll get the extra footage on youtube in a few weeks? x
Poor Chucky :( i really wanna see this but he just looks so fake, too much cgi, bring bk the old chucky!! x
As long as Mr T is in on this with his mohawk grenades tis all good lol x
Doesnt matter who they kill off, its still gonna be better than no emotion man affleck as batman lol x
Ah well it was good while it lasted lol f*ck it im remaining faithful to keaton and bale - this batman is gonna suck big time - george clooney and val kilmer anyone? can see batman going back on that dusty shelf for a while after this one :( x

I think the guy lacks all qualities to play probs the greatest superhero of all time. Didnt he say after playing daredevil (that epic fail of a movie) that he would never play a superhero again?! Maybe it just goes to show he doesnt have what it takes......

Batman ended for me today :( keaton and bale forever
I only clicked into this coz i thought the vampire in the second pic was one of them jedward twats pmsl (not that im a fan but i thought them playing vampires would be kinda funny lol) x
Hard to believe this movie is real lol i guess theres some idiot out there who'll watch it, rather you than me matey!! lol x
As much as i like Tom/Loki im kinda glad, like your all saying it gives way for other villains but it would be nice if he popped in just as a kinda cameo role x


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