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I want back the trilogy cast (keira knightley,orlando bloom...) and the idea of the trilogy,the 4 one was disaster for me!!! And especially I want back Gore Verbinski as director!!!!!!
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Neighbors!!!!! love them!!
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I lost my hope from the third one,and I believe this will be worse! I hope not!
@themoviefanatic Probably I am the youngest here,in movieweb!!
I am 21 :)
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I want Spider Man 4 then I will be happy!!!
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Nice!! :)
@CoreyB Really was awesome... Just think,the big one trailer,we will stay with our mouth open for long time! :P
@themoviefanatic it's ok.. :)
@themoviefanatic With answer yes,I meant we are have the same feeling about this movie,we are not know anything about the movie,but at the same time,we believe that we will love this film :)
@themoviefanatic you don't know anything about Guardians of the Galaxy,like me?
@undeadslayer4 YES INDEED!!!
I have big hopes for this movie,the funny is I do not know anything about the Guardians of the Galaxy,but I believe I would love it...
@themoviefanatic you prefer look more cooler but I prefer look more realistic,this is our different. :)
@themoviefanatic why...explain me...
@undeadslayer4 from bad writer,from bad cgi and from bad direction :P
@themoviefanatic ''Optimus Prime looks better than ever'' What are you talking about it,looks more ridiculous,more fake and less realistic..Plus the old prime was more beautiful..