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Spadicus wrote a comment about the news item The Final Simpsons Trailer Is Ready for You!
Finally, a movie with Arnold Schwarzenegger as the president.

I've waited far too long for this..
Spadicus wrote a comment about the news item The Official Halloween Remake Poster Is Here!
I personally have no quarrel with remakes. I'll admit, sometimes it just shows the complete unoriginality of today's movie industry. But I see nothing wrong with re-introducing older films to the younger audiences who make up the majority of horror film viewers. Whether it will represent the original film and give us the same chills as its predecessor is completely up to Zombie, who has proven himself to be an exceptional modern filmmaker of his own literature so far. We'll see how he does with a remake of someone else's story.
It's about time Jackson started working on this.
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Hey thanks!!
Land of the Lost would seem to be more like Rodriguez's style. He could easily make that a 3-D feature.
Spadicus wrote a comment about the news item Transformers Hi-Res Robot Images
Megatron looks pure evil, and thats good enough for me.

I think people complain about their look a lot because they don't understand the meaning of the word "adaptation" which applies to any TV show, novel and comic book that has been transformed into a movie, as well as an important component of the transcending series of Transformers (Beast Wars, Beast Machines, Armada, Energon, etc.). They adapt to their surroundings and just because they don't look like they stepped directly out of the old 80's cartoon, doesn't mean this movie won't succeed. People need to open their minds, and realize that Optimus and the others have changed faces before and that doesn't mean instant failure.
Spadicus wrote a comment about the news item First Look at the Iron Man Body Armor!
What a perfect choice to play Iron Man.
I agree with Mushy for the most part. I think Sam used Spider-man 3 as an outlet for a lot of experimentation, in plot and directing. But it seems like he became lost in it, and didn't give his plot enough of the attention it needed. And with so much going on at once, the movies is almost too short to develop anything without it seeming ridicules.
Spadicus wrote a comment about the news item First Hairspray Theatrical Movie Poster
What? More upcoming musicals adapted into movies?

Sweeney Todd > Hairspray

Though this one could still impress. I wonder what motivated Travolta to go into a role like that.
Spadicus wrote a comment about the news item Sam Raimi Talks The Hobbit!
Raimi is certainly capable of directing The Hobbit, but I still feel as though Jackson could still come back for the film. Like he said, thats his project and it'd be difficult without Jackson and Shaye involved.
Spadicus wrote a comment about the news item Spider-Man: The Broadway Musical Is Coming!
I don't see what fascination of turing Raimi's films into musicals (first Evil Dead, now this). Still, I support it and think it could turn out great, if its done right.
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