Whip It!

"If you want to watch fishnet-clad chicks beat the hell out of each other or if you are in it for the story as well, Whip It is your movie. A fun coming-of-age film by Drew Barrymore."
Solar XI gave it 5.0 Stars

The A-Team

"A fast-paced action film that brings back the eighties in a new light."
Solar XI gave it 3.5 Stars

The Bounty Hunter

"Not to much of a lovable film as you find yourself watching the same film you have seen before."
Solar XI gave it 2.0 Stars

Death at a Funeral

"Though humorous, Death at a Funeral dies quickly and leaves you wondering if you were amused at all."
Solar XI gave it 3.0 Stars

Cadillac Records

"Stick around long enough, you might like it."
Solar XI gave it 4.0 Stars

Iron Man 2

"Tops last Summer's X-Men Origins and leaves you wanting more."
Solar XI gave it 4.5 Stars

Home of the Brave

"A gripping take on returning home rather than another film set during war."
Solar XI gave it 4.0 Stars

Training Day

"Training Day is a modest reminiscent of films like New Jack City and Spike Lee's Clockers."
Solar XI gave it 5.0 Stars

The 40 Year Old Virgin

"Steve Carell shines in this raunchy comedy-drama that really brings out the realism of everyday life."
Solar XI gave it 4.5 Stars

The Office: The Manager and the Salesman

"The episode isn't as funny as previous episodes but does give off as one of the series' strong episodes. It produces character growth and a strange and eccentric turning point in the series."
Solar XI gave it 5.0 Stars