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balasooriya077   »  BEAUTIFUL
I see many people have written here that they are sorry that they didn't write you soon. what can I say, i am sorry i didn't too. keep writin' and this time I definitely will get back soon.
NickScottGuyer   »  BEAUTIFUL
sorry i never wrote u LOL but now im gonna be on this allot so i will start to write u more LOL
how are u lol
hey add me on myspace
Ethlenn   »  BEAUTIFUL
Hi! Thanks for the add, I had completely no time for writing anything, hopefuly from now on, it will be better. C'ya!!
Mc'Murphy   »  BEAUTIFUL
I'm Stay in Thailand
ShadowfoxSC   »  BEAUTIFUL
no problem sorry for taking forever to reply my net has been weird. aww am in high school class of 08 aww i love to see movies and hang out with friends and make ppl laugh what about u???
hey brit wat happened at hanks this is brit rite
Thanks for the Add!
Captain_Innuendo   »  BEAUTIFUL
In April, and I'm 21.
balasooriya077   »  BEAUTIFUL
I'm from Sri Lanka. Studying at University of Colombo school of computing.
hey what's good?
Jel.a.i   »  BEAUTIFUL
i'm a simple person.. how bout u?
MovieMadness   »  BEAUTIFUL
I'm an Event Coordinator on Huntington State Beach in California
penpen15   »  BEAUTIFUL
hey no prob. im going to Penn state prob. they accepted me but im thinking of taking first year off maybe. xD hows it with you?
kupo   »  BEAUTIFUL
well im really into anime and art
nothign rally lol, hanging with ym frends
i know what u mean... and then if they're not trying to ruin ur life then they're tryin to run it the way they want to. But do u kno what we call them?


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