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I want to see Nick Cage and Ben Stiller in the sequel to that movie. Why you ask? Because they both play the same character in any role they have taken.

Except for Leaving Las Vegas, that was f*ckin brutal.
I smell a Ridley Scott and Michael Bay colaboration.

I would like to see this movie remade but not entirely with CGI. I would like to see a remake take the route of Stan Winston's studio costumes and creature effects. Leave the epic CGI scenes to the Kraken, the Scorpion fight and Pegasus...........then again if Michael Bay has a say in it Pegasus might be a robotic horse in the film.
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I am dead serious, there were a trio of guys sitting behind me and my entourage that seemed utterly disgusted with Dr. Manhattans' private's showing in 90% of the film. They ended up leaving at the scene with Silk Spectre and John on Mars.

Thier loss IMO.
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It was well worth staying up till 4am after the midnight showing then turning around for work at 9.

My opinion on the Watchmen movie is the same I have on the Novel. Amazing, now I love the book and while there were changes on the bigscreen, it's hard to bitch and moan about there not being a giant squid at the end of the movie when the entire film delivers a true feeling to the WATCHMEN universe.

I felt sorry for the people who expected to see an action movie and left halfway through the show.
Cinderella scrubbed the floors and talked to mice.

Much has changed in cinema since.
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I am a fan of the third movie which was a door opening to the Mad Max Apocalyptic outland that was previewed in the latest Terminator Salvation trailer.

I'm really looking forward to where this story takes us, will it come full circle with John sending his own father back through time? I can only hope.

Badass trailer, good call on NIN for trailer tunes.
Snatchtastic posted in the forum: Forever the Sickest Kids

Watch either of those.
Snatchtastic posted in the forum: Top Ten Films of 2008
Oh, and HIGH SCHOOL MUSICAL 3.....can't forget that.
Snatchtastic posted in the forum: Top Ten Films of 2008
I loved this past year doing the blockbuster opening night summer shows of IRON MAN and THE DARK KNIGHT.
shut up
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I'll let the rest of them know that you are interested in The Mod Status. Unless they catch whiff of this thread first.
As a massive fan of vampire movies i would love to know what you think is the best Vampire movie ever.


Twilight (hated it)
Dracula 2000 (kinda cool)
Blade Trinity (Blade is Awesome)
Shadow of the Vampire (Interesting)


Vampire Diaries

What kind of a thread start is this? It's like a text message from a retarded telemarketer.

Deal with the fact that your thread gave no insight to what kind of movies you like, Then the movies you listed that fall into a BEST VAMPIRE MOVIE thread just makes me want to puke all over the monitor and insert the cold barrel of a .9mm and try to get as many shots off as possible before I die.
Snatchtastic posted in the forum: Chain Letter
HAHA holy crap this movie had me slamming my head against the wall at first.

But the cinemetography carries from an 80's style of horror movie with single camera shots, maleficant shots of gore and unending development pratically telling you the entire plot line and showing you the whole movie.

I'm intrigued but this is a show I would save for Netflix.
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CP and Banshee used to delve in the Movie Club all the time. I never did because I dont like movies.

The Summer is always my favorite time to hit the site, lottsa big named hollywood blockbusters and new upcoming actors.

Winter time for movies is pretty droll at times, there is at least one major film released for Christmas. Or anticipation to not buy the summer blockbuster that just made it to DVD because I asked for it for Xmas.

Pheonix a thread in Movie Club if you haven't seen it or put your 2 cents in.
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*fap Fap Fap Fap Fap Fap Fap Fap Fap Fap Fap Fap Fap Fap Fap Fap Fap Fap*

If you have not seen these movies, please have your parents NETFLIX these following films as to show the movie snob community that you have done some homework on what kind of MASSIVE VAMPIRE FAN you are.

1. Interview With A Vampire.
2. Bram Stokers Dracula.
3. 30 Days of Night.
4. Nosferatu (hard find)
5.The Lost Boys

Sorry to say but the Vampire movies you have listed have bastardized the lore of Vampires and have been completely changed. So we can take our pick to what kind of movie we like starring.......VAMPIRES.

There is the all to hollywood version with The Rich Family of Vampires that make up all the rules and live in a Eurotrash lifestyle of ritzy clothing and a secret ruling of underground government society that controls whatever town they live in.

The Frenzy feeding vampires that pass more for a zombie with chewing your throat out rather than biting it. Thus also not turning the victim into another vampire but just letting the carcass lay in it's own pool of blood.

Then there is the Romeo and Juliet story of the girl or boy who loves another vampire, one who is not a vampire, and the family and friends who appose of the new courtship.

So there are 3 different types of Vampire themes that I can pick apart in every vampire movie that you posted, oh and not to mention you can also toss in new characters like an asskicking, ninja, gunmaster......and a werewolf too.

I've seen enough of vampire movies to just not give a sh*t anymore. It's all been done and I'm waiting for something new.

My favorite vampire movie would have to be Interview With A Vampire.
Snatchtastic posted in the forum: Watchmen
I'm that kinda guy who is dissapointed easily when it comes to a motion picture adapted from a novel. That is unless everything from my imagination magnifies what is seen on the big screen.

As far as this adaptation goes, with the alternate ending and cut down run time I am still excited. This was such a brutally graphic story of some amazing characters that I cannot wait to see on screen. I have heard and seen some great things from the video blogs on how the picture was filmed in single camera to imitate every screen shot to that of a comic pannel, much like Sin City. The Film is rated "R" so I am sure we are going to see the entirety of THE COMEDIAN shooting the mother of his child. In my opinion and adaptation is easier to do when everything has been illustrated. Comic Books nowadays are just glorified screenplays.

I'll be there at the midnight show.
Get the killing spree ending.

*shameless Simpson's plug*


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