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I want to see Jurassic Park 4 and Indiana Jones 5 and Jaws 9 and Caddyshack 5 and wait.......
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It's good, Knowing I didn't pay 10 bucks to see this in the theatre.
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Don't forget, "Roadhouse."
F*ck it, Kanye should have punched her and spiked her moonman on her skull.

I remember a great MTV Music Video Awards Live Performance.

Kanye West is an *sshole.
WHADDUP blackrx?!?!?!

*high fives*
It will.

All I can hope for is that this little bastard makes an appearance so he can die.

Just look at him, starin down the barrel of Voldemorts' .357
I have finished reading the book source and I'm planning to watch the movie this Wednesday.
I really hope it will not fail my expectations.

It will.

All I can hope for is that this little bastard makes an appearance so he can die.
Three words,

This movie sucked.

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Shut Up!!1
The Shield
Future Weapons
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Here's a fun one.
I love stupid story time.

Did you know that the easter bunny was a mythilogical creature from the ancient times only found in Rangoon?

Well lemme tell ya, back during The Last Supper, Moses said to Jesus, "hey Brah, could I have something other than crackers and goat blood?" Well Jesus was flat broke from propaganda materials and couldn't ablige Moses. So naturally Moses went on a walkabout in Jesus' crib. Well he saw that jesus had a pet rabbit and was so hungry he broke the rabbits neck and hollowed him out like a canoe later wearing the rabbits skin as a hat.

Well later its been doc*mented in many historical movies that the rabbit haunted Moses to his death, the rabbit would haunt his dreams and curse Moses' unborn children telling him that by offering his children sweets in a basket that it would really be the rabbits haunting nightmares to pass on through his offspring.

My cell phone is my alarm clock so I never turn it off........EVER.
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There is nothing else we can do but eat the cyanide pills that Brian gave us when all else fails.

See you f*ckers on the U.F.O.
Hermione was totally portrayed as a lush, Ron is hooking up with quiditch groupies and Harry is scamming on his friends sister. The innosence of these children is completely lost for me and I have now decided I will take up scientology while I take ADD meds.

I liked the movie, I wanted more, I can't be a complete snob on the transition from book to film because you just cant have everything in it.

******************SPOILERS BITCHES*****************************

Yet the only thing that dissapointed me in this film is Snape and Harry's standoff at the end of the film, I was hoping for more boiling hatred from Snapes' end of things.
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Recycle your semen everyone.
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HAHA, awesome.
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Hostel 2.........
Dear Craig_Sheffer_#1_Fan,

How many different beer's have you now comsumed?


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