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SMITA posted in the forum: Atonement (2007)
Last week, I watched 'Atonement'..... and i loved the storyline for its morale... It depicts how true love has endurance to learn through and grow stronger through all odds & amidst ups and down...

In the fazed realities, the chemistry between Robbie and Briony and that between cecilia and robbie seem so realistic and melting.

The actors are passionate enough to showcase the real feelings flowing through as the story sets in and they perfectly dramatize every act, they are indulging in on-screen.

I am sure there are others who would have watched it as well.... I would love to hear back from everyone who has watched, loved, appreciated or been a critic to this movie...

For me, It seems to be the very few of those "refreshingly movies in the romantic drama genre"...

Looking forward to opinion from others......

Not to mention, Keira Knightley is as always fabulous and amazing........:smile:

There is more about movies and music, if you want to check it out at 'Infodoro'...
SMITA posted in the forum: What movie is this from?
I Think, its Constantine or The Vampires!!!

Not dead sure though......
SMITA posted in the forum: The Best Musical of 2007?
List and rate the Best Musicals you watched in the year 2007?

For me, It was the

High School Musial 2: The teen stars delivered some great performances and the young guy is already a teen heartthrob by now, I suppose.

Cool and deadly looks combined with the damsel's charisma and Fun...made de movie a fairly good watch.

SMITA posted in the forum: What did you watch this week?
Here are the ones, I watched over this week along with the ratings:

Apocalypto: Oops......Gory, fatal and weird though it kept me glued to the screen for that long. :rolleyes:

The HeartBreak Kid: Interesting ANd Funny :tongue:

P.S. I Love You: Beautiful drama :smile:

I Am Legend: Good, a lil blunt and with a sad ending... :cool:

American Pie (new series): Hmm......Stupid Teen Drama Comedy :mad:
Rongo   »  SMITA
Hi, thanks for popping in to see me, the movies updates are much appreciated as well.

I'm already on Flixster but I've not heard of the other sites you've mentioned so I will go and have a look at them tonight.

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Rongo   »  SMITA
Hi SMITA, I love alsorts of movies especially if the storyline is good, so yes romance, sci/fi's, horror, fantasy and horrors are amongst those.

I would love if you could recommend a movie as New Zealand tends to get the latest movies alot later then some other countries...

By the way nice to hear from you.
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SMITA posted in the forum: A movie on Dyslexia?
Do you know of any Hollywood movie on an ailment called 'Dyslexia'?

It relates to difficulty in recognizing alphabets and thereby a child's reading & writing skills. I recently watched a beautifully thought & worked out foriegn film on a less noticed & sensitive topic as this.....

Please share here, if you know of a movie on similar lines. I would love to dwell deeper into this topic....:smile:
What about SAW 4? Dont you think it was overdone with gory ideas & bloody scenes?

Reminds me of the "Blood on the Dancefllor". Coudln't have meals for the next few days...Simply, Yuck!!!

It was more of a slaughterhouse than Horror movie? I liked the 2nd & 3rd series but just couldnt tolerate this one....:mad:

I hope there are no more Sequels following in......
SMITA posted in the forum: Favorite 80's movie
Does a Classic movie need to be the one from 80s, or just one masterpiece? A Timeless story told across geographical barriers & appreciated by audiences across the globe.

Hope you don't defer to this!

My Timeless classic favorites are:
1- Schindler's List
2- Casablanca
3- Citizen Kane
4- Gone with the Wind
5- Godfather

What are yours?

Is there actually a 80's classic? I'm curious... Because what did come out in the 80's that was a GOOD movie? :cry:
SMITA posted in the forum: The Dark Knight
Good catch dude....

Hope the directors & script writers had the same outlook & IQ, we have! :tongue:

I thought the joker card was leading us into the first batman movie...which by the way, I have a question about...


Okay, in Batman Begins, they also show the parents' death scene. But there isn't any "have you ever danced with the devil in the pale moon light" and the killer I was wondering why they left that part out?? Because then the first Batman doesn't make sense...

SMITA posted in the forum: The Dark Knight
Where did you read or heard about it? Poor Mark, I wish he could have his share of humour, he is spreading around...


I heard Mark Hamill got in a car crash again to prepare for the role.
SMITA posted in the forum: P.S. I Love You
Did someone go for this Movie? I have been reading reviews on & off, since its release but due to lack of time, I need to pick up on the few movies that I could invest time watching at a theatre or a multiplex...

Some please suggest, if this is worth a watch.

FOr now, I know its worth a watch from online reviews....

Please rank the movie or rate it out of 5. It would help me mahke up my mind....The kore the responses, the more quickly would I be able to act...
SMITA posted in the forum: What did you watch this week?
You mean National Treasure: Book of Secrets is not worth a watch. I was eagerly looking forward to go for the movie, but now I am disheartened with your review of the movie.

Is it not even a one-time watch?

National Treasure: Book of Secrets
More fast-paced and equally as exciting but less fleshed-out than the first film, Book of Secrets is still a very fun romp. Parts of the plot are just plain outlandish or don't make much sense and the Ed Harris character's motivations are tacked on and uninteresting, but the addition of Helen Mirren to the cast along with many funny and exciting scenes make this a worthy sequel reminiscent of adventure classics like Jewel of the Nile and the Indiana Jones films, and set the stage for National Treasure 3. 3.5/5
SMITA posted in the forum: What did you watch this week?

Did someone watch P.S. I Love You? I wanted to go to see this movie...heard about the starcast & read reviews in journals & online..

Could someone suggest me, is it worth a watch?

Help me if you can
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