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@themoviefanatic: I very clearly said I was referring to the "TDK" dvd/blu-ray. You know, as in the second film.
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@dan1: I'd be one to argue in favor of "Brick." Only saw it once when it first came to dvd, but I remember it clearly. Damn what a movie. And I just saw that "Angels in the Outfield" a month or so ago for the first time in well over a decade. Wow. Nice review. I'll be sure to not miss this one.
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@themoviefanatic: Look up the "TDK" dvd/bluray announcement news article. It shows all the covers, slip covers, and spines. This is just the copied image from the internet. Plus, the steel book data is excluded here.
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Christ you can't even get the simple 2 disc blu-rays anymore with the extras. Now you gotta get the 3D and Digital Copy; the latter being useless after a year, and the former being useless without a separate BDP altogether. Shameless studio move.
Note how the article fails to mention that Davis was murdered, and that Lewis is the prime suspect. And that he started brawling with the neighbors when he jumped their fence as they both attested. These were the first and only version of the events released by the police to the press, yet this article makes it sound like he walked into some accident.

Agreed with Joker @mcleve02 RIP Davis, screw Lewis.
Still no official artwork. Odd.
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They didn't bump up the release date. Somebody just didn't count the days right to figure out that the 3rd wasn't a Tuesday.
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This isn't a good trend...
Looks just like the trolls from Trollshaw. I pictured him looking very lanky, though not in a pathetic way like Gollum. Make him menacing that way you know?
What is this trend of sequelizing classics decades after their original debuts?
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Another Alaskan Grizzly doc*mentary huh? Maybe the doc*mentarian will be mauled to death like that grizzly man did. Would make for a great twist. Aren't I just the worst? ;)
@mcleve02: We never said it was wrong for Germany to invade Russia. We just took it as a sigh of relief for the war effort. But the overall hypocrisy point still comes across. History as you mentioned is filled with liars and rewritten by the victors. Take into account how people like Alexander the Great and Julius Caesar are hailed as great leaders, when they were truly no better than Hitler, each trying to conquer the world, subjugate the masses, and introduce their own culture and religion to the countries they invaded. They play it down by saying they modernized regions, which granted they did, but not for those regions' benefit. They just did it cause they were planning on adding these provinces to their empires. Yet history doesn't remember them this way. However, the antisemitism doesn't come from the economy after WWI. There's no factual connection between the two. Hitler and Himmler merely adapted the general antisemetic feelings which many had and started spreading lies. Most of the destruction of Germany was wrought by the Soviets who invaded Berlin where most of the devastation and rapes occurred. The allies recognized the Soviet strategy of just throwing more soldiers at the enemy was better suited for them.
Because the Indiana Jones film saga hasn't been matched in the adventure genre since its debut, and few really appreciate these films for what they are cinematically and nearly everything was done for real. No cheap shots were taken, and the story format was perfect. That's why I salute Indy and the perfect actor they ever could've found to play him, Harrison Ford.
@mcleve02 @Khaotician: You should read the three comments at the bottom of the first page. Those people need basic language skills. And I love your avatar Khaotician. Way to go nostalgia! That guy rocks.

And while I get where you're coming from completely @mcleve02, the idiocy of the japanese internment camps was political and national security in nature, hence its idiocy, whereas the nazi's idiocy was idealogical/religious, as Himmler created his own cult for propaganda purposes so people would join the nazi party to begin with. Agreed on Andersonville and Communism as well. However, we had to take on the Soviet Union as an ally to win the war. The Soviets made the greatest sacrifices there, accounting for half of the entire war's fatalities, that including both the Pacific and European theaters combined. The Cold War in and of itself is a whole other arena for ridiculous BS to reside, which even produced Al Qaeda via teaming up Bin Laden's millions with Zawahiri's philosophy and terror group to stop the Soviets from gaining access to Afghanistan's precious minerals. These themes in general are prevalent in the novel I'm writing.
Monday? Interesting release date. Sucks that they'll probably not be revealing the features till the week before. When the "TDK" blu-ray/dvd was announced this same time 4yrs ago, they included a whole rundown on the extras.
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Now that's how you do an interview!