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Sorry Steve, but you signed the contract. I always read the extensive sheet and take a magnifying glass in search of the fine print. However, if it's true that they didn't exploit his name prior to his death out of respect for his wishes, then it seems to give credence to Alan's chief complaint: being that if they really respected Steve, they'd not attach his name to it regardless of what the contract said. Not that they're legally in the wrong at all. They're not. This is Steve's folly.
Why does the video skip the panel discussion?
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Dr. Manhattan's lack of existence wouldn't effect characters like Rorshack from continuing to be heroes. Furthermore, everyone hated what became of "VfV." They wanted it to stick to the source material. I liked the change to the ending in "Watchmen," and it works as is. Had they screwed with it like that, it would've made for a far worse, and very boring ending. You wouldn't leave the theater with that sly sense of satisfaction from what happened, and what is implied will or probably won't happen from the Diary being published in a tabloid.
@thomasclarke: While your complaints are legit, I disagree. I too found it painfully slow at times, but I still enjoyed the performances and production design, as well as the tone and messages the film conveys. There were only a few things I really had to mull over once it was over, like ***SPOILER ALERT*** whether or not Deckard was a Replicant and the significance of the origami. Once I formed my opinions on those things, it seemed almost too simple, but I absolutely loved everything about Rutger Hauer's character/performance. There were even metaphors implied through his costume and hair color. It took me a while to appreciate this film though which is why I held off on reviewing it immediately. To each his own.
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The Best and the Coolest, gone far too soon. My favorite of them all. So tragic. Rest in Peace.
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@bawnian-dexeus: haha. I had that reaction a second time when I read "the Jawa Subculture."
Unless the spinoff takes place prior to the OT, then killing off the real Boba Fett at the start is a really stupid idea. The armor doesn't make you Boba Fett.
@themoviefanatic: How is that lucky? You'd seriously rather see Depp continue to beat a dead horse than try anything new? And no, it is not a priority, cuz nothing I said is any different. Their fan base isn't going anywhere, and they have far more box office juggernauts to keep on track with Marvel than with Pirates. And with the MCU they have to keep up release dates. P5 had no such responsibilities.
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Idris Elba should've made the best actor list for Mandela. He was amazing in that.
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"An intense heart racer of a movie."
@themoviefanatic: Dude, didn't you hear? Pirates5 is no longer a priority, and in fact, never has been. Right now Disney's biggest concern is Marvel, cause with 'Pirates' they know they have a fanbase which will return no matter how long the project is delayed. But with Marvel, they have to keep up with release dates so each of the various films will be out in the order they need to be before the 2nd and inevitable 3rd Avengers film comes out. So if they land Depp in the 'Doctor Strange' role, then that film will come first to supplement Marvel's Phase 3 set of films, and this sites release years aren't always accurate. For example, there will be articles about a film being delayed till next year, and at the bottom is still says the film is slated to be released this year.
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Ha. I like these kind of satires.
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@FilmFreak21: I love that joke. Best self referential Disney joke in my book. Though I didn't see this, had no desire to, and based on what @mr-k says, I won't even bother when it comes to TV. But I wish Disney had more of those jokes. It'd open new comedic territory for them.