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Silver-Slayer88 reviewed the movie Invictus

"You will learn a little bit of history and still love every moment of it."

"Haven't I seen this before somewhere?..."
Silver-Slayer88 gave this a Thumbs Up
Silver-Slayer88 reviewed the movie Iron Man 2

"Robert Downey Jr. gets drown out by a cloud of unfinished story development in this sequel to the Marvel Comic film remake."
Silver-Slayer88 reviewed the movie Edge of Darkness

"Mel Gibson stars in an old story made new with thrilling suspense."
i havent seen the latest but have you seen the oringinal japaneese version, a little more on the twisted side, more than scary
Silver-Slayer88 wrote a comment about the news item The Incredible Hulk Trailer Is Here!
wicked awesome trailer, im drooling here
Silver-Slayer88 wrote a comment about the news item New Indiana Jones 4 Video Hits the Web
sick stuff, thisll be top of the box office movie for shure
Silver-Slayer88 reviewed the movie I Am Legend

"A must buy"
Silver-Slayer88 reviewed the movie Surf's Up

"This is the basic plot of Cars reborn into surfing"
how many times can you cram "it was a good movie" into 2 sentences?
Hello, im new to the site and its looking great, i love to watch movies and write reviews in my spare time and this site looks like a good place to share some of my reviews

Happy easter!