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Silly_Moo reviewed the movie Sweeney Todd

"Absolutely FANTASTIC - worth the wait!"
Silly_Moo reviewed the movie Jumper

"Not bad"
He better do a decent job if he does direct The Hobbit. I think Peter Jackson did an awesome job with LotR, and I'm hoping that Del Toro will stick to the same kinda world that Jackson discovered when he did the filming.

Sure, I can understand his filming style will be different, but there should surely be some elements to keep it similar to LotR? It would be strange if the look and people changed completely.
COWBOYSGURL02   »  Silly_Moo
Hey how are ya. Just wanted to see how ur weeks been going and to say hi. Take Care
Silly_Moo reviewed the movie Enchanted

"Real-life Disney princess!!!"
I agree - this movie was very good. Like you said, the ending was a bit of a flop compared the to the energy of the rest of the film, but Will Smith did a great job and I am pleased I went to see it.
And the storyline was original, which is a bonus nowadays!
The plotline was original - that's what I liked about it. It was DIFFERENT - which is something the movie industry is in desperate need of right now. The same kinda stories are being churned out again and again - I Am Legend broke that mould.
And it wasn't scary - jumpy in times, but not scary.
Silly_Moo reviewed the movie I Am Legend

"I liked it ^.^"
Silly_Moo wrote a comment about P.S. I Love You: Trailer
I cannot WAIT to see this film - read the book and absolutely LOVED IT.
Trailer looks good - I really hope its a good adaption.
Silly_Moo wrote a comment about the news item Watch 9 New Clips from Sweeney Todd
Looks so damn cool! Can't WAIT for this film :D
Silly_Moo rated the movie Rush Hour 3
  • Silly_Moo gave it 3.5 stars

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Courtney O.   »  Silly_Moo
Have a great weekend!
Silly_Moo reviewed the movie Ghost Ship

"Not the most horrific of horrors"
Silly_Moo reviewed the movie Death at a Funeral

"Amusing problems arise at the family gathering for funeral."
Silly_Moo reviewed the movie Moulin Rouge

"A film to sing along to!"
Silly_Moo reviewed the movie Casino Royale

"A blonde Bond!"