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@ejk1 That's a fair point. I'm certainly all for them developing good new or under-used female characters. I'm just curious to see where they go with this, as it will be the first time to my knowledge that one of the "Big 3" Avengers will be a woman.
@ejk1 this point it wouldn't matter what they said. People would still be pissed off. Guaranteed they'll still go see it, though, and if it's anything as good as Chronicle, people will like it.
I doubt it will affect the movies. Nothing they do in the comics ever really has an impact on the separate film universes.

But on the comics front, this is pretty exciting. It's nice to see them trying something new.
Ugh....just DO IT. I want this movie more than anything else GDT has expressed interest in making.
Josh wrote a comment about the news item Mark Ruffalo Doesn't Want a Planet Hulk Movie
The way to do a Planet Hulk movie that also features Banner is to intercut all the Planet Hulk stuff with flashbacks of the events that led to him being exiled. The only thing is with that you'd have to get several of the other big Avengers characters in the movie too, which would be expensive.
Makes sense to me to use Wolverine. They'd actually get to do something new with the character by making him a villain.
Everything about this movie so far is looking like good news. I'm not surprised Smith was blown away by visiting the set.
This was my guess as soon as I saw her picture. The resemblance is striking.
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It's probably a very small role. But wow does she ever look like Carrie Fisher. Maybe she's playing Leia in a flashback sequence?
Push the date. Better the movie everyone wants five months later than a rushed film on time.
This looks like a case of making a news story where one doesn't exist. That just looks like Eisenberg's normal hair to me.
I liked Into Darkness (not as much as Star Trek), but I'm hoping this one does branch out to do something new and not retread old stories.
Reading the quote I don't actually see any evidence there will be found-footage in the movie. She says that Trank is good at doing found-footage style filmmaking and that FF will "have that feel."

That could be as simple as saying he's going to use more than average free-hand camera movement, not that this will actually be a found footage movie.
Ha! Cool. I like this guy. One of those faces you know but don't know the name for.
Man, I still want some version of this to get made.
Sounds like they're pretty committed to shooting the script as is, which is a good thing, IMO. I wouldn't be surprised if that release date gets pushed a few months, though.
@ashesfend LOL, fair point. Everything is business in Hollywood.
There seems to be a lot of cool angles they could take on this that all sort of focus on these cult groups who are essentially Dark Side hangers-on and Sith worshippers. I like that angle. It would be cool to see this first film focus on these fringe villains trying to bring the Sith back at the same time Luke is trying to wipe out the last remnants of them. Obviously that would set up a full Sith return for episodes 8 and 9.