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I think there's a good Middle Earth movie to be made that focuses on the fall of Isildur.
@ObiWanShinobi Hey, I'd take her as a villain too; she'd be great chewing scenery. But to suggest she has an "old person's face" is ridiculous.
@EmmyttWolfe Which actors, out of curiousity?
@junior-roberts I agree with @nburgmei . The Hobbit films are a definite step down from Lord of the Rings, but there's a lot to enjoy and the second one is much better than the first.
Yeah, digging it. I love the music in this trailer. I definitely have some complaints about the trailer, but these films have been slowly improving, so I'm hoping Jackson ties it together nicely in this last one.
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Josh wrote a comment about the news item Toy Story 4 Is Coming Summer 2017!
Toy Story 3 was such a perfect end to the trilogy I really don't want to see another one. Of course I'll see it, but I can't envision it being as good as the last one.
A New Dawn was a perfect title. I wish they'd have gone with that.
Not a great title, but then most of the Star Wars titles are kind of dumb when you really think about it. I'm more upset about the possibility that this won't have Episode VII in the title.
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Josh wrote a comment about the news item First Footage from Marvel's Ant-Man Is Here!
It's so fun seeing them throw cars around on set.
Josh wrote a comment about the news item James Bond 24 Brings in Edge of Tomorrow Writer
Good move. Edge of Tomorrow was really good!
@themoviefanatic @EmmyttWolfe What is up with these people saying actresses in their 30s are "too old" for this role? Most of the male actors in the Avengers are This age or significantly older, and no one is complaining. But apparently the female actors are required to be under 30? Something's off there.
@ObiWanShinobi That's a good point, as they may be considering that they might need to pony up for bigger stars to fill the void left by the current Avengers actors. They could be assuming that having bigger names in the roles will make up for pushing characters who are lesser-known to general audiences.

Then again, Guardians of the Galaxy is the second biggest movie of the year and the leads are a wrestler, a tv actor, and Zoe Saldana (who has been in everything, but she's not really a star).

I don't know what you mean about her being too old. She's like 4 years older than Chris Evans, the same age as Chad Boseman and Benedict C*mberbatch, and way younger than Downey, Ruffalo, and Paul Rudd. If Marvel is staying away from origin stories, then her age shouldn't be a big factor.
I hope we're going to get a younger actor playing Pym in the 60s and not a digitally de-aged Douglas.
I'd love to see Chastain in a Marvel movie. Captain Marvel is the highest-profile female character they're working with right now, and she's an Oscar-nominated actress so I can't see who else she'd be going out for. I think she'd actually make a great Jessica Jones, but they're probably going to cast someone with a lower profile for that.
@ObiWanShinobi Thanks.
@ObiWanShinobi Man, that guy's so boring.
Josh wrote a comment about the news item Joss Whedon Talks Avengers 2 and Its World Perspective
@ObiWanShinobi No, I know that. But Vibranium and Ulysses Klaw will be playing a role in Age of Ultron, so I think we'll be seeing Wakanda (though not T'Challa).