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Whoah. Awesome cast.
@thedude-abides Agreed.
I think Transcendence could do better than this because Depp is usually a big draw, but I don't think it will beat Cap 2.
@2movieguys The nerve of "musicians" making "songs" and getting "paid" for it.
Pretty cool collaboration. I knew it was a Pharrell production even before I saw him. It has that distinct sound.
@xenon56 Actually everyone has the right to do that. That's how freedom of speech works.
look forward to seeing Kingpin on the Netflix show. Who should play him? Gandolfini and Duncan are no longer with us. How about one of these guys?

- Brendan Gleeson
- Tom Hardy
- Kelsey Grammar
- Pruitt Taylor Vince
- Vincent D'onofrio
- Ray Winstone
- Clancy Brown
- Keith David
- John Goodman
- Tony Todd

Anyone have any other good ideas?
Josh wrote a comment about the news item Final Full-Length X-Men: Days of Future Past Trailer
I like the tone of the first two trailers a lot more, but this one shows off a lot of the action, which looks really good. I'm interested to see the scene where they break out Magneto, as well as the one with Magneto in the empty stadium.
Josh wrote a comment about the news item Will Spider-Man Appear in Venom or Sinister Six?
@undeadslayer4 I don't have much faith that they will, but there are interesting angles they COULD take.
Josh wrote a comment about the news item Hawkeye Gets A New Costume in Avengers: Age of Ultron
@undeadslayer4 I mean I think they knew that comic book costume would look ridiculous, so they redesigned it to look more practical and less stupid, but used purple accents on the suit as a nod to the classic comic costume.
I didn't realise anyone was still under the impression he was being considered. I thought the casting rumours had moved on to pretty much confirm Adam Driver as the villain.
@ObiWanShinobi Yes, they ended up using the right look for the movie.
@mieko-siede I like the first two Singer films and First Class quite a bit, and I take them as their own entity rather than comparing them to the comics, but I just felt like their take on Storm was a wasted opportunity. I like that Singer is back in the driver's seat now, though I can't help thinking that it's gone through so many directors' hands at this point that the series' own internal continuity is beyond repair. That's why I wish they would reboot.
@mieko-siede I totally agree. Regrettably, Storm is the character they messed up on the most in this series. Berry is a good actor, but she was totally wrong for that part. Not only is she a bland misrepresentation of her complex comic book counterpart, but she also is given almost nothing to do in the movies despite being the oft-leader of the X-Men in the comics.

It's too bad they weren't rebooting the X-Men now, as Lupita Nyong'o would be a really cool choice for that role.
That makes sense. This really should be a kids' movie, since TMNT is as popular as ever with kids thanks to its newest incarnation. It certainly doesn't need a "dark" tone (like seems to be the trend these days) and it shouldn't be rated more than PG.
Josh wrote a comment about the news item Will Spider-Man Appear in Venom or Sinister Six?
It would be really fun to see a villain-centric movie that actually humanises the characters, sort of like Wicked. You could have Spider-Man running around constantly frustrating the villains' attempts to carry out their schemes, but when seen from their perspective it looks like Spider-Man is actually just a huge dick.
I love how they're seeding Thanos over a long period of time to be the Big Bad in Avengers 3. Such a smart way to do it. I imagine Avengers 3 will be Whedon's last film before moving onto other things (though he'll probably stay on as a consultant for Marvel), so it's cool that he's had the chance to see Thanos through from the beginning.

"He's good with the ladies and a little bit of a dick and very lucky. "

So basically Quill is Captain Kirk.
Seems like a pretty sensible take on him. It'll be little more than a cameo, but he could reappear in Apocalypse.
Josh wrote a comment about the news item Is Iron Man 4 Part of Marvel Phase 4?
HOWEVER, if Marvel wants to recast Tony Stark rather than replace Iron Man in-universe with a different character (like War Machine), then I still say Justin Theroux. He's got the right look and can pull of the similar swagger, and he has history with the franchise as a writer. He's no RDJ, but seems a logical replacement.
I'm so conflicted about this. On the one hand, Stonewall is a really important story and I'm glad it's getting a film treatment. On the other hand, Roland Emmerich seems like the VERY wrong person to direct it.