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Yes on both accounts. I'd love to see Jackson take another trip to Middle Earth in the future. I hope he can wrangle the rights to some of Tolkien's other stories. But I'm also glad he's taking time to do some smaller films again. If he can make another Heavenly Creatures, that would be a nice change of pace for him.
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@themoviefanatic It's possible, but I doubt it's a priority. I think TV is their way of getting some spotlight for the characters they're not interested in making a movie around. If it did spin out, we'd be looking at 5 or more years before development began, so who knows if Atwell would even be interested at that point.
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@Brizzy Yeah, he will be a fantastic, intense villain.
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Hey, I have that Mark Englert Jurassic World poster from the top image. :)
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@thedude1 Oh, I definitely think recasting/rebooting is the right way to go if Spider-Man is going to be part of the MCU in any way. It's just, if he isn't I don't think Sony has anything to gain by starting over with a new cast. I have no expectation they would suddenly strike gold with Spider-Man just because they cut ties with the Andrew Garfield version of the character.

I'm interested in the fact that there are talks going on between Marvel and Sony, but if it doesn't end with Marvel getting creative control over the character in how they would use him in films (as part of the MCU), then it seems like a waste. Sony should have no part in dictating anything that goes on in Marvel's (MCU) films, and Marvel would be stupid to let that happen just to get a piece of the character when they don't need him. Sony, on the other hand...can they afford another AMS2? I feel like they have one more underperforming film (or a chance to regain fan good will) and then they'll be dumping all the creative stuff in Marvel's hands in exchange for a cut of what the films make.
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@thedude1 Well not doing an origin story is a good place to start. I don't know what they think they'll accomplish by rebooting with a new cast, though. I think fans are pretty endeared to Andrew Garfield as Peter Parker. He's not the problem with the ASM films. It seems like they have their priorities mixed up in terms of where they need to improve this franchise.
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@thedude1 That's the thing, right? Marvel has ALL the cards here. They obviously want Spider-Man back, but at this point they really don't need him, because they've built such a lucrative world and are at the level where they can launch huge movies based on characters the public has never heard of (Guardians of the Galaxy?!) Sony is losing grip on Spider-Man as a money-maker because they don't know how to use the character properly anymore. Their best bet at this point is to cut a deal with Disney/Marvel to co-finance future Spidey films as part of the MCU, with Marvel retaining creative control, and Sony getting merchandising rights. They could make a killing selling lunchboxes and toys, while Marvel keeps all the money from the movies.
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Nothing could be better for Spider-Man at this point than Sony and Marvel working out a co-financing deal that gives Marvel complete creative control and lets Sony get a cut (or marketing rights). If Marvel has its way, all of the previous films will be non-canon to the MCU, and they can get a new actor and organically incorporate Spidey into the MCU. Not try to sandwich in Sony's version of the character which hasn't resonated with fans.
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Looks good. I'm excited for this show. Atwell was one of the best parts of Captain America, and I'm interested to see how they tie her series into Agents of SHIELD.
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I assumed this was a PG movie. It looks silly enough.
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We know that Whitehall and Strucker are involved, so there's that connection (the Hydra search for powerful weapons). But it also seems like the show is setting out to introduce Inhumans (with all the talk of Kree being on earth a long time ago), so that will probably have something to do with "The Twins" in AOS. We don't know when that scene from the end credits of The Winter soldier is actually set. It could be that The Twins' powers are only activated after coming in contact with the Diviner.
@lazerdude CCH Pounder would be a good choice too.
F*ck yes. She's perfect! Glad to see they're going ahead with the Jones/Cage romance, too. That's a key part of the comics, and Marvel movies could use some more interracial relationships.
This actually looks really bold and exciting, but f*ck that last shot in the trailer. That never should have been shown outside the movie.
Such a cool poster. I'm really excited for this. I'm so glad Mendes and Logan are back on board. Skyfall was one of the best Bond films, period. And with a cast including Waltz, Bellucci, and Seydoux, and with Bautista as the muscle, this is shaping up to be a great follow up.
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Great cast!
I'd definitely be interested in seeing Oprah in the role, because it's something very different than she's done in the past, but I doubt Suicide Squad is something she'd have any interest in. If they get Davis or Spencer, those are both really good actresses, and I feel like they're much more likely to sign on to a comic book film.
@Gunner23 Yeah, this is the clearest explanation of what's happened that I've heard. And honestly it's what makes the most sense. This wasn't a case where Marvel was the villain, it's a case where Wright started working on this movie long before the MCU even existed, and by the time he finished it it was too much of an Edgar Wright film and not enough of a Marvel film. I buy that. It's sad that we'll never see that movie, but totally makes sense.
That's soon! I wonder if they'll be announcing the theme song artist as well.
The cast for this is insane. Colour me excited about DC for the first time in a while. Oprah as Waller is inspired casting. @cvntstop Why not? She's been in several films and almost always received critical acclaim for her performances. She fits the profile of the comics character perfectly.