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Fantastic actor. Glad to see they at least cast a non-white actor in the role.
Is Crossbones gonna kill Cap in this one? It seems early, and I'm pretty sure Evans is supposed to be around in Infinity War.
Guess I'll be heading down to "Younge [sic] & Dundas" this weekend.
Good choices all around. I'm excited to see Farrell and McAdams get a meaty cable role, and REALLY excited to see Vaughn as a villain. And after a string of notable film flops, it will to Kitsch good to be back on a well-regarded TV show as part of an ensemble.
@Brizzy Yeah she's done stellar work. Since it was obvious Katheryn Bigelow was never going to do this movie (I doubt she was even approached), Maclaren was the next best choice. Colour me more excited for Wonder Woman than for any other DC film. I hope Snyder's influence remains to a minimum.
@c-a-r-t-m-a-n Maybe Danny Boyle hates Interstellar because the response to it reminds him how similarly hated the ending of Sunshine was.
Some great names here all around. I'd definitely go with Elle Fanning, or Steinfeld for this role over Moretz, though. Moretz, as good as she can be, has a smarminess that is at odds with the Jean Grey character.
Ethan Hawke looks so much like Doctor Strange in this poster it makes me sad. I really wanted him for that role.
I'm not familiar with either of those actors listed for Luke Cage, but they both have the look of the character. I LOVE the idea of Krysten Ritter for Jessica Jones. She's someone I never would have thought of, but she's a really fun actress and this is a perfect way to bring her into the MCU. This is the first I'm hearing about Cage showing up first in the JJ show, so that bodes well for them carrying over the romance between those two from the comics.
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@undeadslayer4 I've only seen her in The Wolf of Wall Street, but she's pretty great in it.
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This could be a fun take on the character.
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@EmmyttWolfe Go listen to the episode of the podcast How Did This Get Made? where they discuss Punisher Warzone to hear her chat about her experiences making the film. It's pretty informative and she's fun to listen to.
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@EmmyttWolfe I haven't seen it, but Punisher Warzone seems to have a really strong cult audience. Fans of Punisher comics feel like that movie was the one to get the tone right. I've heard Lexi Alexander in a few interviews and it's really interesting to hear her talk about making that movie and how the movie she was trying to make and the movie the studio thought she was making were different.
@greyhame27 Definitely. I'm not a big enough Fantastic Four fan to really be offended, and I'm curious enough about Trank's approach to see how it turns out. I have a feeling it could be a really different, interesting take on the superhero genre...or else a complete disaster. We'll see.
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@va When was that confirmed? As far as I knew we only had a title and no story details about Thor 3. (Although I think you're probably correct that that's their usage of the term here).

@EmmyttWolfe Especially when you consider that we're getting a new Star Wars franchise being launched at the same time!
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Bring it. I can't believe we're getting four new titles in Phase 3 when there were only two in Phase 2.
I didn't have trouble hearing any of the dialogue. Maybe these people were at theatres with poorly-calibrated sound?
Good actors
@undeadslayer4 The Silmarillion is the Tolkein book that tells the story of Isildur (which was shown briefly in the intro to Fellowship of the Ring). He's the guy who takes the ring from Sauron and keeps it for a long time and it slowly turns him crazy (before he is killed and Gollum finds it). I think there's a good movie centered on his story to be made. A more tragic prequel to the LOTR story.
Daniel Bruhl is a really intense actor. I think he'd make a great villain.