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@Gary-Wilcox "This diversity crap has gotten way outta hand and the minute the whiners get what they want, these movies will start sucking. Presenting stories is the goal, not diversity. This ain't no Starbucks."

You realise you're implying that diverse characters can't make interesting stories, right? So ridiculous.

@ObiWanShinobi Oh, I agree. I would love to see more Marvel complex Marvel characters who are women and people of colour, who aren't just supporting characters.
@ObiWanShinobi Not just Marvel. That's basically a description of the pop culture landscape as a whole.
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@ledouchee Yeah, that's the big thing that tells me this is at least partially incorrect. I like the idea of them finding Luke's lightsaber, but the hand bit just seems silly, and I doubt Abrams (and everyone else involved) is scientifically-illiterate enough not to know the hand would have fallen to Bespin and not into space (not to mention re-entry if it did and someone "found" it.)
@therealGoku Doesn't this basically say he would be one of four main characters, the other three being Daisy Ridley's, Han, and Chewie? They're not all stormtroopers.
@OliverQueen Haven't they already stated that Luke hasn't rebuilt the Republic yet? It makes sense there would be remnants of the Empire still in power (the galaxy is a big place, just remember all those planets that the Republic and the separatists fought over during the Clone Wars; some would still be loyal to the Empire).
I fail to see why if they want to do a Planet Hulk movie they don't just do it and have him spend half the time as Banner.
Sweet get. I like them bringing in actors if this stature for guest roles. Paxton ended up being a really awesome character through season 1, and I hope they have something of similar weight for Lawless to do.
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She's very careful with her words. Sounds like she's definitely in the movie and is just waiting for the time she's actually allowed to say she's in the movie.
"What makes Hulk afraid? It's himself. It's a version of himself that's weak. It's a version of himself that's vulnerable."

Now THAT's interesting.
He's basically trying to maintain the appearance of control, which is apparently very important to Marvel's brand and its unifying vision.
@undeadslayer4 Marvel doesn't have the rights to Deadpool. If that movie does ever get made, it will be under Fox.
I'm guessing the other 3 will be Black Panther, Captain Marvel (or Black Widow), and Hulk 2. If Hulk 2 is actually a Guardians 2/Hulk 2 crossover, like recent rumours have suggested, then I think that third film will either be Black Widow or Captain Marvel (whichever one they haven't already done), War Machine, Winter Soldier (solo film), or something to do with the Defenders Netflix characters (possible a Daredevil film).
Cool. I hope they do try a little bit of connective tissue between the two series, like have the events of Agent Carter's story arc ripple through to the future and what SHIELD is dealing with. AC is supposed to air during AoS's winter break, right?
It's pretty cut-and-dry what happened, but Edgar Wright's Ant Man will always be that movie (like Guillermo del Toro's The Hobbit) that we'll always wonder about no matter how good the movie is we end up getting.
Early reviews are never an indication of the critical consensus. I'm expecting a tempered positive response comparable to the other Marvel films. I'll be surprised (but delighted) if this is one of the rare 90%-range marvel films like Avengers, Iron Man, or Winter Soldier.
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@kguy True, but it sounds like Dante Harper had very little to do with the movie that ended up being Edge of Tomorrow.
Smart move. Establish the character and the mini-world of the Defenders before making connections to the larger MCU. That way you don't run into problems that Agents of SHIELD ran into of having to tread water to make sure the timing of the story arc coincides with what is happening in the films. I loved the route AoS went throughout the season, but that's not a blueprint for how every Marvel series needs to be. In the same way, I'm excited for what they might be able to do with Agent Carter, given that it's a period piece and also won't have that particular restriction in storytelling.
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I can't wait till they start casting the other shows. I have a feeling we'll see some interesting names come up for those, based on who has been cast in Daredevil, so far.
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Love Kristen Wiig. I'm looking forward to anything she does.
So Ultron is basically Agent Smith? I can get behind that.