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If the Russos are going to be developing the Spider-Man films, the character is in good hands.
@writer220 Maybe if you win you can convince him to let you be in his next movie. ;)
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Josh wrote a comment about the news item Thor Director Teases a Return to Marvel Universe
I'd like to see him do Thor: Ragnarok.
They might have to fight because those two are both pretty perfect for the role.
Josh wrote a comment about the news item Deadpool: Hugh Jackman Open to Wolverine Cameo
Hugh will want to play Wolverine until the day he dies. There should definitely be a way to fit him into Deadpool. After his great cameo in First Class, I can see a lot of creative things they could do here that would be more of a fun inclusion than have him be a real major character in the movie.
Josh wrote a comment about the news item Netflix Announces Summer 2015 Series Premiere Dates
Can't wait for OITNB season 3. And I love that they're doing a Wet Hot prequel with all the same actors playing the same roles even though they're all a decade older. That kind of absurdism perfectly fits the tone of the original film.
No way they're releasing a Spider-Man movie every year. Even Marvel doesn't have the ability to do that unless it means shelving all or most of their other scheduled films (which they've already pushed back).
Josh wrote a comment about the news item Minority Report TV Sequel Gets Meagan Good as the Lead
@junior-roberts Right? Interesting casting!
Josh wrote a comment about the news item First Look at Jem and the Holograms in Concert!
@Lisa-Hartman Right? To be fair I've only seen her in Nashville, but I haven't gotten any indication she has the energy or edge I feel like Jem needs.
Josh wrote a comment about the news item Spider-Man: Hutcherson and Glover Talk Casting Rumors
I so want Glover to be Spider-Man, but I also can't see that happening if Marvel has said they're casting younger for this reboot. Glover is the same age as Garfield, so that pretty much puts him off the table.
@evilwhitemale New superheroes don't have existing name value, obviously. That's why studios are so keen to make sequels, adaptations, reboots, etc. to tap into the brand recognition.

Although, with obscure titles like Guardians making such bank, Marvel probably could start creating new characters.
@dess Big Hero 6 the comic? No, I haven't read it. And I'm not comparing it to the MCU films. I only said I was pleasantly surprised to see so many characters of colour in the movie.
@renodc I think he's too old to play Angel. I know X3 has been "wiped out", but we still have to assume characters were born roughly the same time (at least, it seems like Jean, Scott, Storm, etc. are the right ages to match with the original movies). In the movies Angel would have been born in the early 80s, and this movie is set in 1983.
Yes to both. One of the greatest American novels.
Josh wrote a comment about the news item Iron Man Leads the Team in Avengers 2 Alternate Poster
It's just garbage from a composition perspective. There's no art to it. Just cramming as many characters into the frame as possible with no sense to where or how they're positioned.
Josh wrote a comment about the news item Neill Blomkamp's Alien Movie Is a Sequel to Aliens
@balanorange Same route as Singer went with Superman Returns. Acknowledge the good movies in the series and ignore the bad ones. They still exist, but maybe in an alternate universe.
Josh wrote a comment about the news item Spider-Man: Marvel May Have More Control Than Sony
I kind of assumed something like this was going on. I was skeptical Marvel would go ahead with this deal if it wasn't VERY good for them and gave them a lot of freedom, because they needed Spider-Man a lot less then Sony does.
What is up with that image in the top left? Weirdest, most non-practical tan line I've ever seen.
There's so much potential to explore with the simple concept of a hotel. Hotels are creepy as f*ck. Has anyone seen Gaga act before? I've only seen her in a couple SNL skits, but no dramatic role.