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why did they put a computer generated head on mulder? worst budget ever.
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your source robbed that from!

credit them
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The other callsheet mention of an okydoky test listed a "Bill Terazakis" as an attendee along with CC and Jasper. According to IMDB, Terazakis is a makeup/prosthetics specialist who also does puppeteer/animatronic stuff. IMDB credits him with designing the Flukeman costume for the tv show. It is likely related to Okie the guard-dog-beast. We now know that a special effect relating to Okie/Compound scenes involves an animal coordinator and a puppeteer/animatronic guy....but according to you Gil those are just fake pictures and mean nothing! What, Carter just hired the puppeteer for the sake of a fake picture? I think your source is full of sh*t :-)
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Gil how do you explain the animal tranquilizer that Mulder goes in search of?
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if only every day was ''amanda-peet-rollin-around-in-the-snow'' day
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billy connolly as a priest. this gets better and better. very excited about this movie
i like how mulder looks different. very excited about this movie
This movie will be great. I can't wait.
Dude, don't you have something better to do with your time rather then complain to a movie web site about one article you think is false?

Its 2 articles Movieweb posted the same story twice!

And sceondly since i have 3 posts and you have a whopping 1,200....dont you have anything better to do than post on a movie forum.
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Why have you posted the same sh*tty story twice. Who is running this place? Ross Pero.
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THIS ARTICLE IS 100% BOGUS! The script portions have been circulating since Nov.5th and are from old X-Files episodes. The scene described here is lifted from the episode 'Essence' word for word.
This is farcical. Movieweb you have just re-posted the same article movieweb/news/27/24827.php

as another new news story premise despite the fact that fans pointed out that you were wrong. The story is BOGUS.

One mistake is fine but doing it twice in quick succession is a joke.
Brian   »  shitforbrains
Thanks for the add.
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You've been had. CC isn't releasing actual sides.

These "spoilers" are clipped from Season 8's Essence and Season 2's Duane Barry. Word for word.

EDITED TO ADD: has updated its story to reflect that the sides are taken from TV series eps.

So this article is 100% untrue.

DR. PARENTI: Who are you?


DR. PARENTI: (very agitated) Yes, you, sir. What do you think you're doing in this

MULDER: I'm with an FBI agent who would like to ask you the exact same question.
Dr. Parenti, isn't it?

(MULDER notices a WOMAN in the room behind DR. PARENTI. She is on a
gynecological examination table, her feet in the stirrups. She sits up a little, concerned at
the noise in the hallway. DR. PARENTI closes the door to shield her from MULDER's
inquisitive view.)

DR. PARENTI: I'm in the middle of a very delicate medical procedure. Whatever you
want, you don't just come barging in here. I don't care who you are.

(DOGGETT calls to them from the open door of the fetus room.)

DOGGETT: This medical procedure... it have anything to do with this?

(DR. PARENTI goes into the fetus room.)

DR. PARENTI: (very nervous) Please...

DOGGETT: Why don't you tell us what we're looking at here, Dr. Parenti?

DR. PARENTI: You people have no right to be here. I want you to leave.

MULDER: What is this? Some kind of showroom?

DR. PARENTI: Do you know what I've been through in the past 24 hours? Close
friend and colleague is missing. Much of my life's work has been destroyed.

DOGGETT: How about you explain what you are doing? What these things are.

DR. PARENTI: They are what we are all working so hard to prevent-- children with
non-survivable birth defects.

MULDER: Does that work include experimentation with alien embryos? Work that
you would destroy to cover up such allegations?

DR. PARENTI: Where do you get these ideas?

MULDER: From a friend of mine-- a former patient of yours-- Dana Scully.

DR. PARENTI: If I'm such a Dr. Frankenstein how is it that Ms. Scully is carrying a
perfectly healthy child? In her own medical opinion.

MULDER: Is she?

(MULDER and DR. PARENTI stare at each other.)

DOGGETT: I'd say this man's suitably pissed off. Why don't we let him get back to
work. Let's go, Mulder.

DR. PARENTI: Thank you.

(MULDER allows DOGGETT to lead him out of the office.)


From Duane Barry:

(A guard leads Barry, who has wrist restraints on, past many of the other residents of the center. The guard knocks on the door and opens
it, then brings Barry in. Doctor Hakkie turns around and stands up.)

HAKKIE: Hello, Duane. Nice to see you.

DUANE BARRY: Nice to see you too, Doc.

(Hakkie motions to the guard, who leaves and closes the door.)

HAKKIE: How are you feeling today?

DUANE BARRY: Pretty good.

HAKKIE: Why don't we sit down, Duane? I want to go over a few things
with you.


(They sit down across from each other.)

HAKKIE: Now, uh, it says here that you've been refusing to take your

DUANE BARRY: I don't like the way it makes me feel.

HAKKIE: Okay, all right, let's talk about that. Because we give you
that medicine for a reason, Duane, because of your behavior.

DUANE BARRY: I know, I know.

HAKKIE: Because we don't want you to hurt anybody again.

(Barry nods.)

You're still hearing voices?

DUANE BARRY: I'm not crazy, Doc.
Duane Barry's not like these other guys.

HAKKIE: No, everybody here is different.

DUANE BARRY: They're coming again. They're coming again,
I can feel it. They're going to take Duane Barry to this place.

HAKKIE: Nobody's coming, Duane.

(Barry rocks back and forth in his chair.)

DUANE BARRY: Nobody can stop them.

HAKKIE: I'm going to give you a shot.

(He stands and goes to his desk.)

I think you just need some rest.

(He prepares a shot. Barry looks at the pen on the desk.)

Now, this will make you sleep... and you'll wake up and you will see
that we didn't let anybody hurt you. Okay, Duane?
Thanks for posting these!
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JEEZ, TAKE IT DOWN ALREADY!!! Its totally made-up. The guy that wrote the article admitted as much
shitforbrains wrote a comment about the news item X-Files 2 Mini-Spoiler
YOU ARE SUCH IDIOTS!!!! This article is based on the audition sides which are from old X-Files scripts. F*ckin muppets. Ten Thirteen productions are casting actors using old scripts so as not to leak any spoilers. These casting sides have been circulating for over a month.

The article dated December 01 about an XF2 spoiler is totally bogus. The source comes from the audition sides being sent out to casting actors.
These sides are from old X-Files scripts including; 'Closure, Duane Barry and Essence'
Ten Thirteen Productions are doing this so as to avoid any leaks from the jobbing actors.
Once passed the initial stage of auditions, the actors are then given scripts from other movies such as 'John Q.'
In fact this article originally from Movie hole was such garbage that Clint, the writer had to change it and admit his error.

So Id advise you guys do the same or otherwise you're look less credible for a site that was doing pretty well up until now.


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