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Hey, Shelley. Its been a loooong time. Do you still use this site?
Alexandra / Kia   »  Shelley
Hey people, long time no been on moveiweb. How is everyone????????????????????????????????????
Bondy0191   »  Shelley
great taste in tv series shelley,hope you are enjoying new series.
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Vamp   »  Shelley
Hey Shelley! It's been AGES! How're you doing?
Forrestgump1   »  Shelley
Hey Shelley How You Been Do You Like the new Site?
Newkill3000   »  Shelley
how you like the new site
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313td   »  Shelley
Raoul Duke   »  Shelley
Hey Shelley, long time no talk. How've you been? I put up a review for The Men Who Stare at Goats if you're around and want to read something. Talk to ya later.
Newkill3000   »  Shelley
hey, wassup. How you been?
Diaigma   »  Shelley
Latest news concerning the Swine Flu paranoia...I mean, epidemic. :P

313td   »  Shelley
Closed Profile   »  Shelley
Thanks for the Add
hey Shelley, check out my reviews for 9 and All About Steve if yea get the chance. I could use the comments.

Also: How'd u like the seaon premire of Supernatural? I thought it was awesome!