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DaddyDow wrote a comment about the news item Mira Sorvino Talks About Her Role in House
This should be interesting, I love the show.
Good movie, the whole family enjoyed watching this DVD last night. Wasn't a five star entry, however a solid four star affair.
DaddyDow wrote a comment about the news item Heath Ledger Is Found Dead in His Apartment
Our creator would never have made
such lovely days and have given us
the deep hearts to enjoy them, above
and beyond all thought, unless
we were meant to be immortal.

Nathaniel Hawthorne

My thoughts and prayers are with his daughter and Michelle.
DaddyDow wrote a comment about the news item Netflix to Offer Unlimited Online Viewing
I love Netflix; tried Blockbuster online, pricey, slow and just plain sucked. Instant watching is cool, I was able to watch some interesting stuff that I may not have otherwise rented.
They also dropped "the dark is rising" from the final title, probably because that could lead some to believe that this was to be the beginning of a series of movies, the box office failure probably made this a one title shot.
It is a pretty good show, lets hope the strike does not make it go away for good, I think that could happen to a lot of shows, people may not want to come back to them. What a shame.
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hey buddy
jus showin sum crunk luv
keep doing your thang
and what movies are u into?
DaddyDow wrote a comment about the news item Second Knight Rider TV Spot
My kids have loved the old Knight Rider episodes, they will be happy to see that a new one is coming soon.
DaddyDow wrote a comment about the news item Netflix to Offer Set-Top Boxes This Year
$500 more for what? I love Netflix, they have it hands down over Blockbuster as far as service, speed and accuracy when it comes to "mail" movies. But exactly how is this box supposed to work, how much per month or per use are we talking, it has to be more than a one time purchase fee. Websites can be slick and easy, can't they?
DaddyDow wrote a comment about the movie Mister Foe
This is being released on region 2 DVD soon, what is up with a Region 1 DVD or even theatrical release, one of which would be nice. By the way the title in region 2 is "Hallam Foe" I rather like Hallam better than mister.
DaddyDow wrote a comment about the movie Juno
I have yet to see this film, but Ellen Page should have already won some awards for her acting to date, she is an amazing little actress with nothing but good things in her future.
DaddyDow wrote a comment about the news item Stargate SG-1 Heading to DVD with Two New Releases
The show kind of lost me with the loss of Jack Oneil. I was fan of Farscape and the actors of Farscape, however they just are not SG1.
DaddyDow wrote a comment about the news item Perfect Witness Creeps to DVD on February 19th
Sounds like Mr Brooks to me, slight modification, however that is how the plot is basically designed.
DaddyDow wrote a comment about the news item Watch the Hellboy 2 Teaser Trailer!
I actually enjoyed the first movie, it may have been a result of seeing it through my three son's eyes, whenever they enjoy a movie or something that we are doing as a family or in a group I tend to enjoy it more so than if I have participated in or watched alone.

In fact some of my favorite movies or television shows from my childhood are actually better than I recall them being when I watch them again while seeing the awe or initial amazement in my children's eyes. I guess it is hard to explain, however the same can be said for bad movies, if my kids hate it, I tend to dislike it even more so.

I look forward to this second installment, Selma Blair and Ron Perlman made quite the interesting couple in the first go-around.
DaddyDow wrote a comment about There Will Be Blood: Trailer
Not so much boring as "not sure of itself". That is about the worst trailer I have ever seen for any movie, the title makes me want to see it, the trailer makes me want to forget it. Very strange, a movie with an identity crisis, or at least a trailer that makes you think the movie has no idea what it is or wants to be. STRANGE, very strange.
I will watch it.
DaddyDow wrote a comment about The Bucket List: Trailer
I bet this is awesome, if it isn't I will be amazed, shocked and very confused.
"If it bleeds, we can kill it."

I cannot wait for this, I was one of the few who really liked the first AVP, yes it could have been better, but I could nto call it bad, it did leave me wanting more for certain.
DaddyDow wrote a comment about the news item MovieWeb Reviews Aliens Vs. Predator: Requiem!
Be reading it in short order, you should really offer two versions, one with spoilers and one without. I would prefer to read a spoiler free take on the movie, but oh well.
DaddyDow wrote a comment about the news item USA Network's Monk and Psych to Air on NBC
Both shows are among my favorites, sounds like the non-cable viewing public is in for a treat indeed. MY entire family (Wife and 3 Sons) watch both of these shows without fail.