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This looks amazing! I've never been more excited for a movie in my entire life! It will win oscars and countless other awards! I'm so gld this movie will be coming out on (how clever!) 11-11-11... By the way... that was all sarcasm! This movie can suck a big D!
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Cause Tarsem's movie The Fall is amazing!
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Screw this guy. As if he doesn't have enough money...
@avian okay thx 1138 and american grafitti aside... his directorial slate is pretty clear... not that i'm saying those are bad... but those were like in the 70s... hasn't directed a major motion picture other than the star wars movies (and of course not empire or jedi)... just sayin... doesnt seem like he can do much of anything else in the directors chair...
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wow people are stupid george......... just make a new movie thats not star wars... oh wait i forgot... you can't....
I need these cause it comes out on my birthday... :) and it would be the greatest birthday in the history of all time and space to win this!!!! oh yeah... and WAFFLES!!!!
This prize should be mine cause "objects in the mirror are closer than they seem!!!"
Haha i got the first one in a book order in the fourth grade. I remember thinking, "This might be cool..." And it was! Totally psyched for a film adaptation. I hope its animated...
Haha this comes out the day before my birthday... i wonder what I'll go see for my b day... :)
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Why don't they just stop... oh yeah it's hollywood, the worlds money pit...
No, there getting jason statham because he drives cars really fast in ALL of his movies...
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I knew it....
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It would be one thing if they rebooted this like 10 years from now... but it's absurd that they think a reboot will fix this franchise....

"You know that last one sucked really bad... Lets just start over cause we messed up so bad. Yeah! Then we'll make more money!"

Hollywood, it doesn't work that way....
Who cares? This stuff got old when the damn books came out. Yawn!
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I am a poster collector and It would be SO AWESOME to have a signed one!!!! :) :) :)


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