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I have to completely disagree with you and say that you are wrong. how can you say that Two Towers doesn't deserve 5 stars. It deserves 10.

I do admit that there were a lot of changes in the film, which seemed to alienate it a little from the book. But you have to remember that these films are only based on the books and are not supposed to be exactly as Tolkien wrote. These changes, I believe, were for the better in film purposes, and were only made because of the length of the film and so that the story would flow more as a movie.

I also can't understand your views on the effects. They were the best that i had ever seen in a film, and broke the standards of even Star Wars. Peter Jackson would spend $200 million on this film and not get the best for his money than he could.

I think you should go and watch the movie again. And this time maybe you should watch it as well, so that you can get your facts right.

By the way, those "big things at the gate of Mordor" were Trolls!


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