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Hey, how are you doing?
Hmm...well, this wasn't impressive at all. It wasn't cool, camerawork was not-so-great...editing could be a LOT better and not to mention the special effects (why is he so blurry while the front shot riding the bike?)...nah, clip convinced me not to go to the cinema.
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This is long over due. Thanks for the add :)
Indeed, this was the most convincing acting from him I've heard:P Haha, it's too funny. I certainly would like to see the shot where that man is walking into the sceneXD
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Thanks for the add!
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Saul wrote a comment about his Review of Quantum of Solace
You're right about that. They said that themselves in interviews (the director and others), that they wanted to reinvent the series even more. But for me it more felt like stripping down the formula then enriching it. Why change a winning formula when everyone still likes it?
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Good review, agreed with the muddled montage at some action scenes. Disagreed at the good story:P Never seen a story so shallow as in Quantum of SolaceXD
Saul wrote a comment about his Review of Quantum of Solace
Reaction@Agent VIS

Thanks for the comment!;) Yeah, I've seen the movie in the Netherlands. The release date is 6 november there and I went to the movie two days ago with a friend. I review a lot of movies, I also reviewed Casino Royale at the time (all in Dutch, English is a bit more difficult to write) and I loved in. I went into the cinema's after reading reviews that said it was a 'dissapointment, but still great. And that the story wasn't really good, but acceptable'. I really set my expectations kinda low, and still was dissapointed in the movie. The director only had five weeks to edit and that shows. The story in the first half is just absent or as I wrote, just some excuse for action, action and action. The movie had some great scenes, fights and idea's, but that actually made it more painfull: it could have been so much more. So much more cooler if you really felt the pain of Bond.
And you're right, I'm no Bond hater;) Not at all.

I did reviewd it with the intention to warn people. Extremely hyped people will always see their wishes come true, but the normal cinema goer that likes Bond and is excited about this movie must set his expectations low so the movie comes out better afterwards. Hmm...that's where my English falls short in explanation, but the thing you said about anticipating is what I meant;)

I still have mixed feelings, cause I like Bond very much and I liked some last scenes (although the showdown was also a bit of a letdown) and Olga of course. So it's hard to judge the movie just as a movie. But as a movie and compared to other similair movies, I just can't do otherwise than rate this a 3/5. I'm sure many of you will get a 3.5/4 out of it, but 4/5 is too high for me.
And again; thanks for the comment.
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Saul reviewed the movie Quantum of Solace

"'You don't have to worry about me' After seeing this movie we do, mr. Bond."
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I agree with you on the character change, I just can't believe they did this long on the script and then came up with a mediocre script. Harisson Ford is still great though.
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yeah, I thought the ending was dissapointing too. I had the perfect ending at the moment where Harvey becomes Two-Faces and other things happened I won't spoil for others. They just had to add 6 minutes of movie, tying up things and leave Two-Face mysterious for the next movie, but keeping the 'message' intact. But they went on for half an hour, introducing a silly 'mobile-sonar-gadget' that isn't believable at all (why has he got it turned on in the end fight...???) and then gives us a truly not satisfying end fight between Batman and The Joker where Batman got beated up and then nothing special. Like they had to make up something on the set itself. And after the climax they had another climax with Gordon and stuff and they explained the whole moral in a few minutes...nah, too much. Great movie, stunning, spectaculair, great Joker; went to see it twice, but I still think the last half an hour was too much. I do not hope for an extended DVD version, but for a shortened one:P Good review, which does points out the weak points (Joker crashes party, Batman jumps out of the window and the Joker keeps on partying there...?) and with that the absolute brilliance of the movie actually.
Thanks, made me thinking.