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I agree - reading the reviews most say this was rushed but i liked having it all in one movie with out having to wait two to three years for the next one ... and yes the way the ogre got defeated was fantastic and so simple in a way
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"Just because you cannot see then does not mean goblins and fairies do not exist"
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"John Travolter can still dance and is funny too"
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Hi my friend,

Ooh let me know how The Spiderwick Chronicals go, we haven't got it here yet, thats NZ for ya.

Well you have a good weekend.

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I like smallville these type of shows dont work at times the young Clark does kinda resemble the older Clark and the characters fit well together. As BB said bit cheesy at time but gotta love it
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Hi again,
About the points system, you can click onto my points on my profile and it will take you straight there.
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Always a pleasure to hear from new friends and I totally agree with you about this site I love it also. Harry Potter to me is more of an obsession until some other fantasy movie comes out, glad we like the same sort of movies too.

The points system is about reviewing TV programmes, just click on TV and it should have a heading there where it will show you what to do.

Keep in touch.
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Nice to meet you

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"A Gothic tale of utter brilliance"
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""the man in black walks the line""
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""dont eat me if i save you""
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"out of the darkness they come!!"
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"Mmmh Doughnut!! DOH!!!"

"im biases as i ADORE Harry Potter"
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