Brooklyn's Finest

"Antoine Fuqua returns to the cop-genre only to direct a poorly written script and premise that weighs the film down with an abundance of cliches and over the top situations, but the film's slow burning performances are able to keep things afloat."
Paolo Sardinas gave it 2.5 Stars


"Matthew Vaughn's blood-splattered, super-hero extravaganza "Kick-Ass" will definitely be enjoyed by the film's hardcore fan-base but the film's constant need to exaggerate violence and profanity might be a turn off for newcomers."
Paolo Sardinas gave it 3.0 Stars

The Runaways

"The Runaways is a flawed but energetic experience. Its a film that knows exactly where its going and never pretends to be anything more than what it truly is, a high flying rock biopic about a forgotten band and the crazy times of "The Runaways""
Paolo Sardinas gave it 3.0 Stars

The Killer Inside Me

"Casey Affleck delivers a fine performance in this modern day noir film that deals with violence in a rich and morally complex way and the psychological effects of it but you still can't help but notice that there is just something missing from it all."
Paolo Sardinas gave it 3.0 Stars

Toy Story 3

"One of the best films released this year, this third installment ends what is surely the greatest trilogy of all time in a way that is both humorous, adventurous and able to convey enough human emotion to connect with viewers of any age"
Paolo Sardinas gave it 4.5 Stars

Animal Kingdom

"Animal Kingdom is by far the year's best film and the best crime film in years. Its a dark, edgy, engrossing, and nail-biting slow burn crime drama that captures and enthralls you in its brutality, criminality, and ultimately, humanity."
Paolo Sardinas gave it 5.0 Stars

Robin Hood

"Robin Hood" the latest "team-up" between director Ridley Scott and Russel Crowe, has a tremendous production value but the story is so muddled and convoluted that we're left wondering if this is one Hollywood character that should remain a legend."
Paolo Sardinas gave it 2.0 Stars

Iron Man 2

"Iron Man 2 is never as good as its predecessor, the convoluted story-line and visually fueled action scenes never elevate it above your typical summer blockbuster. But it does entertain and Robert Downey Jr. turns in yet another great performance."
Paolo Sardinas gave it 3.0 Stars

A Nightmare on Elm Street

"This remake of the original 1984 horror classic is a dud. It follows all of the typical cliches you would come to expect from today's horror films rather than spending time getting inside the minds of the character and creating a frightening antagonist."
Paolo Sardinas gave it 1.0 Stars

Traffic Blu-ray

"Steven Soderbergh's multi-layered masterpiece "Traffic" gets the Hi-Def treatment on this Blu-Ray release thats worth buying if you don't already own the DVD edition."
Paolo Sardinas gave it 4.0 Stars