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Hey everyone, Josh is in!!!! Now buy your popcorn, shut up, and pretend this isn't going to suck.
I just got casted as an extra in Marc Webb's Spider-man 9. CAN'T WAIT!!!!
Wow, that looks bad. Reminds me of the Daredevil trailer were Ben is whispering his "superhero" voice.
The Nutty Professor turns into a member of the Blue Man group and fights Spider-Man. Great work Marc Webb.
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very cool
Can Marc Webb do jail time for killing Spider-Man?
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Shark Tornado looks better.
His mom forgets his birthday and Electro is born. hahahahahahaha. Way to go MARVEL.
Just stupid. What's next, Rip Torn as Rhino and Justin Bieber as Vulture. Please quit Avi. You're killing these characters.
Can't wait for the reboot Spider-man movie of this one.
So Batman kicks the crap out of occupy wallstreet protestors? Nice. This will be the best batman yet!
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How about Chris Evans?


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