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@shuabert was thinking the same thing!
as for this clip... i have no words. pass.
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*facepalm* *facepalm* *facepalm*
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Rufio wrote a comment about the news item Dorothy of Oz Trailer
terrible animation. with that kind of cast you'd think the animation would be stellar!! now it looks like a vehicle to get lea michelle a movie she can sing in. lame... waste of talent.
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@dan1 unfortunately, yes. not what i'm hoping for, but even in this trailer it looks like Hawkeye and Gretel. hoping i'm wrong and this movie shows him his need to stretch himself acting-wise, b/c i'm afraid it is gonna reveal to audiences and studios that he's product of casting in good movies/roles versus fantastic acting.
Rufio wrote a comment about the news item Hansel and Gretel: Witch Hunters Trailer
won't flop... won't succeed. this fairytale has minimal appeal and will probably intrigue horror fans more than anything. it has a Monster Squad meets Van Helsig feel to it.
one thing for sure - Renner is not enough of a name to sell a movie. he's been in a lot of big movies, but even if he's the face of the movie, it is the character or franchise behind it that sells the movie: Mission Impossible, Avengers, Bourne. he got props for The Town (but Affleck, deservedly so, got more for both direction and acting... plus Renner was fresh off Hurt Locker, so he was still a newbie). so he really hasn't changed at all as an actor. his performance in every movie he's been in is the same - just change his wardrobe and character name... the performance is the same.
i think this is the movie that will show his achilles heel.
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says the director who is now running back to the writer's room. lol
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dunno if i'd call him a legend, @jasonkat, but he was definitely a presence on screen. had good comedic timing and was so good in Green Mile. one of my fav roles for him, still, is Armeggedon: "i'm... i'm... i'm sorry man... all this stuff is making me a lil emotional, man... i mean, can i, like, get a hug from you or somethin'?" lol great line b/c of his delivery!
nolan is involved... of course it is gonna try to be more "realistic". not altogether sure that is the best of ideas necessary, but i still cannot WAIT for this movie!!
not familiar with the whole KA storyline, but i just know that Carrey tends to overact and even in 50 pounds of body makeup he still acts/looks/sounds just like Carrey (rather than Grinch). same goes for less makeup covered roles: Joker, Mr. Popper (though he worked ok in that), Lemony Snicket, etc. so him taking this role may be good for him, but dunno if it's gonna help the character.
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i won't be seeing 2 or 3 so....

avatar 1 was awful. effects cannot make up for awkward acting and a MISERABLE script, dialogue and story. so why would i go see another 1, 2 or 3 movies?? pass.
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@felipe-11 very true.
i'm just getting tired of movies like this. sarcastic, Daria/Juno-type characters who want validation and become the anti-hero by simply taking what they want, in a clumsy, feminism-is-the-new-old-way kinda way. pass.
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@mcleve02 i like that idea much better. makes more sense. a TV show could be pretty sweet too, BUT you have to have a LOT of material to stretch out that much. plus you have all the casting issues. jackson? smulders (who already has a show)? clark gregg?
too many tricky hurdles that if not navigated right will be rejected immediately by fanboys.
i was stoked until i saw the line "with Axel now serving as the Detroit Chief of Police"... ummmm WHAT?!?!?!?! how does foley go from his role to a responsible, political-like CHIEF?!?!?!!?!
*face palm* *face palm* *face palm* *face palm* *face palm* *face palm* why can't michael bay make a movie without juvenile humor and BAD jokes and mixing up the source material ON PURPOSE!
last i checked that is not paying homage, or adding to, a person's work. it is stealing and telling them their stuff is crap.
please redo this and realize it is pretty hard to make Mutant Turtles and a dude wearing a knife helmet seem REAL in a real world setting so just make the movie as they exist! you don't have to Batman Begins this movie!
i'm not a fan of a reboot either, but if you are gonna do it there is only 1 of two ways to do it right: (1) **SEMI-SPOILER** launch from TDKR with Lovitt taking reigns (new batman, nightwing, robin, whatever) OR (2) new batman launched from JL movie (as they are talking about).
i still wish they'd let nolan's universe breath a bit before relaunching, but can see based on the lucrative nature of the franchise why they'd want to spin off sooner than later.