"Another Pixar Homerun"
Rufio gave it 4.0 Stars

Be Kind Rewind

"Be Kind and save yourself the time."
Rufio gave it 2.0 Stars

The Dark Knight

"A new standard for movie making and story telling!"
Rufio gave it 5.0 Stars

What Happens in Vegas

"Dennis Miller saves the day!"
Rufio gave it 4.5 Stars

Forbidden Kingdom

"If it wasn't for the cast..."
Rufio gave it 2.0 Stars

Speed Racer

"The best part is the kid and the monkey"
Rufio gave it 2.0 Stars

Nim's Island

"Dad as the hero - well played!"
Rufio gave it 3.5 Stars

Fred Claus

"Apparently the new formula for "family film" is to deconstruct the family."
Rufio gave it 1.5 Stars


"There's cussing as dialogue, then there's lack of creativity and poor writing. This movie is the latter."
Rufio gave it 2.5 Stars


"A great concept that is misdirected though well acted."
Rufio gave it 3.0 Stars