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Hiya Rongo... not sure how it happened. I guess my Cloverfield-fever wore off and I forgot I had an account here. Cloverfield is how I learned of MovieWeb in the first place. I've been watching a lot of stuff DVR'd from TCM. Just finishing up a beach/bikini/surf marathon I recorded a couple of weeks ago. They're good for making it through these cold nights. I hope all is well, and I apologize for letting almost a year pass since your last comment. Ciao!
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yo wat up
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Hey Rongo! Long time no speak!
hanakenshin   »  Rongo
Hi there Ms. Lorraine!

sorry, haven't seen my account for a long time...

as i have promised you were the only one listed on my account. remember me?
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Thanks for adding me :)
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Nice list of movies.Not a whole lot of people will admit to liking planet of the apes.Wicth one is your favorite.Quest for fire,man that is a movie I have not seen in a long time.I am going to have to see if blockbuster still carrys that one.
Dark_888   »  Rongo
u just like me ,thanx
Err   »  Rongo
you need some stuff to check out?
yeah i can come up with some ideas.
i mostly watch lesser known movies though, so you may want to check out my recommendations at
some good stuff ive seen recently were
kids in the hall: brain candy
the living and the dead
the tripper
philadelphia experiment
the orphanage
the 'burbs
in bruges

those are the only ones i can think of off hand, but they're all worth watching for one reason or another.
off hand the only movies coming out to theatres soon that interest me are like the day the earth stood still, thats all i can think of.

okay, later buddy.
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XaeLa   »  Rongo
hi! omg:D it's so nice your profile:D have a nice day:P
Err   »  Rongo
hey kiddo, nice to hear from you again.

yeah i hear ya, the secondary function of employment (after paying the bills) is to suck the fun out of life, but in this day and age its pretty much a necessary evil.

ill be a regular here for the indefinite future, so stop by anytime and ill probably still be trolling the site looking for sh*t to comment on.

later buddy and have a nice weekend.
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Hey, how's it going? long time no speak.
Joe Postman   »  Rongo
hey lady, I know you have heard from me in awhile and i truly do apologize i've just been extremely busy. Ive got intriguing news though... I'm gonna be moving to the UK in February. It should be an interesting change of lifestyle. any ways how have you been lately?
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Hey! Kik ass page. You hooked it up nicely.
Check out my short films! You'll likes!
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Nice to meet you too...hope to know you better..
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hey what"s up u know i'm really a busy guy so i don't have enough time to sit in front of the net
Err   »  Rongo
sup dude.
thanks for stopping by.

so hows the gambling addiction treating you?