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romeo posted in the forum: NEED A TITLE!
Oh, Sarah, that's kinda gross. is pretty useful, but my advice would be to take a class. There's really no better way to learn to write a screenplay.

I took a seminar once on writing screenplays, this dude Noel Quin~onez was one of the guys that gave a "class", it was pretty funny, but I'll tell about that later...

Please tell it now!I can't wait.
romeo posted in the forum: Who owns the most DVD's here??
Hi there,

Can anyone help me find the movie "the fugitif".I used to watch it on TV.It was a TV serie.I don't know if there is a DVD of this movie.
romeo posted in the forum: Anyone Around 30 at all??
Hey boys,

Do you like sword fish?
romeo posted in the forum: Clown movies...
Bacon,your message is invisible!
romeo posted in the forum: help!!!
No problem!Better,I will teach you how to catch a fish rather than giving you a fish.
Let's get right to it.First, go to Google then type the title of the movie and finally click search.Let me if it helps you.

Good luck!
romeo posted in the forum: What did you watch this week?
I didn't know Starsky and Hutch was already out (at least in the USA).

I watched:

Black Hawk Down (director's commentary)

Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon (most of it, anyway)

A Volar, Joven! (Cantinflas movie, but I only watched the first half)

Nothing else (not a movie; I literally meant nothing else)

I saw the original Starsky and Hutch in the very end of the seventies.Did you ever see it?
romeo posted in the forum: The Passion of the Christ
I'm at peace with it actually.
I guess I have found Jesus.


in this case,I would simply say:"good for you"

Take care of yourself!
romeo posted in the forum: CITIZEN KANE (August 2003)
Hi every one!

I just joined the club,because I like the idea it's based on.
We can learn a lot about people through watching movies and then discussing them.
If you haven't decided yet what film to watch this month or this week,I propose :"Artificial intelligence",with Haley Joel Osmant and Jude Law.
I look forward to hearing from you!

Kind Regards.

From new member.
romeo posted in the forum: CITIZEN KANE (August 2003)
What does everyone think?
I think it's a mess.Stop vomiting.
Because he know's that he will be brutally analy raped in prison for f*cking up an Indiana Jones movie.
it's too bad.I would love it.


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