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@JuniorRoberts No they don't. They need to leave MGS the hell alone! Hollywood can't even handle a simple revenge storyline of Max Payne, do you think they can handle a complicated story like MGS? With multiple characters & subplots? I mean yeah it would be really awesome if they were able to do an awesome adaptation, with the perfect cast & everything but they should just leave it alone.
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RocknRolla wrote a comment about the news item Pacific Rim Photo Featuring Idris Elba
That looks like some armor that's straight out of Mass Effect!
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I thought the book sucked. Although everytime someone has to name one of their favorite books, they always say "The Great Gatsby". Anyways the film actually looks kind of entertaining, I might check it out.
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Reynolds needs to finally get the Deadpool film made before he starts taking any other projects.
RocknRolla wrote a comment about the news item Second Machete Kills Poster
The first one looked good but was a huge piece of crap. Could care less about this or any other Machete film. I'm just looking forward to Sin City 2 finally happening!!!!
I'm just not excited for this at all. Plus that over sized helmet makes him look stupid lol
Depending on the age of Scotty then Steve Buscemi is also somebody else that I wouldn't mind seeing in the role. Again not a big stretch to get him seems how he's worked with Tarantino a number of times now.
They could always go with Michael Madsen or John Travolta for the role of Ace as they have worked with Tarantino before. As for the role of Scotty I'd go with Jay Baruchel.
@Luxolll This guy has spoiled soo many movies with his crappy article headlines. Besides this isn't the first time his article headline has been inaccurate. It's not a mistake when it's a common occurrence. I'm simply calling him an idiot because he is an idiot. So you can take your "maturity" & shove it up your ass along with whatever else you like putting up there.
"Sylvester Stallone Leads His Original Team in The Expendables 2 Photo"...Ummm that headline would be true if Jason Statham & Jet Li were in the picture alongside them & not some random asian chick....B. Alan Orange, you're an idiot.
John Moore is a boring director...I'll wait for the trailer.
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@jasonkat @kguy @bawnian-dexeus
That makes four of us lol
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"Stay away from my mom Finch f*cker!" hahaha can't wait for this!
Dwayne should play Kratos in a God Of War movie instead!!!
@ejk1 Actually I was one of those naysayers until I saw the trailer yesterday...completely changed my mind & I'm really looking forward to this now.
Watch it be PG-13 hahaha
The first one looked really good (plus I'm a fan of Rodriguez) but it ended up being really lame. This second sounds even lamer. Plus Danny Trejo(for as badass as he is) is an out of shape dude in his sixties.
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Bieber can remake it but he'd have to play Reese Witherspoon's role hahahaha
"I say this film is LARGE in every way and delivers on every level."...umm if it's watered down to a PG-13 then no it won't idiot. I'm officially not seeing this one now. I'll wait for the R rated or unrated dvd version. I also hope Chuck Norris gets killed off now so The Expendables 3 can be rated R!!!!!


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