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Unfortunately for Blueray... next year we'll be gettin a new type of format which supposably is 5xs better than what Blueray delivers... you had a good run Blue!!
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I cant because i dont have a computer.
not bad? Yes bad.. and there is no ending to it hahaha so we cant really say it was an "ending" at all :/
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Well, let's just hope that my words express what I have in my mind because what I have is something amazing. LOLZ!!!!!

Well, I hope that your books do well, and I'll be checking the local Wal-Mart bookshelves for them. :D
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Definitely want to make it work. Right now in Western Civ. we're learning about the French Revolution, and I think it's going to make some interesting pages on the main character's past. He's a vampire that's been around since the rule of Nefertiti in Ancient Egypt. It's been fun putting together a history filled background for him.

Awesome on nearing the finish-line with your Apocalypse book. I hope it goes far.
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So whats Moon?
DB wont make the top 10 next week...and 17 Again is trying to be another Big which is really unoriginal. I expect the numbers to be low next week.
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Its goin to Mexico. should be cool

and sory bout the pic. she looks different with black hair. plus i dont have a comp screen

never heard of this Moon...
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Nowhere at the moment. LOLZ! I've been taking a break for the past couple of months. A lot of things I want to incorporate into the main character have to do with actual events, so I've been listening extra close in my Ancient Civilizations/Western Civilizations Class. I know it sounds strange, but the idea occurred to me a few months ago. Plus, I hit some serious writers block, and needed some time to think before I started pulling a Jack Torrance, if you know the reference.
thanks :)
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Im ok. going on a cruise tomorrow.

whos your pic?
cant believe you saw this ram
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Very good cast Neeson is a great actor
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this looks very interesting I'll definately be seeing this!
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as long as she doesnt look like she did in Wanted..yikes :/

haha funny

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How's the going?
Im not upset that theyre making the 3 Stooges (because I mean cmon.. its Hollywood sooner than later right?) but I am upset that they didnt choose more known "comedians" than just Carrey. Del Toro and Penn are GREAT actors.. I dont see them playing stupid :/ Ive never seen Del Toro play a comedy role before... I think Robin Williams would have made the perfect Moe in my opinion. BUT since they are great actors "maybe" they can pull it off. If not blame the person who casted them in!