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Radimus-83   »  RichERich
i haver a new review up, check it out.


Rongo   »  RichERich

I know how to put html codes in my About Me box, I just wanted to know where you get the codes to do that.

Yeah I know I'm hopeless.
Rongo   »  RichERich
Wow thank you again for your help, makes your page look tidy and easierly accessible.

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Rongo   »  RichERich

Sorry I haven't been in to see you for awhile. I see you have links on your page for the Academy Awards and latest T.V, can you show me how to do that please.

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Zombie   »  RichERich
Thanks for the add!
Gooberheadgirl   »  RichERich
Thanks for the invite!
mcmurphy515   »  RichERich
I love Talledega Nights; are you looking fwd to Semi-Pro?

Seen any good/bad movies lately?
time is a film played backward   »  RichERich
ur very welcome thank u
~Joy   »  RichERich
Hey you,

Enjoy SuperBowl!
kupo   »  RichERich
u make points quick :] very nice
i still haven't got around to doin that
Lone Wolf   »  RichERich
I saw "Click" for the first time the other day. I'm surprised of how sad it was towards the end.
COWBOYSGURL02   »  RichERich
MyHotComme nts
Hope you have a Great weekend.

NO problem. So what kind of things are you into. Films, music and so on.
Rama's SCREEN   »  RichERich
You're welcome :)

I was wondering... my movie friend
I have a movie commentary/opinion website called: Rama's SCREEN

Would you mind check it out sometime?
And please give me some feedback
because I value your opinion.
ItalianGoddess86*   »  RichERich
You're welcome!
LarveeK   »  RichERich
Splatter2010   »  RichERich
Welcome to my madness RichE.... glad to have ya aboard!
scream67   »  RichERich
you have a great music list.