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Mr.Rated-R wrote a comment about 2012: Teaser Trailer
it lewks bad ass but all their tryn 2 do is capotalize on alot of ppl's beleifs that the world will end on december 12, 2012..i think this is total bull sh*t.
man this was a funny ass movie. it atleast deserves 4.5 stars
Mr.Rated-R reviewed the movie Paul Blart: Mall Cop

"Humm, renta cop"
CDT1013   »  Mr.Rated-R
Well, take everything in stride. Before you know it, real life begins and you have to become an adult. lol Sometimes I miss the days of not having responsibilities, but then again, I hated high school. lol I didn't even want to walk at Graduation but my mom made me.
CDT1013   »  Mr.Rated-R
How's it going? Haven't heard from ya in a while.
Mr.Rated-R wrote a comment about the movie Halloween II
wtf, who gona b the director
#1 Hustla haha
LankStun   »  Mr.Rated-R
sh*t im tryin to get a girl man lol

im just playin Gears 2 and Madden 09
Angelgurl21   »  Mr.Rated-R
are u in college?
LankStun   »  Mr.Rated-R
hey whats up man

what all you do this week?
Angelgurl21   »  Mr.Rated-R
HEy sorry missed your pary invite last dec. but i just read your profile and i thinks its cool that u like chick flicks..a walk to remember is one of my all time favs. And The Dark Knight is my fav. movie of all times now! so what are u up to??
massacre666   »  Mr.Rated-R
wats up
totally agree, i beleive the 1st was gd but the next 2 were soooo bad, i absolutely hope they make RE4 better, hell they need to take sum of the ideas from re4 the game and turn them and put them into the movie....
is arnold gone b in this cause in part 3 arnold told john that he would kill john in the future.
Mr.Rated-R wrote a comment about the movie Resident Evil: Afterlife
i just wana c jill valentines sexy ass come back, i heard she will b bk in this 1
will smith is the man and ill watch any movie he acts in
dang, i was lewkn foward to see him in this sequel
~Joy   »  Mr.Rated-R
And you are very welcome!
Mr.Rated-R wrote a comment about the news item Aaron Eckhart Talks Two-Face Resurrection?
i beleive he should come bk, he was a gd villian
LankStun   »  Mr.Rated-R
shyte i get drunk on saturdays

i watch raw and smackdown but not ecw