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From the standpoint of his resume, Chu looks like a ridiculous choice, but I like what he's been saying about the project. He definitely has a passion and respect for the material. I like that he wants to add some edge to the next film. If it was me in order to add some edginess, I would brutally kill off Ripcord in the first 10 minutes. Kill him off so bad that it has to be a closed casket. This will accomplish two things: it gives an edge to the rest of the film, and it spares the viewer the agony of having to endure Marlon Wayans for the duration.
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This would be a horrible miscast, but with ticket sales down studios are much more likely to cast based on drawing power as opposed to whether the actor actually fits the role.
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I wouldn't start panicking over this just yet. The source is TMZ, and they're about as credible as the bottom of my shoe.
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Chris Pine would be great.

Clear & Present Danger was good, but hands down my favorite was Hunt for Red October.
Great movie. I loved Dabney Coleman as Jack Flack.
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They've been trying to reboot Fletch for over 10 years. In 2000, Kevin Smith was tapped to bring Fletch Won to the big screen, and was attached to it for nearly 5 years before he dropped out and the project was soon scrapped altogether. I won't hold my breath on this one coming to fruition either.
I know that Nolan and many others want to preserve Heath Ledger's performance as the Joker, but the Joker is such an integral part of the Batman mythos that I still would love to see them bring him back with an actor that is polished and has the looks of Ledger, and in my mind that person would be Joseph Gordon-Levitt. He just reminds me so much of Ledger that, even as improbable as the Joker's return may be in the future, I would hate to see JGL wasted on another character.
Rachel McAdams would be sensational as Lois, but Jessica Biel, for the love of God, NO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I'm kind of leaning towards Adams, but Johansson would be great as well.

I must have missed a release. Is De Niro playing Sully?
@Narzion Sorry I was a little slow on the draw there.
That pic is by legendary comic artist, Frank Frazetta, who is best known for his artistic renditions of Conan, but he worked on many other characters as well and John Carter was one of those.
All you have to do is pick up the novel, and you will immediately realize that there is no way they could do it justice in one film. The book is around 1100 pages long, which is about the same length as Lord of the Rings.
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This just got a whole lot better.
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I like the choice. Cavill has the look and is a very good actor.

With the director of 300 and the Watchmen teaming up with the writing team of Batman Begins and the Dark Knight, I don't see why people shouldn't be getting excited about this project.
At this point, there is absolutely zero reason to believe this is true.
I think I remember Stephen King saying that Eastwood's Man with No Name character was the basis for Roland.
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Some characters are made iconic by the actors that played them and they become those characters in people's minds. In the case of Lethal Weapon, I would say for the overwhelming majority of people Mel Gibson and Danny Glover are Martin Riggs and Roger Murtaugh and to try to remake Lethal Weapon with new actors is borderline sacrilege.

Oh, God! without George Burns is just blasphemous.
Oops I was a little late on the save.
I think chi is quoting from Bacon's new Logitech Revue commercial where he plays a man obsessed with Kevin Bacon.