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So, why didn't they do this the first time? I know because Avi Arad is an idiot and anything he has large amounts of control over turns to $h!t.
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Poster looks good. With no star power in the cast line up, I'm not sure the character can carry an audience in the fickle domestic box office, so hopefully they are ramping up an international marketing push or else this is going to bomb badly.
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@ROFLitschristian I think it's hit or miss with Snyder. I thought Watchmen was right on the money. I wasn't as fond of 300 as most, but it was OK. My biggest concern with Snyder stems from the fact that he did make that steaming pile of cr@p Sucker Punch. That was an absolutely atrocious movie.
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Superman is as good a character as he ever was. What dates Superman is the massive shift in moral culture. Using a professional wrestling term, he is the ultimate clean-cut "face" (i.e. good guy), and if you followed wrestling in the past those guys like Hulk Hogan, Dusty Rhodes, Ultimate Warrior, Sting, etc. got over huge with the fans. Today, if you introduce a wrestler in those molds nobody cares, but introduce a face that is completely irresponsible, cusses, drinks and questions "the man" and the fans will go nuts. Case in point, Dwayne Johnson was booed relentlessly when he debuted as Rocky Maivia because he was being played in the traditional face role, but they reinvented him as the "pie eating" and "jabroni slappin" wise a$$ known as the Rock and the fans went crazy. Same holds true with Superman he's too clean cut, responsible, and morally conscious for today's fans. Probably one of the reasons why the U.S. is going to sh!t at a break neck pace. For Superman to be a monster success, they are going to have to make him a little more edgier.
The biggest problem with Warner and DC in the past has been that Warner allows DC a lot of latitude in the animation side which is why it's so good, but on the feature film side Warner's is notorious for studio intervention that rarely turns out well. The other thing that this is going to boil down to is writer, director and casting as well as budget. Superman Returns and Green Lantern both had out of control budgets that didn't really seem to reflect in the finished product. Whoever greenlit Green Lantern for a $200 million budget hopefully has been long since fired.
Would have liked to have seen them go younger but wisdom and experience is probably a safer move.
This is a sign of the extreme instability of the domestic box office. Americans are very picky right now at the box office which is why a few movies are blowing up the bank while the rest are barely scraping by or failing miserably. The only stability lies in the international market, so I can definitely buy the concept that they are possibly revamping their marketing push for the international market. Look at Battleship, Tin Tin and John Carter, all have been enormous failures domestically based on their budgets but all 3 have made over 200 million in the international market.

On another note, I'm not so sure that the idea of writing Tatum back into the story has as much to do with his star power as it does with the notion of possibly pi$$ing off the hardcore fan base by killing off the character of Duke.
@thedude1 Yep. I think he ended up with a broken leg.
I haven't found anything out there suggesting that RDJ will leave after Iron Man 3 that isn't just pure speculation. The rumors seem to have started after Kevin Feige was asked a complete "what if" question about rebooting Iron Man if RDJ ever decides to leave, and Feige said they would continue without him but hoped he would stay on for a long time to come.
Unfortunately, there isn't a Dances with Wolves 2 & 3 for Cameron to rip-off for Avatar sequels.
I keep seeing more and more shots of suit/no mask, and it is really making it hard not to write this off. For crying out loud, why can't they shoot a freakin Spidey movie where he keeps his d#mn mask on the entire time.
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@josh That was David E. Kelley
Some people just like to complain. I've heard some positive comments coming from the preview as well.
That is amazing
Minus the lips, I liked the the first films more classic version. The new look is ok, but he kind of looks like Firefly from Paul Dini's Batman: The Animated Series, especially in that first photo.
Should have shot the trilogy all at once like Peter Jackson did with Lord of the Rings & the soon to come Hobbit. It would have solved all these problems. Now film delays and re-signing the director is going to balloon the budget of the second film.
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I could understand if he was suing to have his name taken off the credits. Uwe Boll's films are absolute garbage.
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I wonder if Michael Bay will ever come to the realization that part of the lack of confidence people have in this is partly due to his involvement and by making these comments he is just continuing to stoke that flame.
Instead of building up his director and writers, he could get a lot further to solving this dilemma with a simple statement of "I am not involved in the creative aspect of this project in any way."
I think a lot of the outrage simply stemmed from the fact that Michael Bay made the comment. Anytime Michael Bay is mentioned in conjunction with a film an immediate plummeting of expectations occurs.
@dan @brian I wonder if the poor performance of Terra Nova on Fox had any bearing on their decision to back off this?

This looks so good. I hate it isn't going to get a TV series, but I can understand the hesitance to put money into it with the general public not really gravitating to science fiction or anything that requires much imagination. I also think the underwhelming ending to SyFy's first Battlestar series and the incredibly slow moving Caprica series really cooled a lot of interest in SyFy's vision for Battlestar.