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@penguin_9026 Answering your question posed to Skywise on Why does Batman have to be Bruce? The answer is simple: history. Historically, anytime DC or Marvel has attempted to replace an original alter ego it is met with intense displeasure, so from a marketing standpoint they wouldn't take that chance.
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After finally seeing the trailer for this, I have to say the story cinematic presentation looks like a ripoff of the Untouchables, and Sean Penn looks like they pulled him straight out of Warren Beatty's Dick Tracy film. Can't say I'm all that interested.
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Celebrities are so freakin weird.
James Cameron changes his mind as often as most people change their clothes
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If I had just seen this without knowing that it was a Universal soldier movie I would've had no idea that's what it was.
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If you've never read a Jack reacher novel perhaps Tom Cruise works for you but he is absolutely in no way shape or form the correct choice for Jack reacher. He is the marketable choice
@the Joker I definitely hope I'm wrong and your right. This looks amazing.
As much as I would love to see Dredd blow up the box office this weekend, I just think the majority of movie goers are idiots and won't give Dredd a second thought mainly because there isn't enough major star power there to draw their small little pop culture driven minds.
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CBS definitely gives this the best chance for survival. They tend to give shows a chance to gestate and build an audience.
Is this seriously going to be a movie?
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Two weekends at #1 and it just barely has broken $50 million and it's international box office is barely $20 million (still has some countries to release in). Perhaps Paramount is looking smarter everyday for pulling GI Joe from 2012 to give time to hit harder on marketing in the international market.
Hopefully just another rumor.
My beef with studios would be that when making these remakes and reboots for the most part (there are exceptions) they seemingly put very little effort into at least attempting to make them as good or better than the original.
I've never been one to carry the banner for the Studios, but the remake and reboot craze is mostly attributed to the fact that dip$hit moviegoers go for it and rarely will go for anything original. Studios have to make money and unfortunately that means they have to make movies the idiots will buy tickets for.
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This looks so much better than Stallone's version, but with the state of the domestic box office unless they are hitting the international circuit heavy with marketing I just don't see this doing well. American moviegoers only go to the movies if they are extremely familiar with the source material or there is a mega superstar actor in the film.
Saw Legacy and Expendables. I thought both of them were decent, but Legacy was definitely better.
Rotten Tomatoes rating system aggravates the cr@p out of me. I saw Bourne got a 53% so I went and read several of the Top Critics' reviews that were delineated as splats and saw that most of them outside of a few issues with the confusing plot twists thought it was a good action movie and almost all of them praised Renner's performance.