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I wonder if Michael Bay will ever come to the realization that part of the lack of confidence people have in this is partly due to his involvement and by making these comments he is just continuing to stoke that flame.
Instead of building up his director and writers, he could get a lot further to solving this dilemma with a simple statement of "I am not involved in the creative aspect of this project in any way."
I think a lot of the outrage simply stemmed from the fact that Michael Bay made the comment. Anytime Michael Bay is mentioned in conjunction with a film an immediate plummeting of expectations occurs.
@dan @brian I wonder if the poor performance of Terra Nova on Fox had any bearing on their decision to back off this?

This looks so good. I hate it isn't going to get a TV series, but I can understand the hesitance to put money into it with the general public not really gravitating to science fiction or anything that requires much imagination. I also think the underwhelming ending to SyFy's first Battlestar series and the incredibly slow moving Caprica series really cooled a lot of interest in SyFy's vision for Battlestar.
Is this official? It looks fan made. It's completely out of character with the other poster art that's come out for this film and it's predecessors.
The response from the 17 and under crowd to this outrage will be:
"Who is Chuck Norris?"
I don't mind changing the concept to make it more plausible, but I'm underwhelmed by the "aliens that just happen to look like turtles" concept. Seems kind of stupid on the surface. Personally, "science gone awry" seems like a better path for plausibility, but we are talking about crime fighting turtles so I'm not sure plausibility is a necessity.
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When Depp wears the hat and is holding the umbrella, he looks eerily like Michael Jackson.
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Saw it again last night. First movie I've been willing to see twice in the theaters since probably the Dark Knight.
Joss Whedon did something like this with the Angel series. Definitely not an original concept.
I saw John Carter and really enjoyed it. I wish I could say I'm suprised by it's poor domestic performance, especially against such meager competition, but, outside of movie websites and critic reviews, I just wasn't hearing any excitement about this film. The general American public just seemed to have little to no interest. As a matter of fact, I went to see it by myself because I couldn't find anybody interested in seeing it. We love to blame the studios, writer and directors for putting out poor quality films but a lot if not most of the blame lies with the fans for supporting nothing but shallow and unimaginative films. Hopefully, JC will continue to do well with international numbers.
I think there is probably a decent chance seeing as how GR:SOV has made double it's budget if you take both domestic and international into account. I still would love to know how they made this for only 57 million. Sequels usually balloon in budget not reduce by 50%. The key for doing another one would be keeping the budget at this level.
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We need a "Spiderman & Venom only" film with no side villain distractions. I had read in the past that Raimi only wanted to introduce Eddie Brock in Spidey 3 and have the main story focus on ending the Spidey vs. Harry arc and utilizing the Vulture (in a crime lord role) & Sandman as the heavy villains. Unfortunately, Sony didn't think the Vulture was marketable and they were itching to get the popular Venom into the fray so they forced him into the film, which ultimately made no sense and crowded the villains giving very little time for Raimi to adequately build the character. Impatience is an unfortunate trait held by most studios.
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I agree with the sentiment here that this would be incredibly stupid to release this as a stand alone film without spinning off from a Spiderman movie. Venom's entire backstory is directly tied to the wall crawler. Marvel created him to be a villain that was the complete polar opposite to Spiderman.
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With the exception of a few shows, Science Fiction on network television has never done real well, especially shows that are heavy on science fiction. A show has to be extremely good for the unimaginative tv public to latch on to it, or it needs a really good sales "hook" like Lost had with early marketing of Charlie being chased by a polar bear on a tropical island. Terra Nova was pretty mediocre, and it's only real sales pitch was that it was really expensive to make. Plus, Fox is extremely bad at managing it's programs by constantly moving them around to different nights and taking long breaks between episodes. I give Fox credit for taking chances with innovative television and they have introduced some really good shows over the years, but most shows on Fox lack consistency of programming to keep viewers interested.
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@Stansfield. Well said. I think both will be great.
Based on the Murray and Aykroyd comments, it appears that Murray isn't just walking away from Ghostbusters. He's hanging up acting altogether. It appears he has 3 films that he's just finished and nothing else on his slate.
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Looks really good, but unfortunately I hear absolutely nobody talking about it. I'm afraid John Carter is going to be another casuality of movie goer apathy.
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@bawnian-dexeus Good eye. That does look like the FF's tower especially with the landing platform, and it does look like that building most likely plays a role in the film especially since it has a beam of light coming out of it. The only problem is that I believe Fox still owns the rights to the Fantastic Four, which would make it highly unlikely that Disney would allow any reference to them in the film. There was rumor that Fox was going to let the rights to FF go, but I don't think that ever happened.
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With that voice over, it sounds like Poe is facing off against Saw. Didn't realize they had voice synthesizing capabilities in Poe's day.
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Everything was pretty much what I expected. I was very suprised that Hugo got Visual Effects over Apes, and even though Christopher Plummer was good, I think he most likely got his on the substance of his role (if you know what I mean) & his age. Personally, I was much more moved by Nick Nolte in Warrior.