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Rotten Tomatoes rating system aggravates the cr@p out of me. I saw Bourne got a 53% so I went and read several of the Top Critics' reviews that were delineated as splats and saw that most of them outside of a few issues with the confusing plot twists thought it was a good action movie and almost all of them praised Renner's performance.
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From a financial standpoint even though China would be the most likely fit for the invading force, it would have been completely stupid to put them in the role of villain especially with China becoming more open to American cinema. They are a huge potential market.
As screwed up as Hollywood's thinking is, I'm suprised they didn't have the movie take place overseas with the US invading France or something and call the movie Red, White and Blue Dawn.
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From the trailer, it looks like they stayed very close to the original concept minus the Russians add in the North Koreans(?). I didn't mind that the first film was from a reality standpoint completely preposterous, but I was kind of hoping they might put a little effort into the remake to try and tweak the story to make it a little more believable. This doesn't seem to be the case, and the North Korean invasion concept makes it even less believable.
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This would definitely be a gamble.
Pro - He is a long time comic book fan.
Pro - He does have some well written projects under his belt.
Pro - He may still have enough clout in the business to stand up
to studio execs when they try to make idiotic content
Cons - No experience as a director with this level of special
effects & CGI
Cons - He and Mark Steven Johnson are extremely close and I
believe Affleck had a lot more involvement with the
making of Daredevil than just acting.
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That was really bad.
Wow, the entertainment industry is just going to ram gay down our throats until we like it.
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The reason why Dane Cook is failing is that he can't act worth $h!t and people are finally realizing that he is not funny either. His comedy is the adult equivelant of a 5 year old telling "potty stories" with random barrages of foul language.
I'm suprised they couldn't get a better action director than John Moore. His resume is far from stellar. Actually, his resume is pretty crappy with his last big film being the abomination called Max Payne.
To me, Raymond Burr did such an amazing job with the character that he and Perry Mason have become synonymous. Replacing Burr is like rebooting the Andy Griffith Show without Andy Griffith.
My favorite quote in the movie Crazy Stupid Love came from Julianna Moore's character Emily who is talking about how bad her life is and says, "When I told you that I had to work late? I really went to go see the new Twilight movie by myself, and it was soooo bad." Of course you have to see her deliver the line with such desperation and disgust to truly appreciate the quote, but it is so true. These movies are absolutely vile and torturous to watch, and yet they have made a bank load at the box office.
Joe & Anthony Russo as directors doesn't instill huge confidence. These guys have pretty much done nothing but television comedies with the exception of Welcome to Collinwood, which is also a largely comedic film and mediocre at best. I am having deja vu feelings of dread just like the day Avi Arad announced Tim Story as director of the Fantastic Four.
M. Night is a one trick pony. Always an interesting quirky premise moving towards a big twist ending. Unfortunately his last several films have had decent premises but extremely disappointing endings.
Wow, not very good numbers for the weekend for Spidey, even with the excellent buzz it's been getting. I saw it Friday, and was well entertained.
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@michèle Sheaff I agree. In no way does Cruise's physique fit the character in the book, but unfortunately there just aren't many actors out there that have Reacher's massive dimensions that also carry the starpower of Cruise.
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What is it with studios and their fixation on this guy being a mega action star? Thus far he hasn't proven himself at the box office yet.
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Russell Crowe? Seriously
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Splinter Cell has a good base story to work off of, but I'm more excited to hear they are finally getting some movement on Without Remorse, which is one of my all time favorite books. John Clark is pure bada$$. It's been a long time since I've heard anything on it being turned into a film. The last traction I saw on it was back a couple of years after the book came out when Clint Eastwood was trying to option it as directorial vehicle for himself. I was bummed when he turned his attention elsewhere.
It would be interesting to see who the most successful untalented actress of all time is. Whoever it is, Kristen Stewart is giving her a run for her money.
This will definitely be a stretch for Kutcher to pull this off.