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Goddard is a good writer. This could be promising.
Looks like media sources are just throwing out names of relatively popular actors who are bald or have been bald at some point.
My main concern with Wonder Woman is how she's presented. I hope DC\Warner does like Marvel did with Thor and explain away the stupid connection to Greek Mythology.
@bane5000 I would be fine with Alexander or Collins.
@thedude1 You're right none of them were successful. I don't really count the Lundgren version b/c it had virtually no marketing, but if you look at Thomas Jane Punisher vs. Warzone. They were moderately marketed and Jane put up $54 million combined domestic & international box office with a $33 million dollar budget while Lexi's Warzone absolutely $hi+ the bed with a $10 million combined domestic & international box office with a $35 million budget.
I still think Jamie Alexander is the better choice.
I know Punisher War Zone has a "cult following", but losing $25 million on a movie that only cost $35 million I'm sure doesn't exactly instill confidence in the folks footing the bill.
Daredevil if done correctly is marketable, but I'm not sure Punisher is.
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All I needed to hear was Renny Harlin in order to cross this one off my list.
Can't wait
Reshoots are typically not a good sign.
@skywise DePalma has always been a head-scratcher to me. He'll do 4-6 films that, like you said, look great but have zero heart or depth, and then all of sudden he'll put out something superb (Scarface, Dressed to Kill, The Untouchables, Carrie, Carlito's Way, etc.)
RDJ has such a unique personality that I'm not sure he can be replaced.
Journalism Rule #1 of Today:
If you have a hot topic in a "no new news" phase then just make sh!t up.
Vin Diesel did a great job as the Iron Giant and that was a very limited dialogue role. Mostly one word comments.
Oh look, Someone took a Dump in a Box Set!
As of right now, this is just a rumor. No confirmation from official sources just "insiders" which could be a janitor for all we know.
@ejk1 It holds logic from a story concept, but you are right it would definitely take too long to set up. Blake dying is a quicker and easier way to explain Bruce's return. Of course, I don't think there is any way that Bale is going to sign.
@superman81 Haven't heard that. I definitely hope that's false. He would be a terrible choice. He's way too prissy.
They could do it without killing Blake. Blake quickly realizes that his police training is a joke in comparison to Bruce's years of training on his own and in the League of Shadows, crime gets out of control and Blake has to seek out Bruce for help and training.