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I hate Jack Ryan didn't pick up any steam. I thought maybe with word of mouth it might have a decent showing. It's a good movie.
Not blaming Tararantino because I would be pissed too, but I think this is just a knee jerk "hissy fit" on Tarantino's part. He got his feelings hurt and so he's taking his ball home so nobody can play with it. So what if it got leaked I highly doubt that will effect the success of the film
Saw Shadow Recruit and Ride Along. Liked both of them, but would definitely give the nod to Shadow Recruit.
It always surprises me how few people actually read the articles. It says specifically that we will see how they (Riddler, Catwoman and Penguin) become who they are. That means we will see their origins play out along Bruce Wayne eventually becoming the Batman.
This doesn't sound legitimate, but regardless this whole project is sounding like a jumbled mess. I wasn't really concerned until they brought in a new writer (screenwriter from Argo) to overhaul the script.
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We live in a world where consumers are driven entirely by marketing which is unfortunate because many really good products and services (in this case films) get looked over. It's the old saying don't just a book by it's cover but that's the opposite of most people do. They only judge a book by it's cover.
Also whenever you see a person get fired or in this case cut, it's usually human nature for the boss to immediately over inflate the person's shortcomings, and Singer immediately starts gushing over what a great actress she is which usually means her performance was probably a major contributor to the scene being cut. It's like when someone tries to set you up on a date and they tell you the person is very cute that typically means they are dog ugly.
Outside of her performance in The Piano as a child, Paquin's acting skills as she has aged have become very one dimensional. She's pretty bland as an actress.
Oh and be sure I will litter it with plenty of liberal environmental propaganda.
Let me translate Cameron's comments here: I ripped off Dances with Wolves for the first Avatar movie and now I'm going to finish off the franchise by ripping off the Godfather.
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The more that comes out on this film the more it looks like that the script must be terrible.
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So far the track record for superhero films with large villain galleries has been pretty dismal, hope this one can change the trend.
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Not excited about this casting.
Seems to be a consensus, and I agree, that Gadot needs to bulk up but after seeing the pictures above and doing a Google Image search I don't think that she can bulk up much. She has an extremely thin frame, long slender neck and a fairly narrow shoulder width which will greatly limit her ability to put on larger muscle mass. All the protein and weight lifting in the world can't overcome genetics.
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With Renny Harlin directing, the chances of this sucking is extremely high.
Goddard is a good writer. This could be promising.
Looks like media sources are just throwing out names of relatively popular actors who are bald or have been bald at some point.
My main concern with Wonder Woman is how she's presented. I hope DC\Warner does like Marvel did with Thor and explain away the stupid connection to Greek Mythology.
@bane5000 I would be fine with Alexander or Collins.
@thedude1 You're right none of them were successful. I don't really count the Lundgren version b/c it had virtually no marketing, but if you look at Thomas Jane Punisher vs. Warzone. They were moderately marketed and Jane put up $54 million combined domestic & international box office with a $33 million dollar budget while Lexi's Warzone absolutely $hi+ the bed with a $10 million combined domestic & international box office with a $35 million budget.
I still think Jamie Alexander is the better choice.