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Looks good.
Two words that continue to make me extremely doubtful about this film: BRETT RATNER
Pacific Rim isn't completely dead yet. Even though domestic numbers have been weak, it was #1 internationally this past weekend and still has a huge portion of Asia that it hasn't been released in including China (July 31) and Japan (Aug.).
Hopefully they push this hard internationally cause it will be a disaster here in the US with our worthless unimaginative audiences.

On a more positive note, I believe Pacific Rim actually ended up #1 internationally this past weekend and still has several release dates in Asia including the enormous Chinese market on July 31st and then of course August 9th release in the mecca of Giant Monster movies - Japan, so maybe it's not completely dead in the water.
Hopefully he's just poking fun at Wolfgang Peterson.
Whoopi is HUGE!!!!!!!!
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@mr.K lol
Saw Lone Ranger last night and it really wasn't all that bad. The first quarter and last quarter of the film are great. It's one flaw is the middle of the film which drags on a bit (a common problem with Verbinski) but not nearly as badly as Verbinski's last 2 Pirate films which had excruciating points in the middle where they just seemed as if they would never end.
@skywise You're very right. The best example of this is Iron Man 3. Most people's dislike of IM3 is the changes made to the Mandarin and if you read any of Shane Black's reasoning it centralizes around the comic book version of the Mandarin being a "racial stereotype" which translated from Liberal Hollywood means we didn't want to pi$$ off the Chinese who we are going to sell the cr@p out of this too, and pat ourselves on the back for being so socially conscious that we want traditional middle eastern terrorists to feel the love as well so we are just going to beat the "Evil Caucasian-American Military Industrialist angle" to death.
@gumperman You're right. I've seen this discussed in several posts since MOS was released. Apparently, the staff doesn't read the posts under their articles.
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Further validating my last comment, RE: Afterlife and Retribution combined international sales are about 70-90 million more than JJ Abrams 2 Star Trek films made internationally.
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Resident Evil is an example of a crappy franchise that has maintained it's legs through the robust international box office. Domestically the series has been a commercial failure, but the international box office has kept it afloat, especially the last 3 films. Afterlife and Retribution got 75%+ of their take from international. Retribution's domestic take fell 20 million below it's budgetary cost but the international sales saved it bringing in nearly 200 mil, which shoots to he!! my concept that international moviegoers have better taste in film than Americans. Apparently, they like $hit too.
Vin Diesel has an extremely limited range as an actor and I certainly don't see him pulling off Black Panther unless they just toss out T'challa's backstory as an African tribal chief or ignore the fact that an African tribal chief would have a very rich accent. I try to imagine Vin trying to pull off an African (not African American) accent and I find myself laughing hysterically.
Been watching the foreign numbers for MOS this morning and it looks like it did really well. Looks like it pulled around 25 mil in China. Box office mojo updated their foreign numbers and has the international box office at nearly 190 mil. It's a far cry from IM3 but still good.
I can't imagine that this could be possible unless Goyer and Nolan and eventually Snyder in building the story for MOS also put together the workings for a follow up Superman and eventual Justice League, which is not outside the realm of possibility. I've heard both Goyer and Snyder vaguely discuss "possibilities", and Nolan did say way back after he finished shooting DKR that the Batman from the trilogy was stand alone and would not fit into a Justice League model but he had some ideas of how Batman could be rebooted to exist in the Justice League universe. Even still, if the workings are there I would think they would have to have a script already in place to get this done before end of next year.

Here's to hoping there is some Grand Scheme that was simply waiting to be unleashed on the heals of a successful Superman reboot.
@undeadslayer4 When was the last time you read the comics surrounding Captain America? Sounds like you've missed a lot. They brought Bucky back killed off Steve made Bucky Captain America and then brought Steve back as Steve Rogers with no mask and wearing the blue and white suit that also happens to be the same suit they are using for this film. Since then Marvel has somewhat rebooted with their Marvel Now comics and Steve Rogers is back in the red white and blue.
Here's a link to a preview to Steve Rogers: Super Soldier #1
In the Civil War storyline from the comics, Steve Rogers (Captain America) is supposedly killed and James Barnes takes over. As it turns out Rogers isn't dead and when he returns he doesn't take over as Captain America leaving that to Barnes, but chooses to remain unmasked as simply Steve Rogers and the suit he wears is the same one they are apparently using for this film with the addition of the helmet style from the first movie. Personally, I lke this helmet style, but I'm not a big fan of this suit. I thought the first film was by far the best look. At times in the Avengers, Chris Evans looked like a complete dork in that helmet.
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With Mark Steven Johnson directing, it will be terrible.
A lot of excitement about this project but correct me if I'm wrong
didn't James Gunn also write the screenplay and isn't this the same James Gunn that wrote Scooby-Doo and Scooby Doo: Monsters Unleashed. I'm tempering my excitement on that little tidbit of knowledge.
Director Robert Luketic's resume of films doesn't really inspire confidence.