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I'm so glad Q got past his hissy fit over the leaked script and decided to go ahead and do this.
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If they greenlight, they need to keep all involved in the making of this on board because they got Deadpool exactly right.
That's today's America for you, a nation with a large population of people just looking for a reason to be offended.
DC and Marvel need to collaborate. Marvel could show DC a few things on how to maximize their Universe on the big screen, and DC could show Marvel a lot about how to do animated films. Marvel sh!+s the bed 9 times out of 10 when they venture into animation.
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@ObiWanShinobi Isn't it odd how every move they make on this project just seems be a big giant f-you to the existing fan base of the Fantastic Four.
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@undeadslayer4 Unfortunately, I don't think Jackson is involved in any capacity, and they have announced Joe Cornish as director.
So not a reboot. It's a prequel.
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A whole lot better than I was expecting from test footage.
I went to see both Lucy and Hercules with the same feeling going in on both: that I'm about to regret spending the money. Hercules was first and I really liked it. Nothing groundbreaking but fun and well worth the money, so my hopes were up going into Lucy on Sunday and I hated it. It was an ill-conceived preposterous attempt to cash in on the "superpower" box office phenomenon created by Marvel and DC. Personally, I've never been a big fan of SJ. She's beautiful and has intense captivating eyes, but in most of her films, including Lucy and to a greater extent Under the Skin, she plays such robotic deadpan characters that really just get annoying after awhile. Now I love her as Black Widow, even though it's in that same mold, but I think it's mainly bc the Marvel films that Black Widow appears in she's only a supporting character and not a focal point. I'm not sure I could take an entire stand alone SJ Black Widow film.
I finally finished Assassin's Fist and for an incredibly low budget series it was actually very good. The first couple of episodes were a struggle to get through but got much better as the series unfolded.
I just hope he dials back the social commentary in this one. District 9, which I loved, had some but it wasn't distracting. Elysium on the other hand was so "socially preachy" that it ruined the entire film for me.
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@docholiday I agree. I just don't see how anyone can get excited about Gunn possibly replacing Whedon until they've actually seen Guardians of the Galaxy first.
Personally, I could care less what Alan Moore thinks, but if he wanted to convince me not to see this he could have just saved all the "my friend got screwed" explanation, and just told me "it's directed by Bret Ratner" and that would suffice.
I don't go to a movie unless it gets a thumbs up from Spooker Washington!
@thedude1 You are exactly right. Studios have for decades done these early viewings for hand picked critics they either pay or they know will be sentimental.
I hope these are legit but typically when they are so over the top positive it starts to smell a little fishy. I remember when Bryan Singer's Superman Returns hit early screenings it was 100% on the Tomatometer for 2 weeks prior to release with about 20-25 reviews but they were from no names like these listed in this article. Once the big dogs chimed in the Tomatometer dropped quick down to a more reasonable 82% and eventually ended with 76%.
I'll never forget when the Phantom Menace hit early screenings there was one no name critic that said "Oh my God!!!! It was the greatest thing I've ever seen!!!!
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@xenon @ObiWanShinobi Nathan Fillion 10 years ago would have been great, but he is pushing his mid 40's. He could probably pull off one Uncharted film, but I'm sure the thought here is to create a franchise and I doubt they would be willing to choose Nathan at his age. I could see Chris Pratt, Chris Pine, Jeremy Renner, or Bradley Cooper.

I was excited when David O. Russell was attached to direct but not nearly as optimistic with Seth Gordon at the helm.
@clint You hit the nail on the head.
As rabidly loyal as comic book fans are, Trank and the cast may want to skip Comic-Con. It could get ugly.
The comic book industry has done this for decades taking a popular male character and creating a female version of that character in order to supposedly "invite new readers". The problem is that it has NEVER worked. They never bring in new readers and just end up pissing off their existing readers.
@xenon I was very impressed with Reeves. I definitely think he could handle Star Trek. I'm not real enthusiastic about Roberto Orci potentially directing Star Trek 3.