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The casting of this film was just preposterous, especially DJ Cotrona as Superman who is 5'7" tall which is almost an entire 10 inches shorter than Armie Hammer who was cast as Batman. As a matter fact, Superman would have been the shortest member of the JLA by a minimum 4 inches.
@Erikajinx Actually DC was planning a Justice League movie five years before Avengers. It had a full cast (Armie Hammer, DJ Cotrona, Adam Brody, and Megan Gale), a script and director George Miller. Thankfully it got shot down. It was a disaster waiting to happen.
Captain America was phenomenal. Loved it. Glad it had a huge weekend.
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@horrorfan75 The liberal entertainment industry is obsessed with social commentary, and they will ram it down your throat whether you like it or not. I'm surprised that Reed Richards isn't Asian, Sue Latino, and Ben a raging homosexual.
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One of the aspects of Doom I despised in the first two films was that they didn't use any type of distortion on his voice when wearing the mask. They used a clean voice over and he sounded no different w/ or w/out the mask.
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@josh LOTR was much more subtle, but I could have done with a little less Treebeard.
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I liked Sabotage, but Noah was incredibly disappointing. Basically Aronofsky uses the Biblical Noah story as a shell to disguise an underlying liberal propaganda piece. To each his own, but I personally can't stand politics in movies. It's OK when it bleeds in subtly as a side effect of the writer or directors personal convictions, but when it's delivered in such an intentional preachy manner it's distracting and just completely turns me off. I never walk out of a movie, but this one and Avatar are the two I've come the closest on.
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Looks good
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I'll reserve my excitement for when it's official that Brad Bird is attached to Incredibles 2.
@thedude-abides Agree completely!!
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Movieweb needs to come up with a way to block the rating option until a movie actually comes out, so it will prevent the mouth breathers from voting on films that haven't even been released.
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I am SICK of the endless social correctness. I'm all for diversity but only if it fits. In this case not only do they change the race of a popular character (which has been done over and over in the comics and has NEVER worked to bring in new readers it only pi$$es off the already built in fan base) but in doing so they have to change the sibling dynamic of Sue and Johnny Storm. Guess what? The main fan base yo're trying to pull with Michael B. Jordan is male african-americans who already are an enormous fan base for super hero movies and comics, and they have never shown any preference for a racially driven character. As a matter of fact, characters that AA males drift to are all caucasian and typically if you ask, their favorite is almost always Superman. Green Lantern is also popular, but only Hal Jordan and definitely not John Stewart. Most would tell you in reference to John Stewart: "He ain't Green Lantern"
Another very good movie that doesn't need to be re-made.
Now I'll admit that I fell asleep for about 10-15 minutes in the Lego Movie and as an adult I struggled to stay interested, but what made it great was seeing the "kids" including mine for whom this movie was intended grinning from ear to ear and talking about how awesome the movie was.
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Man this looks good!!!!
This project just got interesting. I would have never thought of Eisenberg in this role but his portrayal of Mark Zuckerberg in the Social Network is kinda Lex Luthor-ish minus the penchant for world domination.
Very excited about this, so far it looks great. I am keeping my expectations under wrap though because Singer, although he's a great storyteller, his use of physical and special effects as well as CGI tends to come out looking dated and fake. I had not seen Jack the Giant Killer until about a month ago and I was truly embarrassed for Singer. The CGI was just abysmal.
I hate Jack Ryan didn't pick up any steam. I thought maybe with word of mouth it might have a decent showing. It's a good movie.
Not blaming Tararantino because I would be pissed too, but I think this is just a knee jerk "hissy fit" on Tarantino's part. He got his feelings hurt and so he's taking his ball home so nobody can play with it. So what if it got leaked I highly doubt that will effect the success of the film
Saw Shadow Recruit and Ride Along. Liked both of them, but would definitely give the nod to Shadow Recruit.