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Love it!! Great choice!!!
@james Patrick Bowler
It's my understanding that the studio of the film being shown only has control over two slots that are guaranteed to them by the theater chain. The rest of the slots, which is usually about four more, the theater chain has ultimate control over and can put them where they want but usually negotiate with other studios to put trailers in that slot for a price, so Star Wars and Batman v Superman could theoretically both get attached to the Hobbit.
The only reason I could see Disney not wanting to put Star Wars in with the Hobbit is that realistically Star Wars has such enormous name recognition that it really doesn't need to be marketed that much and theater chains most likely will negotiate for a pretty high price for a slot with the Hobbit.
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To me, this is bittersweet. C*mberbatch is a favorite of mine, but in the comic world villains are so important and very few actors can actually pull off a good villain and I was hoping C*mberbatch would take on one of those roles in either the Marvel or DC Universes. He'll be great as Dr. Strange, but I just feel like there was something better for his range as an actor. Personally, I haven't liked any of the "official" suggested names before C*mberbatch, and I found it comical that some of the actors people would like to see take on the role seemingly were only being suggested because they had a black goatee. Colin Farrell? Seriously?
I've always been a big fan of Clive Owen and I really thought he would be a good fit especially after watching some episodes of "The Knick" a medical period drama by Steven Soderbegh that Owen is absolutely fabulous in.
Viggo Mortenson was another choice I thought might be a good fit as well. He's an extremely underrated actor.
Even though, I'm not a big fan, Adrien Brody was another one I thought might be an interesting choice.
I get so sick of this need for a "pat on the back" for being socially conscious. DC needs to find the best possible director that fits whatever their vision is for Wonder Woman in this universe they are building. It shouldn't matter if the director is female or male. The most important thing is to maximize the chances of putting out a quality film. Screw this social awareness garbage.
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Wick was great. Go see it, and for the love of God please don't blow your money on that heaping pile of $h!+ Ouija. I can't believe people pay theater prices for that garbage.
Hope the domestic audience actually shows up for Part 2. Pacific Rim was barely able to muster $100 million domestically. The only reason we're getting a 2nd installment is bc the foreign box office blew up.
My first concept of why Murray used the script as a reason he turned this down was that he had gotten to a point in his career that he felt like a Ghostbusters film was beneath him, but after reading his comments it seems like there may be some feeling from him that the studio doesn't really care about a good story but just wants to force the film into theaters for financial reasons only, like they did with Ghostbusters 2, which if you read between the lines Murray pretty much said sucked. Sounds like Ghostbusters 2 left a bad taste in his mouth and right now all he's reading are scripts at the level of the sequel and until they present him with a script at the level of the first film then he's not doing it.
@josh I agree with @ObiWanShinobi
Voice tells a lot about the geographical origin of a character and McConaughey, who has never really shown an ability to alter his voice, has a pretty strong Texas accent mixed with a slight twinge of "stoner". If you think of the character Dr. Strange, one of the last places you would think he would originate from is Texas.
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Good point
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@undeadslayer4 I think that my dislike of connecting mythology to any literature today lies in the fact that people actually used to worship those gods, and tying fictional characters with characters that people once thought (idiotically so) actually existed just seems stupid to me.
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I was hoping they would do like Marvel did with Thor and come up with something more compelling than the incredibly dumbass concept that she's a demi-god and the daughter of Zeus. I can't stand the whole "gods" concept connecting some of today's comic book characters to the ridiculous Greek, Roman and Norse gods of the past.
You said you understood the movie. Using spoiler warnings, can you explain what you think it means?
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Gone Girl is great, Dracula is visually appealing but weak on story and ultimately fairly boring, haven't seen Alexander, Annabelle is terrible, The Judge was OK but per my expectations unfortunately disappointing.
The sleeper of the box office is The Equalizer. Not much buzz on it, but I finally got to see it and I really liked it. It's not to the level of Gone Girl but very good nonetheless.
I've been out of cyberspace for a couple of weeks. The last I heard was that Marvel had moved onto exclusive talks with Ethan Hawke for the role. Did that get debunked or did he pass as well?
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@rjh094 That's what I'm holding out hope for, that this is just the look that he starts out with and eventually progresses into the iconic red.
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Looks like the Daredevil from the tv movie "The Trial of the Incredible Hulk". That version of Daredevil was absolute crap. Hopefully, this is better.
Ernie is complaining to the wrong people. The producers including Dan Aykroyd wanted to and had tried vehemently to get the original cast back even well before Harold Ramis died. The one and only reason that it didn't happen or won't ever happen is because Bill Murray has no interest in doing it and it just doesn't work without him. Ernie and Dan are the only two left, and Dan can't carry a film anymore and Ernie was only a "token" addition to the group in the first place.
I don't like the idea of rebooting this. It should have been a continuation of the original storyline with a new group, which I have no problem with them being female. I just think it works better with the original history behind it and that way you don't have to go back an retell an origin story.
I'm very skeptical. In the past, every time a Star Trek film comes out there is speculation of a Shatner return, and as I recollect Shatner has always responded by saying that he's only interested if it is a "meaningful" Kirk role and not a simple cameo.
If this were to happen and that's a really big "if", then for Sony to benefit they would really have to up their game, and hopefully allow Marvel's direction to rub off on them putting Spiderman on a much better path. What Sony and Marc Webb have done so far just doesn't even come close to measuring up in quality to what Marvel has done with the Avengers.