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So I guess Snyder officially debunked these tweets.
I loved what Herm Edwards told Tony Dorsett (both former NFL players) on a panel discussion when Dorsett said he was in on the NFL lawsuit because over the last few years he had been becoming very forgetful. Edwards responded by saying, "Damn Tony you're 60 years old that's supposed to happen".
Good lord!! The media has sensationalized and overblown this concussion issue, and now Hollywood is getting in on the action.
The percentage of legitimate post concussion neurological deficit cases versus the number of players that have participated since American Football was first played is minuscule at best.
It's like how Pharmacist's and Doctor's over inflate how deadly Influenza is. Based on statistics from last year, a human on planet Earth that contracts Influenza has 0.00002% chance of dying from Influenza. If you exclude third world countries, the chances of death from flu drop to 0.0000001%, but if you turn on the TV during Flu season you'll get information that makes it sound like people are dropping dead everywhere from the flu.
I just love the fact that Neeson would be willing to reprise the role for television. Most high profile actors would consider that beneath them.
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So now we have the "piracy card" to blame failures on, gotta love the new American Way.
Have to agree with everyone here. Piracy had nothing to do with it. The movie bombed because it sucked, and Jim Carrey sh*theeling it before and while it was out didn't do it any favors.
@Brizzy I wasnt suggesting this was going to be bad, and I wasn't just thinking about Expendables 3. I'm just saying that as of late moviegoers haven't been lining up for the old action stars. And yes some of the movies have been less than stellar but those guys have had a lot worse in the past that have broken the bank. Guys like Costner, DeNiro and Pacino are crapping out as well. Liam Neeson seems to be getting pass, so maybe Pierce will get a little love too.
They certainly have high hopes for this one, but the old action guys haven't exactly been blowing up the box office.
@arctic00 I think it's some form of Mickey Mouse. Maybe a Stormtrooper Mickey, not sure.
I would probably would go with
Dead Poet's Society
Good Morning Vietnam
Good Will Hunting
Mrs. Doubtfire
as my top 5
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@writer220 I highly doubt this will happen. Would love to see it, but I just don't think Straczynski is going to be able to get any studio to take a chance on this. I think his only chance is to get a big name actor to attach to the project to get studios interested. Bringing back former cast members like Boxleitner and Furlan isn't going to draw financial backers.
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He made the same comment after Transformers 3, but unfortunately changed his mind. Hopefully, he won't change his mind this time and just serve as producer.
Marvel/Disney has done a great job of keeping a singular vision for the universe of characters they control and has been ridiculously successful, but DC/Warner who has the luxury of total control of their entire universe continues to keep theirs very disjointed. I love DC, but I don't get the logic.
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Even though Michael Bay was the producer, he must have let Liebesman have a lot of leeway because Turtles didn't really feel like a Michael Bay film. There were no pointless monotonous never ending cheesy pep talk monologues delivered by a main character, no "5 minute slow walks" into dangerous scenarios, and thankfully no moments of seemingly endless nauseating 360 degree rotating shots around a character standing in a state of spent desperation. Another sign that Bay most likely didn't put in a lot of insight is that none of the Turtles cussed like a sailor.
I'm still shell shocked from the weekend.
For one, I figured Turtles would do better than predicted, but never in a million years would I have thought it would out sell Guardians by 20+ million. I thought for sure with all the massive positive buzz coming off Guardians first weekend it would at least do 55-60 million. Definitely not drop nearly 60%.

Secondly and most shocking was that I was dragged into Turtles with much protest, but came out surprisingly entertained. Perhaps, it was because my expectations were in the basement, but nonetheless I actually really enjoyed the movie. I also really enjoyed seeing the kids in the theater with permanent grins plastered on their faces.
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Fox is a strange network. There seems to be no rhyme or reason to how they renew and cancel shows. From middle to end of this season, Almost Human (great show bye the way) was steadily gaining viewers while Sleepy Hollow (started with huge ratings) was dropping viewers fast, but when the dust settled Fox renewed Sleepy Hollow and canned Almost Human. Crazier still, Almost Human (much like Firefly) had developed a cult following calling themselves DRN's and petitioned (30,000 signatures in less than a week) the network to reconsider and renew the show, and in response the network put out this weird "f-ck you" Farwell to Almost Human YouTube video that featured great moments from the shows one and only season.
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Looks great!!!! I love the concept of this series, but I don't like it's chances on Fox. On CW, it would have had a much better chance of survival, but Fox is notorious for giving series very little chance for survival and give a very small time window for series to build audiences before they get axed. They also kill a lot of series who unfortunately fall into a time slot that will eventually conflict with Fox's over bloated load of crap, American Idol. Once Idol hits if you're in their time slots Fox will start moving you from slot to slot like an air time shell game where viewers have to guess what night their show has moved too, or they just pull the show for months and then put it back on in a new time slot (usually the death slot known as Friday night) and never advertise that the show is back on. Viewers eventually succ*mb to out of sight out of mind and forget about the show, the ratings drop and Fox drops the hammer.
@superman81 The comics have always characterized Batman as having this underlying level of distrust for Superman because he's so powerful, which is why Lex Luthor isn't the only person that maintains a stash of Kryptonite.
@superman81 I remember reading back when Bryan Singer was working on the story for Superman Returns that the original idea was to have the film pick up after Superman 2 with Superman leaving Earth because people, after seeing the power and devastation created in the battle with Zod, began to fear the potential that Superman could at any time if he wanted take over the world. I loved that idea and hated that Singer ditched it, but maybe and hopefully Snyder is going to explore that concept in B v S.
Personally, I'd rather see this in a television series or mini-series.

I really enjoyed the early novels in the Left Behind series which is an interpretation of the Biblical account of the Rapture and what happens after the Rapture including the rise of the Antichrist. Unfortunately, the novel series lost steam as LaHaye and Jenkins in my opinion started stretching and watering down the story to get more novels in the series. The entire series ended up being a ridiculous 16 novels in total.