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He looks great.
Very interesting premise!
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This is huge!!! If you haven't read this book, it is amazing. Hopefully with Spielberg on board, it will help significantly with getting permission to use all the 80's arcade games, movies and pop culture components that the book is filled with.
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I know I'm looking a gift horse in the mouth, but only six episodes!
I was hoping for at least a half season like 10-12 episodes. Maybe they will be 2 hour episodes.
@bruce-ha I didn't think about Atwell. She definitely has the look.
She may pull it off. She has the look from the neck up, but it's a legitimate gripe that she is way too thin for this role and her frame isn't really built for putting on muscle bulk. Personally, I think actresses like Lynn Collins, Taylor Cole, Lucy Griffiths and Lake Bell fit the face and body type of Wonder Woman better. Marvel has contracts with maybe the two best choices that could have fit the role of WW and that's Jamie Alexander and Cobie Smulders.
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Read this a couple of years ago. It's brutally depressing.
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If they cast Mateus Ward, I will quickly lose faith in this project. His personality is way too reserved to pull this off.
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They definitely proved with Winter Soldier that they can handle this. I do hope Whedon stays on in a role that will allow him to continue to contribute creatively.
I'll believe it when I see it. I hope they can get Spotnitz back to work with Chris Carter.
I'm feeling much better after this trailer. This one has a lot more context surrounding the action sequences than the first one did.
@ejk1 You're right. The only one's I could think of that bad mouthed their own films before they came out were Blake Lively (Green Lantern), Jim Carrey (Kick A$$2) and Mark Wahlberg (The Happening).
I actually did read one time that Alec Guinness actually said before Star Wars came out that it was "lamentable". He never retracted that statement but years later did say he enjoyed the money.
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I loved all the Mission Impossible movies with the exception of John Woo's MI2. I hated that one. It was too "stylized" in it's action. The "dual spinning cars" scene in MI2 made me want to punch John Woo in the face.
Hopefully I'm wrong but after seeing this trailer, unfortunately it looks like Christopher McQuarrie may have drawn some inspiration from MI2.
@josh Completely agree. Fassbender bares absolutely no resemblance to Jobs.
I'm still waiting on the book Ready Player One to be developed into a film. Pixels seems somewhat of a ripoff of that concept.
The test footage was awesome, and really captured the essence of what Deadpool's character should be. Thankfully, all involved with that test footage have been given (so far) full creative control. With that said, making a great action test sequence is a lot easier than creating a full length feature with a cohesive engaging story. We'll just have to wait and see.
He's great as beast, and based on his comments I think he's on board to continue as Beast if asked.

@lordthanos Hoult is way too tall to play Spidey. I think he's around 6'4"
I don't like the reboot component, but I also don't like the cast, especially Melissa McCarthy
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Whoever the costume designer is for CW's Flash and Arrow is freakin' off the chain incredible. That suit looks absolutely amazing!!