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Now that they are back on the lookout for a director, I wish they would drop this "socially relevant, PC, pat ourselves on the back for being gender sensitive" bullcrap and just get the best director for the job. If that's a female then so be it, but don't limit your choices by only looking for females.
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I'm so glad to hear that one of the major tweaks they want to do to Spider-Man is focus on his quick wit and sense of humor. I thought both Raimi and Webb missed the boat on characterizing Spidey's humorous side. Webb/Garfield got closer than Raimi/Maguire but still missed getting it right by a long shot.
Not exactly a stellar line-up.
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NBC is a garbage network. All their shows with the exception of The Blacklist are slightly altered versions of ER and Law & Order. Wish CW would pick up this version of Constantine because the creators nailed the character, and I think fans of CW's Supernatural would really like Constantine.
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@justinishulk I noticed that too. That would be awesome if he was still consulting in some capacity, but I think they are most likely just giving Nolan recognition bc they are still probably using a lot of Christopher and Jonathon Nolan's concepts. I had read back when the Nolan brothers were writing Man of Steel with David Goyer that they had mapped out some ways to bridge it into a Justice League film. That same article was where Nolan had said that if they brought Batman into the world of the Justice League he would have to be a good bit different than his version of Batman with Christian Bale.
Horrible show.
I like the costume. It doesn't really bother me that it's exactly the same as Captain America's suit in Winter Soldier with the addition of the color red and horns.
@josh Agreed. The story would lose a lot of substance if they combined it into one film. The last two novels set up perfectly to be filmed together and then released as two separate films. Of course, I don't think Sony really cares. This potential move is all about getting something to the screen quickly in order to piggy back off the buzz from this new series of Lisbeth novels.
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I guess the news is that they are all going to be on Kimmel on the 13th and on GMA on the 24th of April.
del Toro is getting to be as bad as Aronofsky on leaving projects.
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I was hoping they would break down the 4th wall and have Deadpool hunt down all those who had any creative input into Wolverine: Origins that gave him such $hitty origin story.
You can't compare this to the Lego Movie. Lego had a very marketable character driven concept that had already proven itself in their wildly popular video games and in television series like Ninjago and several Star Wars miniseries.
Play-Doh has no proven character driven concept to work off of. It is and always has been mold-able dough with food coloring. Hasbro is just throwing $hi+ at the screen in hopes that it sticks.
She's still a toothpick.
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Didn't he just put a release out a week or two ago that he was going to play Wolverine until they get rid of him or he dies?
He looks great.
Very interesting premise!
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This is huge!!! If you haven't read this book, it is amazing. Hopefully with Spielberg on board, it will help significantly with getting permission to use all the 80's arcade games, movies and pop culture components that the book is filled with.
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I know I'm looking a gift horse in the mouth, but only six episodes!
I was hoping for at least a half season like 10-12 episodes. Maybe they will be 2 hour episodes.
@bruce-ha I didn't think about Atwell. She definitely has the look.