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i totally fall under the bad grammar category i have no qualms saying that. Now once again i am not a racist but it is true about the race card. I remember in the restaurant i was working at i was the Assistant Store manager. And under my duties was setting hours for everyone and their was this African American women who i get giving poor hours to cause she literally would call in every month over her period and little things like that. She miss store meetings every other month claiming she forgot and when i got fed up with it i started writing her up. Next thing i know i have a class action law suit against me claiming racism. The company let me go because of it. I then showed in court out of the 8 months she was their she had called in 16 times with no Doctor's note or any good excuse. And also showed notes made by other managers in her file about her constantly using foul language in front of customers along with costumer complaints. And her constant warning about using her sell phone during her shift. And how she would leave when her shift was over despite having her work done. I won based on the evidence and even had co-workers who thank god came to by defense all and all i won and my counter suite for lost income was won. Because of one women i had work at this restaurant since i got back from college and work from a waiter all the way of to only being 6 months away from running my own store to bottom of the barrel collecting unemployment cause no one with hire based on a little note in my employment history. Now is that fair, think not. This racial card seriously needs to go away and stay away. Not only was i f*ck over in college but then when i returned home and had a good job the same thing. Now based on those events some one could easily become racist but i was raised a few bad apples DONT spoil the bunch. I'm tired of seeing this from all races. i have a friend " white" who refuses to work cause he got unemployment and he hasn't work in over a year.He is a friend of mine but i have lost total respect for him. My belief is this, if you want nothing more than hand outs in life, who don't want to work for what you want in life and with to me nothing more than a drain on society and the American way, that in my opinion makes you a nigg*r. My definition of the word has nothing to do with skin color but mainly your work ethic and being a blood sucking vampire on society. that is how i was raised, i hope others don't see it as a wrong. But like i said im not racist.
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This film is a instant classic
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National Security
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Lost in Translation
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Gabriel Byrne
well its true by holding their hands though out their lives in the end all their doing is crippling them, i member back in collage i was up for 2nd in my class right behind my roommate who beat me by one A and didn't get the award 2nd in my class cause they wanted it to be fair and gave it to a black chick, who's average in our class was a 76 when mine was a 97 big difference, now im not racist but this double standard sh*t pisses me off from time to time, i remember after words my professor wanted to see me in his office and went to give me a private award i f*cking look at it then threw it right back at him and told him to go f*ck himself,when he said The Dean told him to keep it fair and he felt he did it just pissed me off even more, and for some reason i really cant let that go, just knowing this chick has the same degree i have and didn't earn it as much as i did
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they need some place dark and gritty kinda a city that's falling apart kinda thing, hey come to my town,syracuse lol
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Dont Worry im sober now lol

Never Give Up

kinda ironic lol
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The Mummy: Tomb of the Dragon Emperor
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never get drunk and play these games, that's all im gonna say in my defense lol

Sleepy Hollow
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Batman Return, my bad
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Jennifer Carpenter
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Little Rascals
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Sin City
have to disagree with you on that @Cyn de Harven i was honestly blown away by his portrayal of the joker, i know the day will come when it has to be done again, but i dont see it happening for 5 to 10 years
im looking forward to this but i am getting pissed that these companies are watering down the story and the action so they can get little teenie boppers and little kids in the seats when the hardcore fans of the DC universe along with Marvel have to suffer the loss,just pisses me off, never the less still looking forward to this
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just watch kick ass last night for the second time, love the film and really looking forward to the sequel
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he is a good director in my opinion the The Imaginarium of Doctor Parnassus was a great film it was still kinda sad not being able to see heath finish it though, Anyways i think he has talent cause after many years he is still in the business so i look forward to this when its done
i say get the respect of your Logo and company back before you stat making these,