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i would be so siked out to win any of these wonderful itiems, i have been a fan since i was a child 5 or so, even to this day i watch the animated series and play thhe hell out of arkham city and assylum it would be amazing to see the last of this triliogy in IMAX or hell just to see it in theaters
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god i get that all im saying is i miss it
i am looking forward to both these films and another Sherlock Holmes
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@sean no no no i know what your saying and thats not what im saying, what im saying is i missed the play by play between characters and the witty witty humor between them, in this film its didnt seem it was their alot, like i said the little things, i miss how those 3 characters would play or each other and it didnt feel like it was scripted but the whole time it was improv, i hope you get what im trying to say now,
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i went and saw this movie this past weekends being a huge johnny depp / Catpain Jack Sparrow fan i have yto say i enjoyed it, but to me if felt like their were just a few things missing, maybe it was keira and orlando i miss, as always johnny depp delivered a perfect and funny performance of this character, despite a few things missing i look forward to the next few installments, these films are definatly worth watching over and over
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well if he wont i will im gonna go with johnny true love
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i totally agree with you @ Sean Commons, man i am gonna miss this show, but like i said its not over for me and alot of other fans, its never over
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thanks @cupid i appreciate it and @jptheredskull yeah i caught wind of it and yeah even though Tom wouldn't be a part of it i honestly think he would make an appearance from time to time, i mean come on he would love it, a JLA spin off with everyone left the flash and green arrow would be an amazing show and when it comes to Clark all they would have to do is mention him from time to time i think it would be great, even if we couldnt get a JLA spin off i would love a green Arrow one
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i absolutly love this show and even though their will be no more new episodes that does not mean im gonna stop being a fan, ive seen every episode front to back i think in the 10 years i only missed one, before the new season would start i would watch the previous one the week before just to amp me up even more, tom did an amazing job with this character and even the late Mr Reeve RIP would have been so proud of this show and everyone involved, when it comes to the haters all i got to say is get a life and stop trying to bring down something that brought joy to so many, GET A LIFE, as for the finally it was brilliant, yeah i would have loved to see a kick ass battle between darkside and clark but him going right threw him like that made sense, he was pure of hurt and hope and that destroyed the essense of darkside, i wish they would have kept it going but their is nothing you can do, Lex not remembering clark with tess is last dying wish was awesome and so unexpected, clark and lex having it out and lex explaining their destined to do this battle almost forever but it cant happen unless clark saves him now was a really nice touch. all and all i will miss the new spisodes cause they have so much more material to work with story wise, but im buying season 10 the first day its out and im gonna start watching it as soon as possible, like a true fan the show might be over but that does not mean i cant relive all the good times and memories from time to time, THANKYOU EVERYONE WHO WAS INVOLVED WITH THIS SHOW, SIMPLY SAID BEST SHOW EVER MADE AND NONE OTHER WILL EVER COME CLOSE TO IT IN MY BOOK,
As much as it saddens me to watch the best show in my opinion ever created end this Friday i know i had nothing but good times and was extremely excited to get home on the nights it was on. I am proud to say i have never missed one episode except when my cable got turned off off once, But right before a new season started i would watch the entire season before within a week of the new season starting, man i love this show. As for what i what out of it is simple, i want the suit some bad ass flying and fighting, i want alot of Lex and interaction with other characters. i dont what like a 5minute Lex i miss those conversations full of witty remarks and threats going back and forth between Lex and Clark, and another thing i think it would be cool if their was a board room meeting and Tess introduced Oliver to a young Bruce Wayne saying he is gonna help expand of whatever just a quick second, i think that would be awesome. I dont want the final show down between Lex and Darkside to be quick and if somehow Lex is chosen to be the Vessel Clark would naturally figure out a way to banish Darkside and in the process some of Lex's memory goes with him. Mainly the part about him knowing Clark or of his secret. I have no doubt their going out with a bang but to see the flash and everyone else in even the Legion would be bad ass. Just gonna have to wait and see. Man im gonna cry like a bitch come Friday i know it lol. Ten years and never disappointed. Only bummed when i knew i was gonna have to wait three and a half months for it to start up again lol. It would be a trip if after Darkside Jor-el wipe out everyone's memory except those Clark wanted to remember. man their is no end to the possibilities. MAN I HATE ITS GONNA END.
i cant wait to see what the future hold for tom welling, i know im gonna cry like a bitch come Friday when the show ends, 10 years of nothing but good times, if i had control which i don't he would have defiantly been the next superman, in my opinion best Clark Kent ever no disrespect to Mr reeve's because he brought the man of steel to the big screen that is legendary but we got to see more of the Clark Kent story with this show than ever before, man am i gonna miss Smallville in my opinion best show ever created, but i look forward to what lies ahead for Tom Welling such a GIFTED actor
im looking forward to this
love the discription of the second to last episode man their going out with a big bang, man i love this show, bet ur ass im gonna be watching it over and over again for the next i dont know till i die lol
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name the expression, i almost sh*t my pants, i almost pissed my pants, i just came in my pants, all of it when i saw this trailer/preview last night while watching the new episode, man am i gonna miss this show man owe man, but it really kicks ass in my opinion that everyone came back even the original and bad ass micheal rosenbaum to play lex luthor, i have no doubt we are gonna see alot of him in this episode not just a few minutes here and their
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Got a review of V for Vendetta up. Check it out and comment
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Same here @dan1
i wouldnt mind seeing Reeves do this