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Honestly before he even played the joker I always thought heath ledger would have nailed this character now that he is gone I don't see anyone being able to pull this off I was on board with him but without him leave this movie alone its a timeless classic that shouldn't be touched
man i cant wait for this one, its gonna be good, this year is gonna be a amazing year for movies
man i cant wait for this, the character alone is f*cking awesome
@therealGoku yes i know mark hamil retired as the joker i understand that however he cant be the only one to dawn the voice just saying i think that opening would be great however i also know like most it will be a prequel hence possibly another appearence of the joker or hinted of his where abouts
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man i hope this happens
if it is for an arkham game i already know how to bring the joker back, have the opening start off in a first person camera angle showing harley quinne breaking into the morgue to steal the jokers body have her bring him back to arkham city and dump him into the lazarus pits and you hear his magical yet sinister laugh and all you see is one hand coming up to grab the edge thats it, i honestly think it would work and everyone that i have spoken to about it says its would be an awesome idea and way to start it off, you cant have the batman universe without the joker PERIOD
this one totally sucked i enjoyed the 2003 version but i loved texas chainsaw massacre beginnings something along those films is what i thought i was going to see MAJOR FAIL ON THIS ONE man they had the character in 2003 and 2006 perfect this guy wasent even scary anyone could have kicked this guys ass chainsaw or not the 2003 or 2006 version now that is a guy you are definatly gonna run from, those were pure bone chilling the story on this one sucked now let say they went from the 2006 take and yeah a girl inherited a house the house in the early 2000 films and she discovered him their and so on that would have been way better than this, this was garbage i remember looking down at my cell phone just waiting to see how much time was left if i wasent their with my friend i would have just left, hollywood is seriously going down hill
i have to admit i am very bummed out right now, its been years and we have seen nothing tom welling, i fear he has been type casted i still hold firm to what i said before, i believe he is a very talented and underated actor and i hope one day we can see him again, right now i myself am looking into college to pursure my dream hopefully down the line i will be able to work with this very talented younge man and show the world yet again he should not be taken lightly
i wonder who it could be
this sucks i enjoy the character just as much as the rest but i understand their point as well cant wait for allthese movies to come out man am i gonna be broke lol
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its about time hell yeah bring it on i love these movies and the character Riddick
the story sounds good and hopfully it will be amazing i cant wait
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it was a good movie but not as good as i expected i think out of the trilogy the dark knight is my favorite then batman begins then finally this
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waiting waiting and waiting when the hell is this gonna get done
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i cant wait when the hell is the release date
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what a shame could have been something more
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such a shame he was a great guy a gentle giant as so many times said RIP big guy
i still want to see the Batman Beyond series to be takin seriously the technology is their now for the CGI why the hell not about this i wouldnt mind if done right
all i know if they dont go with the MG1 script with good actors and stay to the story im gonna be pissed i know in modern times it wouldnt hold up really so i say do it anyways from that year mid 90's and gradually do the sequels we still watch movies to this day that take place at differnt points in time mainly the future so i dont see how it would hurt to make a movie now that only goes back 15 years but thats just me
Clint, Rourke and Cage i say hell yeah, Clint bring him in as the guy that origionally trained Barny years ago you know what i mean