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yeaa no problem. not muchh just bored at whats up w u hun? :]
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Well mate, when you become this big film director, dont forget who your friends are...I will be waiting for the call..
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nope but i have myspace and yahoo
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not to much just trying to film a psa and u nice pic by the way
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Thanks for the add.
Donkey Punch - Didn't Expect To Much of This Film Thought It Would Just Pass Time Sort Of Film But It Failed To Do That Started Off okay Then Never Really Got Anywhere And left You Yawning And Uno The Rest Wasn't Really To Much Fort To This Film And it Sucked Quite Bad. 3/10

Police Academy 1 & 2 Both Really Great Films Cheeseball Movies But Classics In My Eyes This Is What Comedy Should Be Like 8/10

Carlitos Way - Being A Fan Of Al Pacino I Watch Most Of The Films He Plays The Lead Role In This Film Reminded Me A Little Of Scarface But Obv Not As Good Was An Okay Film Enjoyed It Al Pacino Done The Role Well Once Again 7.5/10

Cass - Great Story About Football Violence At Its Peak In Margret Thatchers Time But It Moves Off This Aspect And Is Sort Of More Like A Rise Of The Footsoldier Film Which Works Well Its Based On True Events And tells The Life Story Of Cass Pennant, He Was Adoubted By A White Mum And Dad And He Is Black And When Its Set Racism Was A Thing What Seemed Normal To Some People And Cass Is Bullied At School And When He Joins West Hams Top Firm He Feels Like every1 Else He Lives And breathes West Ham, But Enough of Me Going On This Film Is Suggested To Every1 You Dont Have To Be A Football Fan ( Soccer To Most Of You ) To Appreciate This Film, Its Just One Mans Life Story Which I Find Very Interesting 9.2/10

Pineapple Express - Good Comedy James Franco Was Really Good In This 7.2/10
Happy Birthday Buddy
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Yeah, it looks pretty good
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I Think The Ones Who Want To Get Abit Of The Feeling The Old Movieweb Was Like Should All Work Together In A Way.

Get Stuff Like Movieclub Up And Going Again, And Im One Of The Ones Whos Hands Are Firmly In Im Just WAiting For You Guys And Girls Now
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Yeah Aint Had Much Time Recently College Is Harder Than I Thought :( Im Gunna Attempt A Drawing Of The Joker Sometime Soon, I Also Don't Find Much Time To Watch Films Which Isn't Too Good.

But Gunna Try Get On Her At Least Once A Day.
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Haven't Seen Fallen So Gotta Say The Bone Collector

Christian Bale In The Dark Knight Or American Psycho
Thanks I Didn't Know I Had A Birthday Thread :) Thanks Movietvfan And Rocko.
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Everyone Rocks On This Site :) And Movieweb Is Without Doubt The Best Movie Forum There Is.
I Feel They Need THe Joker In The 3rd Batman Now Everyone Nos Not A Single Actor Could Pull Off The Joker As Incredible As Ledger, But If They Have Two Villans The New Joker Wont Have To Play As Bigger Part As He Did In The Dark Knight, But They Would Need A Very Convincing Joker, But In My Opinion No One Will Compare To Heath Ledger As The Joker.
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Transformers 2, Watchmen, X-Men Origins:Wolverine, anything w/action in it
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No Thank U and I hope the same to you, so what movies are you looking forward to this year?
hey ive not been on in while and can not remember every movie ive watched but here is a few

Dark Knight - I found this to be an amazing film and I'm sure the full perecnt of every1 will agree that Heath Ledger played the joker betta than any1 else could of even dreamed his perfomance was amazing . The film on a whole was very entertaining and well directed 10/10

Deep Impact - Call me a baby but this film made me cry I found it a very emotional film but entertaing throughtout. 9/10

Ill post more reviews shortly . Merry Christmas & Happy New Year Everyone.
Tell No One - this film was absoloutely excellent i really enjoyed it even with the subtitles :) 9/10
My Mum She Is my biggest Hero Na Hmmm Gary Neville, Fabien Barthez Although Was My Stepdad Who Met Him Said He was Nice And polite From Manchester United
The Mummy :The Dragon Emperor - nOt As Good As The First 2 But Still Entertaining 7.5/10